I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 111

Chapter 110: The Importance Of Reiki Energy For Subscription

Facing Lu Kui's doubts, Tang He smiled and looked at Jiang Ci, and the final decision was in Jiang Ci's hands.

Jiang Ci was meditating and did not answer immediately.

"There have been many miracles in the era of aura recovery. Few people know that Xuantian, the master of our main hall, and senior Li Baibai, the founder of Luoshen Wuguan, all broke through to become A-level in only one year. Martial artist, your talent is stronger than them. I think you have a chance to do it."

Tang He suddenly laughed and revealed a shocking secret.

Become an A-level warrior in one year!

Lu Kui obviously hadn't heard of it either. The extremely shocked expression on his face was definitely the most secret thing in the martial arts world.

"Then I'm fine." Jiang Ci smiled.

He was meditating just now, to estimate the speed of his own strength improvement.

Now May 1st, there are just two full months left.

For such a long time, with the help of the experience value panel, his strength will be greatly improved.

It is not without a chance to break through the sixth stage of Lingyun Dao!

"Jiang Ci, you..." Lu Kui was still shocked.

"Okay! The warrior should have such momentum!" Tang He admired.

Then the two parties signed a contract.

The other terms in the contract are very loose, and there are almost no restrictions on Jiang Ci.

As for the three conditional rewards, it is indeed very difficult.

But the rewards are equally generous!

Jiang Ci knew that he had to spell it before he had a chance.

This is his opportunity to quickly improve his strength!

Because using the experience value panel to improve strength, two conditions must be met.

Experience value and aura energy!

He does not lack experience points now, what he lacks is spiritual energy!

When he didn't become a warrior, he used the experience value panel to consume physical energy.

After becoming a warrior, after many experiments, Jiang Ci confirmed that the experience panel consumes aura energy!

If he can provide sufficient aura energy, he can quickly increase his strength.

Just like the last time he was chased by Marble in Ruins 09, after taking the immature spirit dragon spirit fruit.

In just 30 seconds, he consumed more than 3000 experience points.

The strength was greatly improved, and eventually Yun Shi, Feng Shaocheng and others were killed in one fell swoop.

Since then, he has always wanted to buy elixir.

Because the elixir is made by diluting the elixir with a special method, it also contains a lot of aura energy, and the risk of using it is much smaller than that of the real elixir.

However, the money is not enough.

He can't even afford a C-level psychic potion now.

In Xuantian Mall, the discounted price of C-level spiritual medicine is 2.8 billion new moon coins.

28.8 billion B-level spiritual potions, not to mention.

And in the current contract, there are not only B-level magic potions.

There are also A-level magical potions and A-level battle suits, worth a full 300 billion.

This is an astronomical figure that he couldn't make in a short time.

There are other Breitling artifacts and spirit soldiers that I can't buy with money.

For him, this contract is a real fight, turning a bicycle into a motorcycle!

As long as one of them can be obtained, strength can take off.


After Jiang Ci signed the new contract, many other warriors who wanted to woo him died under the deliberate spread of Xuantian Wuguan.

Although I don't know the content of the contract, it is rumored that this is the contract that the senior officials of Xuantianwuguan personally made for Jiang Ci, and it will definitely not be too bad.

No one can compare to Xuan Tian Wu Hall in terms of wealth and wealth!

Thus, Jiang Ci was clean again, and without the interruption of these people, he could devote all his energy to cultivation.

For him, time is strength, as long as there is enough time, everything is not a problem.

The problem is that the contract does not give him much time.

The first reward, two months, passed the sixth-order illusion trial of Lingyun Dao!

So in the following days, Jiang Ci began to practice frantically.

Use the experience value panel to improve your strength at the same time.

Hunt monsters in the wilderness half of the month to gain experience points, raw points, and money!

The rest of the time, he was practicing in the training camp, and he would consult Yu Lin for swordsmanship. Under the guidance of the A-level martial artist, his understanding of swordsmanship was also improved.

Time flies, and two months will pass in an instant.

Crescent Year 93, April 28.

There are two days left before the first award period of the contract.

On this day, Jiang Ci came to Tianyuan Pavilion. He wanted to do a preview for the 30th sprint.

In March, he ranked 45th in the ranking list, so this month, he will have seven training opportunities in Lingyun Road and Miaoshi Mountain, each for two hours.

He basically came to Tianyuan Pavilion once every four or five days, and used one opportunity each.

This month, he has two training opportunities left in Lingyun Dao and Miaoshishan each.

At the gate of Tianyuan Pavilion, he met Han Yingxue.

"Jiang Ci, let's have a meal together when you have time. We old friends have been in the training camp for so long, and we haven't gotten together."

"Next time, practice more when you have time, and improve your strength more."

Faced with Han Yingxue's invitation, Jiang Ci flatly refused.

It just so happened that when the two of them were talking, they were seen by Qin Feng who had just come out of Tianyuan Pavilion.

Qin Feng's face was extremely ugly, because in the past two months, he had invited Han Yingxue many times, but he had never received a response.

Now, Han Yingxue took the initiative to invite Jiang Ci!

Comparing the two, Qin Feng's last thought on Han Yingxue also disappeared.

Here, Jiang Ci ignored Qin Feng's angry eyes and walked straight into Tianyuan Pavilion.

Qin Feng stopped Han Yingxue and said angrily: "Han Yingxue, do you dare to listen to the opinions of Qin and Han elders?"

"Why should I listen? I am in charge of feelings, and it is not my turn to intervene!" Han Yingxue said coldly.

"Then what do you think I am inferior to the poor beggar? You know, after a while, the so-called martial arts genius is not worth mentioning, why waste time on him?" Qin Feng's face was a bit hideous.

He didn't like Han Yingxue, but wanted to regain his self-esteem. Han Yingxue's different treatment made him feel that he had been humiliated like never before!

Facing the questioning, Han Yingxue was silent, and then said without any emotion: "Please get out of the way, I am going to practice."

Leaving Qin Feng in place, he looked at Han Yingxue's back and was furious: "I can't get it, no one can think of it!"


Compared with Lingyun Dao, Miaoshi Mountain is also a magical thing, which can increase the training speed of warriors, similar to the methods in myths and legends.

Jiang Ci was also shocked for a long time when he first saw Miaoshi Mountain.

At first, he thought this magical thing would be a mountain.

Actually not, not a mountain at all!

It was just an ordinary stone pier, like a bench, just enough to sit on a person cross-legged.

Jiang Ci came to the third floor of Tianyuan Pavilion.

Since the time has been reserved, Miao Shishan is unused at this time, so he went directly in and sat on it cross-legged.

After calming and concentrating, he began to operate the Nine Yuan Mind Method, and the aura of heaven and earth that was several times stronger than the richness came together.

His efficiency in absorbing aura has also greatly increased!

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