I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 145

Chapter 144: Heavenly Immortal Pool For Subscription

Several people in the Yunling Period were aware of the changes in the tiger skeleton's momentum.

"This is... above the spirit!" As strong as Li Baibai, he couldn't maintain his composure, his expression changed drastically.

Xuan Tian also said just now that the current concentration of aura will not exist beyond the spiritual accumulation period.

Now this tiger clan skeleton showed an aura above the spirit.

"Master!" Bai Yun and Hei Tu shouted anxiously, worrying about Xuantian.

"Xuantian is in danger!" Huang Kun said solemnly.

Is it really so?

Jiang Ci was somewhat confused.

Not that he is not worried about Xuantian, he is also worried.

But with his keen spiritual sense, he found that Xuantian's reaction seemed calm, or rather excited.


When everyone was worried and anxious, Xuantian grunted angrily.

When the knife was overturned, an inexplicable charm diffused from him, covering the knife.

This time, he left the water, rose into the air, and slashed out.

The inexplicable charm aroused the spirit of heaven and earth, condensed into a hundred-meter long shadowless sword, and slashed towards the tiger skeleton on the water.

Reminiscent of a myth, horror!

Everyone was shocked as soon as the sword came out. They felt that there was an invincible invincible sword intent, raging in this space.


The tiger skeleton, which has changed into the size of a normal tiger, is full of white bones and looks very sacred.

It roared and rose into the sky.

With a violent flick of the Bone Tiger's tail, the heaven and earth aura turned into a long whip, facing Xuantian's shocking sword intent.


The sky and the earth were bright, and the collision produced a dazzling light, making it hard to see what was happening.

But I heard Xuantian shout angrily: "Death!"

The astonishing blade intent of a hundred meters long skyrocketed ten times again, and the spiritual energy rioted.


Immediately afterwards, the tiger skeleton wailed for a while.

When the light dissipated, everyone found that only Xuantian stood on the lake with a sword.

The astonishing tiger skeletons have disappeared, leaving the sky full of broken bones scattered in the lake on the top of the mountain.

The Tiger Skeleton had just displayed the magical means of change, revealing its tyrannical strength above the spirit, and was slashed by Xuantian!


At the same time, a group of foreign warriors headed by Shah Rukh, Johansson, and Ivan have returned to the barrier on the edge of the Jade Lake secret realm.

As long as they stepped into those clouds and mist, they could be sent out of Kunlun Mountain Death Valley by the mysterious power of teleportation.

About to leave, the three Yunlingji martial artists were unwilling to look in the direction of Tongtian Mountain.

There is a chance for them to rise!

But they can only watch.

The warriors of the Great Xia Kingdom, just a Xuantian, can easily kill them.

Not to mention, there are Li Baibai, who is not weak in strength, and several other warriors of the Yun Ling stage of the Great Xia Kingdom!

If Xuantian and the others were really murderous, they would definitely not be able to leave!

"Could it be...... Heaven is going to die, I will wait?" Their hearts were filled with despair and powerlessness.

Just now, under the siege, Jiang Ci instantly beheaded the scene of eight A-level warriors. They had all seen it.

This kind of genius, given time, must be another Xuantian!

Daxia Kingdom not only has martial arts pinnacle experts like Xuantian, but also young talents like Jiang Ci.

If this development continues, these countries and forces seem to be able to live under the deterrence of the Great Xia Kingdom.


They all had a murderous intent on Jiang Ci, but they didn't have the guts, no one dared to challenge Xuantian!

Just as they were about to turn around and cross the barrier of the Jade Lake Secret Realm, they saw that in the depths of the Jade Lake Secret Realm, a shadow of a sword suddenly rose up, as if to cut through the sky.

"this is"

Everyone was horrified.

Especially Shah Rukh and the three of them, they knew this was Xuantian's sword.

With such a power, I am afraid that the three of them can be killed together with a single blow.

"Fine, nothing."

The three of them stepped across the barrier with bitter faces.

The last trace of resistance also disappeared.

However, they retreated and left, so they missed another shocking scene.


The shattered bones soon sank below the lake surface.

"Master has touched that threshold." Bai Yun exclaimed, his tone full of envy.

"Threshold?" Jiang Ci was a little surprised.

"The threshold above Yunling." Huang Kun explained the confusion for Jiang's words.

Hearing this, Jiang Ci was even more surprised.

Can Xuantian be able to kill the Tiger Skeleton above the Yunling with a single blow, is it still in the Yunling stage?

Kill the enemy more!

Worthy of being the world's number one martial artist!

When everyone was amazed, suddenly, the situation changed.


The thunder was loud, and the dark clouds covering the sky quickly dissipated.

But there is no sunshine.

Everyone looked up at the sky, all discoloration changed.

Even Xuantian's complexion changed drastically.


I saw a lake reflected in the sky after the dark clouds dissipated.

It looks a hundred times larger than the lake on the top of Tongtian Mountain, vast and mighty.

The lake was filled with thick mist, hazy, like a fairy pond in the sky.

What is even more shocking is that in the mist filled with water, it is faintly like a pavilion standing above the lake.

"Could it be... where is Yaochi?"

This thought flashed through everyone's hearts.

At this time everyone was looking up at the sky, so no one noticed the change in Jiang Ci's expression.

Because Jiang Ci discovered that after the lake on the sky appeared, the inexplicable attraction that had been lingering in his heart suddenly became stronger.

Before, when he was pursued by Feng Xuan, it was because of inexplicable attraction that he came to Tongtian Mountain.

Then at the top of the mountain, I found the peak with traces of Lingyun Road and Miaoshi Mountain.

But he always felt that the inexplicable attraction did not come from that peak.

However, on the top of the mountain, he could not find other sources of attraction.

"No wonder you can't find it, it turned out to be in the sky!" Jiang Ci suddenly.

"Do you want to go to heaven?"

How to go up? Use a ladder?

Jiang Ci shook his head, don't be funny.

The reflected lake seemed to be in another world.

Soon, Xuantian gave him a demonstration.

I saw Xuantian stepping on the surface of the water, violently leveraging his strength, splashing waves tens of meters high, and leaping for thousands of meters.

But finally fell back to the surface.

Obviously, this method is not going up.

Xuantian frowned and returned to the lake, but his eyes kept gazing at the lake in the sky.

Li Baibai and others hurriedly greeted him, Jiang Ci thought for a while and followed.

"What did you find?" Li Baibai asked.

In the eyes of everyone inquiring, Xuantian shook his head: "I still don't know, I suspect it is another secret world."

Another secret world?

Seeing everyone's surprise, Xuantian explained with a smile: "I once saw in an ancient book that in ancient times, people with great magical powers can open up space and build small worlds, which is the so-called secret realm of the cave.

Presumably this kind of strength, in the original cave sky secret realm, it would be easy to open up another world. "

"In this way, the lake in the sky is a real world, how do we go up?" Liu Rong raised the question that everyone cares about.

Just now, he was swept away by the tiger skeleton's tail before he drove back from the mountain.

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