999 Times Training System Chapter 98

Chapter 98: The Winner Of Life Accompanied By Sisters

"It's nothing."

Jiang Yuechu immediately avoided her gaze, a trace of panic flashed in her eyes.

At this moment, Ji You suddenly remembered that Jiang Yuechu hadn't eaten anything, and then stood up and said: "Speaking of which you haven't eaten anything yet, I'll take you something to eat."

"Do not"

Jiang Yuechu just wanted to refuse, but saw that Ji You had already walked out the door.

She had no choice but to follow.

"what do you want to eat?"

Ji You was concerned about Jiang Yuechu's identity, "You may not be used to eating the things around here, otherwise you should go back to the City Lord's Mansion?"

After all, Jiang Yuechu is the eldest lady of the City Lord's Mansion. It is estimated that they are all kinds of delicacies and delicacies, and they may not be used to eating common people's food.

"no need."

Jiang Yuechu shook his head slightly and said, "I can eat whatever."

Just tasted her "masterpiece", and now she can really eat anything, as long as it is not too unpalatable.

Moreover, she also wanted to taste what kind of food ordinary civilians eat.

"Then you come with me, don't regret it then."

Ji You said.


Jiang Yuechu nodded firmly.

Soon, Ji You brought Jiang Yuechu to a teahouse.

The last time he visited this teahouse was the time when three big men who didn't have long eyes found fault.

When Ji You entered the teahouse, many people had already recognized him.

"Look, that's Ji You, he's here again!"

"It is said that Ji You taught three guys who don't have long eyes here last time, and I don't know what the brains of those three guys do, so I dare to provoke Ji You."

"Yeah, those three guys have no brains. Ji You dared to do something against Chen Yan in front of the instructor of Canglan Empire Academy. He was an incredibly ruthless person."

"Wait! There seems to be a young girl behind him, this girl... isn't it the young lady Jiang Yuechu of the City Lord's Mansion?!"


Everyone in the venue immediately began to whisper.

Especially when they saw Jiang Yuechu behind Ji You, they talked more intensely.

"Fuck, really, Miss City Lord's Mansion is also here!"

"I've only heard that the second lady of the City Lord's Mansion has an unusual relationship with Ji You. I didn't expect the eldest lady to also have a relationship with Ji You. Could it be that their two sisters had a good relationship with Ji You?"

"Really, Ji You is a real winner in life. Not only is his talent and strength extremely powerful, but he also has a pair of sisters who are accompanied by flowers. I am so envious!"


For a time, the whole teahouse was noisy.

Ji You completely ignored the surrounding voices and said to Jiang Yuechu: "Look at what you want to order, I have already eaten it and don't use it."

Although the things I ate before are beyond words, they are all eaten and they are naturally full.

"It's better for you to help me order some, I have never been here."

Jiang Yuechu said in confusion.


Ji You thought for a while and shouted: "Xiao Er, just have some lighter dishes."

"Okay, it will be done soon!"

Dian Xiao Eryi saw that it was the young master again, and quickly moved on.


A few minutes later, a few dishes were delivered, and I didn't dare to collect a penny from Jiyou.

However, Ji You threw a gold coin to Xiao Er. After all, he didn't have anything like a copper coin. The Xiao Er was flattered and thanked him again and again.

"You have a taste, if it doesn't suit your appetite, you can just change it."

Ji You said to Jiang Yuechu.

Hearing what Ji You said, Jiang Yuechu picked up a leaf of vegetable with chopsticks and tried to taste it.

After chewing for a while, she slowly said, "I won't be accustomed to eating."

In fact, Jiang Yuechu is still somewhat uncomfortable, but as long as it is not unpalatable, she can eat it.

"That's it, you can continue to eat."

Ji You said with a smile as his old father looked at his daughter.


Jiang Yuechu nodded obediently.


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