999 Times Training System Chapter 677

Vol 2 Chapter 677: Duel Voucher

Ji You looked forward, only to see a huge light curtain appearing in the air.

Constantly splitting and falling on the huge duel arena.

Ji You stepped into the duel arena.

A guard walked out and handed a token to Ji You's hand.

They fixed their gazes on Ji You, and he slowly said, "This token is your proof of entering the duel."

At this moment, Ji You stepped into the huge duel arena.

Everyone sat in the audience and yelled constantly.

"Boy, whether you decide to participate, we can gain the power of the strong by relying on points."

He pointed to the list of treasures behind him.

Ji You saw the flying locust stone above, he slowly said, "How many points does this locust stone need."

"Ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine points are enough, but in a duel field, only one point will be awarded for a win."

After saying these words, Ji You gave his hand slightly.

Turning his body, he took a step and walked to the duel arena.

Several people looked at each other.

Ji You said lightly: "I have signed up."

After yelling this sentence, the two looked at each other and recorded it in the notebook.

On the duel field.

A man walked out and put his hand in his throat.

After this sound spread, that profound strength was spreading at this moment.

"Everyone, welcome to the duel arena, let us welcome the great Lord Snake."

An old man walked out and sat on the seat.

He waved his hand, and everyone was sitting on the viewing platform. There was no way. His strength was indeed too terrifying. In an instant, they could only lower their heads.

Only Ji You was still standing.

Looking at Ji You in front of them, they slowly said, "Duel, duel!"

When the shouting of the crowd came, the crowd raised their heads.

Focused on Ji You's body.

Ji You took two steps slowly, only to see him fix his gaze on Lord Snake that day.

However, the commentator of the duel was already yelling loudly.

"Everyone, we are about to start the first duel next."

"Let's welcome, Thor."

A fat man walked out, and the person's profound realm's four-fold profound strength was suddenly released, and everyone screamed enviously.

"Thor, Thor."

"His opponent, Tian Fang'er."

Tian Fang'er walked out and set his sights on Ji You.

They slowly said, "Kill, kill, kill!"

"Thor, with 63 victories, hasn't missed a defeat so far."

"Tian Fang'er has only lost one game. Which one is stronger and weaker?"

"The game officially begins!"

After yelling this sentence, the two looked at each other.

Tian Fang'er smiled faintly, and Lei Shen said with a smile: "According to the truth, the losers die, but Tian Fang'er, your beauty really makes the next unforgettable."

The corner of his mouth smiled faintly: "You are so beautiful, if you can spend the night with the god, then I can let you go."

After these words fell, a Thunder God's Great Sword appeared in Thunder God's hand, holding the Thunder God's Great Sword, at this moment, it was killing in Tian Xiufang's direction.

At this moment, Tian Fang'er disappeared in the same place, and appeared in the void in the blink of an eye.

Numerous peach blossom petals slowly fell.

It seemed to be the most beautiful scene in this world, especially these trapped in this dark world, they are very eager to return to the world, as long as they can return to the world, then they will definitely pay any price.

But now there is no such opportunity, but they locked their eyes in the room, only to see countless petals falling down from the room.

These petals remind them of when they were in the world.

Even Thor, he had to be taken aback for a while, but his heart trembled slightly when he thought of what happened before.

Many of those opponents would die after seeing the petals.

Thinking of this in his heart, he suddenly turned around, he swung his long sword, and swung out a heavy sword.


A sword slashed down. He grabbed the thunder sword in front of him and slashed in Fang'er's direction that day. Tian Fang'er suddenly turned around at this moment.

The two lightning forces in his hand suddenly lit up.

A smile appeared at the corner of Tian Fang'er's mouth.

The silk thread in his hand was slowly flying out at this moment, and those silk threads were bound in Thor's hands, and Thor was actually locked to the ground by these pink silk threads.

She raised her hand, holding the long sword, and was slowly walking to the front of the Thunder God.

She raised the giant sword in her hand and stabbed it at this moment. The long sword in her hand pierced the opponent's body at this moment, and he was bleeding blood at this moment.

The heart of Thor was dug directly by Tian Fang'er.

Everyone took a breath.

His eyes were fixed on Ji You's body.

Ji You said faintly: "Boy, you are so brave."

After yelling these words, Ji You's figure flashed and disappeared in place.

After a while, he appeared not far away. He stood on the ring. When Tian Fang'er left the field, he glanced at Ji You, with a faint smile on his mouth.

The remaining few people looked in Ji You's direction.

"Such a thin person is simply looking for death."

"Hehe, I don't know what this kid has the ability to enter the duel."

"To be exiled here, I must have a reputation in the world, and I don't know what this kid has."

After everyone's voice fell, the commentator said: "Everyone, everyone, today we have a new person. This gentleman has never stepped into the duel. Let us welcome this brave man."

"Duel, duel, duel!"

After three shouts, their gazes turned towards Ji You's direction one after another.

Ji You faintly said, "Come on."

After saying this, they looked at each other.

"Let's welcome the Excalibur Li Fei."

Li Fei walked out, with a trace of disdain on his face: "You really lost my face by letting me fight against such rubbish."

Their expressions, with a trace of disdain on their faces, looked in Ji You's direction.

Ji You said faintly: "Who is rubbish, I will know later."

After hearing this sentence, the two looked at each other.

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