999 Times Training System Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Cultivation Pill Alchemy Handprint Blue Light Seal

"It's getting late, it's almost time to go back."

Ji You walked towards Jiang Yuexin and said.

Suddenly hearing Ji You's voice behind him, Jiang Yuexin almost startled.

Until now, she has not completely calmed down, and pursed her mouth: "You still know how to come back, why don't you go back with that woman?"

"What am I going to do with her?"

Ji You didn't care so much, "Let's go, your mother will worry about it too late."

With that, Ji You went to the front.

The topic was inadvertently transferred by Ji You, Jiang Yuexin didn't know what to say, so she could only follow.

Before long, the two returned to the hut.

As she approached outside the house, Jiang Yuexin gradually stopped.

Ji You also stopped and said to Jiang Yuexin: "Go in, your father and your sister should be in there too."


Jiang Yuexin took a breath slowly, and strode into the hut.

Ji You did not go in with him, but turned around and left.

After all, it was someone else's family inside, so he didn't need to go in and join in the fun.

Subsequently, Ji You walked out of the City Lord's Mansion.

He was going to find a place to live in the street, not wanting to be sent under the fence.

Now that Ji You is not short of gold coins, he just finds a hotel to rent a room for a month.

He will leave the ancient city of Chaoyang to go to Qianyuan Wufu in no more than one month, so he only rented it for one month.

After paying the rent, Ji You walked into his room.

I found that the environment here is pretty good, and all aspects are quite satisfactory, which is good value for money.

Sitting on the bed, Ji You immediately opened the secret book of the alchemy handprint "Blue Light Seal" given by You Shuyun.

"Ding! The master took a look at the secret book of the second-grade middle-grade alchemy handprint "Blue Light Seal", which triggered 999 times the comprehension ability..."

"Ding! Congratulations, Master, for successfully comprehending the second-grade middle-grade alchemy handprint Blue Light Seal..."

With just another glance, Ji You learned this "blue light seal".

Then, he was going to refine a pill to try his hand to see how effective this "blue light seal" was.

I saw that he immediately took out the alchemy furnace and alchemy materials from the Na Jie, and immediately began to refine Ju Xuan San.

"Ding! It is detected that the master has begun to refine the second-grade inferior pill "Juxuan San", the success rate of alchemy is increased by 999 times..."

"Ding! The master used the second-rank medium alchemy handprint Cyan Light Seal, and the second-rank medium alchemy handprint Blue Light Seal gained experience points: (300*999 times)..."

While refining the pill, Ji You displayed the "Cyan Light Seal" of the alchemy handprint, and a faint cyan light could be seen in his hands.

About ten minutes later.

"Ding! The master succeeded in refining a second-grade inferior pill "Juxuan San", and the experience value of "Pill Path Achievements": (200*999 times)..."

It only took ten minutes to refine a second-rank inferior pill, and Ji You suddenly looked happy.

You know, before that, it would take him twenty or thirty minutes to successfully refine a Profound Gathering Powder.

Compared with the past, his alchemy efficiency has at least doubled, and these are all brought to him by the alchemy handprint "Blue Light Seal".

It can be seen that these middle-rank alchemy handprints are still very powerful.

And he hasn't raised the realm of "Cyan Light Seal" yet, if I raise it to the realm of the final "top peak", wouldn't it be awesome?

Thinking of this, Ji You immediately began to practice the "Blue Light Seal" of this alchemy handprint.

"Ding! The master took a look at the'Second-Rank Medium Alchemy Handprint "Cyan Light Seal"" and gained experience points: (1*999 times)..."

"Ding! The master took a look at the'Second-Rank Medium Alchemy Handprint "Cyan Light Seal"" and gained experience points: (1*999 times)..."


"Ding! Congratulations, Master, the'Second Grade Middle Alchemy Handprint "Cyan Light Seal"' successfully broke through to the state of'Slightly Xiaocheng'..."

After a long time, Ji You finally raised the realm of "Cyan Guangyin" to "slightly small".

"The speed of improving the realm by only reading the cheats to gain experience points is still too slow after all, and it is faster to gain experience points by directly casting the'green light seal'."

Ji You thought to himself.

However, the alchemy mudra must be displayed during the refining of the pill, otherwise it is meaningless.

But at the moment he has no alchemy materials on him, so he has to buy some alchemy materials back.

In addition, although he still has hundreds of gold coins on his body, his daily expenses must be sufficient, but these few hundred gold coins are too few to buy alchemy materials.

Therefore, Ji You now has to go to the Monster Beast Mountain Range to hunt the Monster Beast to earn gold coins.

"Chen Yanna b hasn't completely died yet, and will surely come back soon, and now I have almost enough rest."

Ji You muttered to himself: "I will leave for the Monster Beast Mountain Range tomorrow morning and make a breakthrough in the inner surrounding area. With my current strength, I should have no problem encountering most second-tier monsters."

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