999 Times Training System Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Jiang Yuexin

"There are many ancient cities in the Canglan Empire, and every ancient city has an alchemy guild. Although they all belong to the same power in the final analysis, fierce battles will still occur between them."

You Shuyun continued.

Ji You listened quietly, without speaking.

Although the other party hadn't talked about the focus of the matter yet, when he heard that the other party brought in all the alchemist guilds in the Canglan Empire, he knew it was definitely not a trivial matter.

"Among them, the most representative and the most competitive is the Dandao Conference."

You Shuyun continued: "The annual alchemy conference is an alchemy conference jointly organized by all alchemy branches of the Canglan Empire. Each alchemist branch will send young alchemists as representatives to participate in the alchemy conference. Those with outstanding performance will be able to Go to the Alchemy Masters Association for further study."

Listening to You Shuyun talking about this, Ji You seemed to have understood something.

"So... Are you planning to ask me to attend the Alchemy Conference?"

Ji You asked tentatively.


You Shuyun nodded and said: "Your alchemy talent is very good. If you join me in the alchemy conference, you have a chance to get the ranking."

"Why is it a team? Is there only a double match and no singles?"

Ji You asked curiously.

You Shuyun shook his head and said: "No, there are both singles and doubles in the Dandao Conference, but there are too many enchanting geniuses participating in the singles, and the competition is very cruel. In comparison, the difficulty of the doubles is simpler."

"So that's it... Then when will the Alchemy Conference begin?"

Ji You said.

"In half a month, this year's Alchemy Conference will begin, and it happens to be held in the ancient city of Yaori, which is close to our ancient city of Chaoyang. It will not delay your journey to Qianyuan Wufu."

You Shuyun said.

"Yes, then the question is, what about the reward?"

Ji You spoke very directly.

If you want him to help, unless you are kind to him, you will speak with payment.

Without sufficient compensation, even if the other party is a beauty, he will not give the slightest face.

"You don't have to worry about compensation."

You Shuyun's face didn't change at all, it seemed that he was prepared.

"This is the second-rank middle-level alchemy mudra Blue Light Seal. If you agree to participate in the alchemy meeting with me, this alchemy mudra will be given to you."

She took out a cheat book from her arms and said: "Otherwise, if we succeed in winning the place in the Alchemy Conference, all the rewards will be yours at that time, and I don't want it."


Ji You took this "Cyan Light Seal" cheat book in one hand and agreed directly.

Alchemy mudra is extremely important to alchemists.

If you want to become an alchemist, you must first learn an alchemy mudra.

When Ji You was promoted to a first-rank alchemist through the system, he already brought his own alchemy mudra.

But that was just the most basic alchemy mudra, and it did not give him much blessing.

Generally speaking, the alchemy mudra is a kind of buff that can bless the alchemist.

A second-rank intermediate alchemy handprint, blessing is extremely terrifying, enough to make all alchemists in Chaoyang Ancient City fight for this "blue light seal".

Although Ji You can trigger 999 times the success rate of alchemy when refining the pill, this "green light seal" still has a great effect on him, such as improving the speed of alchemy and controlling the heat.

"Then it's settled."

You Shuyun said: "After half a month, remember to find me in the Chaoyang branch."


Ji You nodded in response.

"By the way, there is one more thing."

At this time, You Shuyun seemed to remember something suddenly, "When you were wanted by those in the Chen family before, I happened to be in retreat, so I couldn't help you..."

Having said that, she still couldn't understand why she had to explain this to the other party.

"Then I will go first."

Without waiting for Ji You to speak, You Shuyun floated away.

When the matter was over, Ji You immediately looked in the direction where Jiang Yuexin had left.

It took a while before he found Jiang Yuexin.

At this time, Jiang Yuexin kicked the pebble by the pond, looking like she was angry.


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