I Have A Wolf Sword Saint System Chapter 352

Vol 3 Chapter 342: Race To Control Under

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Text Chapter 342: Controlled by Competition (Part 2)

Langren used his divine mind to watch the flesh and blood emerging from his coat and mask quickly penetrate the soil and connect to the body surface of the divine official. Langren also figured out why the rune lion's state would fall off a cliff.

There is a high probability that his body will be invaded into the opponent's body tissue, just as the priest wanted to surround and pierce his body at the beginning, the rune lion is also likely to be a trick when caught...

Langren didn't know what would happen if he was eroded by the opponent. Thinking that the opponent's power was still obtained through the Star God, then the power rules are likely to be composed of star power.

Thinking of this, Langren squeezed his brows, and faced the smashed tentacle chariot in front of him, he directly compressed the rich earth power in his body and poured it into the giant axe. At the same time, the amount of impurities in his body increased several times in an instant, and then he hit it out !

The majestic shock wave shook out from the axe blade, and the surrounding soil couldn't take advantage of this instantaneous high pressure, forming an unprecedented explosion under the ground!

boom! ! ! ! ! !

The earth is shaking! Hundreds of cubic meters of soil broke through the concrete pavement from below the ground, bursting into the sky like a volcanic eruption, and a piece of minced meat covered with tentacles was faintly visible.

"How is this possible, this resonance force is so powerful--not your power!" the **** official roared.

"Neither did I say that this is my strength..."

Langren took the words in his heart, and checked his body again with his spiritual thoughts, and couldn't help but shook his head and smiled bitterly.

The resonance burst effect of the battle axe was stronger than he had imagined. The resonance contained unstoppable special effects. This was also the reason why the opponent was knocked into the air if he couldn't stop it.

But although the special effects are good, the price is not light. At this moment, he can hardly feel the existence of his left arm. The chaotic crystalline impurities filled the cells of the left arm at that moment, causing the left arm under the silver symbiosis to appear now. The grayish-yellow color of dry soil is like pottery built with loess.

This also indirectly tells him that he must stop using the battle axe, or integrate him into the symbiote.

Judging from the effect of the Dancing Crow Spear, the integration of the helmet bone into the symbiote requires a certain price to offset the negative effects, so Langren still temporarily shelved this method.

"How to fight, the consequences of being close to him can't be estimated. The resonance broke out and broke a lot of his flesh and blood into the land. This is probably also part of his plan to block my retreat, so as to avoid accidentally escaping and contaminating it. The opponents blood cannot be used anymore with the battle axe..."

Thinking of this, Langren couldn't help but sigh: He still has too little ability...

"I think you think too much."

A voice rang from the bottom of my heart, it turned out that Karma Huo suddenly spoke.

"If you don't think much, you can't control the direction of the battle. That's dangerous." Langren replied.

"Um... it's hard to disagree with this sentence, but why bother, if you don't want to be discovered, go to a place where you won't be discovered. The corpse cloud has finished descending, and the top of the barrier is already an unobservable black hole. "Ye Huo said, pointing to the external live broadcast he was watching.

Hearing that, Langren's fire eyes "looked" towards the sky, and in his divine mind, the black cloud formed by mixing the corpse was witnessing everything on the ground without emotion, as if nothing happened to it had nothing to do with it.

"It makes sense... I just wanted to go underground, but I didn't expect that there would be such a battlefield... I just don't know if Shi Yun can bear it."

That said, Langren wanted to try it too, so Langren used the last of the earth's power to send himself out of the ground at the moment before putting away his battle axe.

"Oh? Don't the gophers dig holes?"

Looking up, the **** in the sky stretched and thinned his body, floating in the air like an atmospheric creature in mythology, and the fluttering beards made the san value fall wildly.

Facing the other party's question, Langren sighed.


Turning over the right hand, the Huangquan long knife was revealed in the hand, and the silver symbiote followed closely behind it, wrapping the right arm together with the Huangquan, turning the entire arm into a slender blade!

And the left arm, which was slowed by the crystalline impurities, condensed a small one-handed firearm.

I saw Langren standing on the ground raising the blade of his right arm, and the sharp cold light passed from below to upward.

At the moment when Hanmang was hidden on the tip of the knife, the divine official only felt an extremely sharp, as if to abruptly split him from the knife!

This sword intent is actually the mood of this gopher! ?

Once again astonished, and in an unbelievable moment, a steep cliff suddenly rose to the ground!

A stomped foot stepped up to a peak of tens of meters, Langren, with the help of an unconcealed explosive force, instantly swung his knife to the head of the gods

It's a long-lost word cut!

Hearing only the roar of his body, the clergyman turned into a flying cake, slamming into the sky, and the edge of his body could even pull out a cloud of steam in the air!

But the priest who was forced to go away laughed grinningly:

"Hahahaha, you still dont have a long memory! Have you forgotten how I found it from the ground? You dare to destroy my body. The blood spattered on you this time will not grow outward, and It's inward"

Suddenly, the priest realized: his body still seems to be intact?

Attention quickly enveloped the masked man, and he discovered that the giant blade in the opponent's hand had somehow turned into a bladeless long stick!

At this moment, the clergyman knew that the other party's purpose was to repel it!

Although he doesn't know why, he can't do what the other party wants. He wants to launch [Back to Origin] again! Go to the front of the mask man!

[Back to Source]!

The stars shifted, the huge flying cake changed its shape, and in the blink of an eye, it traveled through space and came to the little human being.

When the clergyman was in a playful and tyrannical mood, he wanted to see the other's face, but the one who greeted him was another blow!

One word cut, two even!

This hammer hit his three tentacles directly, Langren obviously predicted the opponent's actions, and took this opportunity to launch a release cut, eroding the opponent's consciousness with the power of karma!

The divine official who hadn't spoken to ridicule all of a sudden was smashed and flew out, and when he came back to his senses, he found that he had come to the top of a "sea of people".

And that human also stepped heavily on the corpse cloud, symbolizing that the battlefield at this moment came from the ground to the dome.

Langren stood on top of the corpse cloud, and tentatively stepped on the flesh and bone tissue of the person under the foot, and found that it was just as he expected.

"Sure enough, I have no interest in matters outside of the transaction, even if I am stepped on my head, I am unconscious... I am afraid it is like an ant falling on the hair of a sleeping person."

Langren sighed inwardly, then turned to look at the divine official who was heavily smashed on the corpse cloud not far away.

"Why don't you come anymore?"

The flame tongues of a pair of fiery eyes danced happily, as if they were mocking the other party, "This is it? This is it?"

Do you dare to speak loudly on this?

The spirit of the priest who seemed to have been mocked so much gradually faded~wuxiaworld.online~ Langren also keenly sensed the anger that the other party was showing.

Sure enough, the angry look before was really what the other party disguised.

At this moment, Langren noticed that the water vapor in the air started to crystallize only because of the opponent's cold anger!

"This flame... I thought it was an ordinary ability..."

Numerous granulation shoots stretched out from the mass of meat, slowly forming an arm, stroking the light spots of the three smashed tender shoots.

This was an injury in his true sense, an injury that could not be recovered in an instant, and the terrifying resentment contained in it also made his heart palpitations.

The opponent is definitely not a general rune or a person with supernatural powers. As a god, he can limit the soul and naturally feel the soul.

He can feel the resentment of countless undead souls in his body destroying the state of vitality maintenance. This strong resentment is not to the extent that ordinary people can do it, unless this person has an extraordinary way to collect resentment!

It is a pity that he has not acquired much knowledge related to resentment. He can only vaguely read that resentment is the [suppression product] of the soul. Although it is a product of the soul, it has the same level of structure as the soul!

In other words, being able to control resentment is almost equivalent to controlling the soul.

And those who control the soul... in the knowledge acquired by the priests, all point to the same existence

Star-level traveler, also known as Star God.

Thinking of this, the divine official suddenly thought of a small human being who has an unreasonable ability to resurrect. Obviously she also possesses the ability bestowed by the Star God...

"Could it be..."

. . . . . .

. . . . . .

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