I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 149

Chapter 148: The Whereabouts Of The Bell For Subscription

Jiang Ci was silent for a while before digesting the shock in his heart.

"The age of mythology...are there really gods, demons and monsters?"

"Definitely, if not, how should the undead creatures in the Yaochi secret realm and the reflected sky lakes be explained? And the moon palace projection some time ago, and the two palaces on the moon, how should they explain?" Xuantian said affirmatively. .

"This world is very mysterious." Jiang Ci sighed.

"Haha, don't worry too much. As long as your strength is rising fast enough, you don't need to be afraid. With the current concentration of spiritual energy, just those turtles who shrink their heads, you are going to pry his door and plan his grave. Won't come out."


Hearing this, Jiang Ci's eyelids jumped, and he always felt that Xuantian had done this? !

Are you not afraid that others will come out in the future and ask you to settle?

"In addition, there is one thing, I want to remind you, that thousand-year-old spiritual lotus, it is best not to use it until you have gathered spiritual consciousness."

"The ____ does not work?"

"Yes, the ancients paid attention to the dual cultivation of life and life. It is not unreasonable. The spiritual energy of the thousand-year-old spiritual creature is very powerful. If there is no spiritual sense suppression and refining, it is easy to damage the foundation of the body, and it will be difficult to improve in the future."

Jiang Ci nodded, he understood the truth.

However, it doesn't apply much to him.

Because he has an experience value panel, whether it is a Breitling or a thousand-year-old, as long as he can digest the aura energy in time, there will be no such problem.

After thinking about it, Jiang Ci shook his head quickly again. It's better not to show up such terrible thoughts.

Again, life is the most important thing!

Its better not to take risks!


Jiang Ci left Tianyuan Pavilion with firm eyes.

This world is indeed very mysterious, but as Xuantian said, as long as his strength rises fast enough and his strength is strong, there is no need to be afraid!


He glanced at the heavy alloy box in his hand.

In addition to the thousand-year-old magical lotus flower and the spiritual congregation period exercises given by Xuantian, there is also a Breitling spiritual thing and a spiritual soldier.

Because according to the last contract signed by Xuantianwuguan, if he could pass the 8th order of Lingyun Dao before January 1, 94 of the New Moon Period.

You can get a Breitling artifact and a spiritual soldier.

According to Xuantian's meaning, Jiang Ci now doesn't need to use Lingyun Dao to prove his strength and can directly receive this reward.

But Jiang Ci was very persistent, saying that he must act according to the contract.

So in front of Xuantian, he went through two steps and passed the eighth and ninth illusion trials of Lingyun Dao.

In fact, the real reason is just for experience.

The eighth and ninth two illusion trials brought him 85,000 experience points!

Go back to Villa 101 in Tianyuan Community.

Jiang Ci entered the practice room full of expectation and sorted out the gains this time.

The first is the spiritual soldier, a simple long sword, exuding a touch of aura.

According to Xuantian, he got it from the Shu family, the hermit family of Shushan Mansion.

The quality is at least ten times higher than that of A-grade alloy weapons. With a full blow, it can even cut A-grade alloy weapons.

"During the Battle of Tongtian Mountain, that Shadow Nation's Yun Lingji warrior attacked me and destroyed my A-level Shadow Slaying Sword in one blow. It seems that the weapon he used should be a spirit soldier."

"With this spirit soldier, my strength is a bit stronger."

"The Slaughter Shadow Sword has been with me to this day. From today, you will also be called Slaughter Shadow Sword!"

Jiang Ci waved his sword lightly, and the sharp blade seemed to be able to cut through the air and was extremely powerful.

Next, he cast his gaze on the three USB flash drives.

The contents stored in it are the cultivation technique of the Yun Ling period, the method of Li Baibai's imperial sky, and the method of visualization of the peacock country.

Insert the U disk into the computer and check them one by one.

After reading it, Jiang Ci sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and understood the content a little bit.

The sun rose and the moon fell, and it was not until the morning sun rose on the horizon that he completely digested the contents of the three sets of legal decisions.

"Spiritual consciousness and spiritual power, it turns out that this is the spiritual accumulation period." Jiang Ci opened his eyes and exhaled gently.

He already had a basic impression of the spiritual accumulation period.

When the martial artist reaches the A-level bottleneck, he needs to cultivate spiritual consciousness first through the practice of spiritual consciousness, and then refine spiritual power with the help of spiritual consciousness.

After possessing spiritual consciousness and spiritual power at the same time in his body, he is a real warrior in the spiritual accumulation stage.

"For the martial artist in the spiritual accumulation stage, the normal cultivation process is that spiritual consciousness and spiritual power complement each other. The stronger the spiritual consciousness, the more spiritual power for refining."

"With more spiritual power, it will in turn accumulate spiritual consciousness, making it stronger, and at the same time, physical fitness will also increase in this process."

Jiang Ci gradually clarified his thoughts.

"The strong soul of the Peacock Nation, this time is really bleeding."

"The strengthening of spiritual consciousness, normally speaking, can only be achieved through passive accumulation of spiritual power,"

"The visualization method recorded in the ancient sheepskin scroll can enable people to actively condense spiritual consciousness, which is of great help to the cultivation of the spiritual stage."

Although I haven't come into contact with the Yun Ling stage practice much, I intuitively told Jiang Ci that this visualization method is not simple!


It was bright, Jiang Ci tidied up a bit, and went out to participate in the farewell dinner prepared for him by the fellow students in Beishan Prefecture.

The trainees of the Tian-level training camp are all elite geniuses from each city and are well-informed.

Everyone knows vaguely that Jiang Ci is now powerful and has amazing performances in the secret realm of Yaochi.

Their elders, or high-level leaders in their forces, have also reminded them that they must have a good relationship with Jiang Ci.

So at the dinner, Jiang Ci received kindness from all parties and everyone was very enthusiastic.

Of course, the news that Jiang Ci became the fifth elder of Xuantian Wushu Hall has not spread.

If it spreads, then the atmosphere of the dinner will probably not be so relaxed and pleasant.

Because Jiang Ci of the elder level, in terms of status, can already be on an equal footing with the leaders of the major forces.

After all, the elders of Xuantian Wuguan are absolute figures in power.

The spiritual confinement period of Xuantian Wuguan is usually nothing.

These are the elders who are really in charge.

After the excitement, Han Yingxue came to Jiang Ci.

She is also an A-level warrior now, and will soon graduate and leave.

"Jiang Ci, congratulations." Han Yingxue smiled.

"Thank you!" Jiang Ci smiled lightly.

It seems that Han Yingxue already knew that he became the fifth elder.

That's right, he is going home soon, and it's normal for Beishan Mansion to receive news in advance.

"There is one thing I want to ask. In the Yaochi Secret Realm, Ma Yu took my bell. I remember that you chased Ma Yu and went there. Do you know the whereabouts of the bell?" Han Yingxue asked.

Jiang Ci shook his head: "I have an impression of this incident, but the bell is not in my hand. Maybe it was left in the secret realm of Yaochi along with Ma Yu."

Han Yingxue frowned lightly and chatted with Jiang Ci for a few more words before turning to leave.

Looking at her back, Jiang Ci thoughtfully.

He felt that some changes had taken place in Han Yingxue.

Perhaps it was the experience of being killed by Qin Feng and others in the secret realm of Yaochi, which made her grow up and become more sensible.

The bell should be very important, but during the conversation between the two, Han Yingxue was deliberately weakening this feeling, as if he was worried that he would notice it.

But in fact, Jiang Ci has long realized the importance of bells.

After killing Ma Yu in the secret realm of Yaochi that day, he also searched for it.

It is a pity that in the end, because of Feng Xuan's sudden appearance, he did not have time to take it away.

In addition, according to the death list released by this survival experience, Ma Yu, Qin Feng, and Qiao Sheng were all killed by undead creatures, and there were no bones left.

The real cause of their death was erased by Xuantian Wuguan.

Only the dead body is true.

Therefore, it is impossible to determine whether Ling Dang stayed in the Yaochi Secret Realm with Ma Yu in the end, or fell into Feng Xuan's hands.

He could not tell Han Yingxue of these circumstances.

Because Xuantian reminded him last night that the killing of Ma Yu must not be revealed.

He must also treat the forces that can make Xuantian jealous.

"Unfortunately, Feng Xuan escaped by taking advantage of the chaos that day!"

Thinking of this, Jiang Ci was vaguely worried.

Feng Xuan knew about his killing of Ma Yu.

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