I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 154

Chapter 153: Is It Unhappy? For Subscription

After Jiang Doudou became a C-rank martial artist, he also worked hard every day. He didn't sleep in bed in the morning, and his work and rest time was consistent with Jiang Ci.

Get up at six in the morning and go to bed at twelve in the evening.

Hearing Jiang Doudou calling him, Jiang Ci took a simple wash, rushed to the living room, and saw the visiting person.

There are two people, both wearing military uniforms, showing their identities.

"Major General Jiang Ci, do you still recognize me?" One of the brawny men with a resolute face smiled loudly.

"Commander Zhao, congratulations!" Jiang Ci chuckled lightly.

The person here was the deputy commander of the Beishan Army, Zhao Yan, who supervised him last year to approve the actual combat assessment of martial artists.

At the end of the assessment, Zhao Yan invited him to join the Beishan Army.

The reason for saying congratulations is also very simple, because he can tell at a glance that Zhao Yan has been promoted from B grade to A grade.

Moreover, Jiang Ci had also known in advance that Zhao Yan had now become a regular employee, and was now the commander and leader of the Beishan Army.

"Haha, Major General Jiang Ci is really amazing!" Zhao Yan laughed.

Then he suddenly said with a serious face: "I'm here this time, not for anything else, just to say hello to Major General Jiang Ci in advance. If our military encounters difficulties in the future, please help Major General Jiang Ci!"

Jiang Ci nodded and said, "Lord Zhao rest assured, I promised Huang Lao about these before. As long as I can help, I will do my best!"

After a while, Zhao Yan took his lieutenant and left Jiang Ci's house.

On the car back, the lieutenant could not help asking: "Commander, you and Major General Jiang Ci are both A-level martial artists. Is he worthy of your attention?"

"Of course it's worth it! The water in the martial arts world is deep. If I feel right, he should have touched the threshold of the Yun Ling stage now. That is the true peak of martial arts, I am far behind him!" Zhao Yan sighed.

During the conversation with Jiang Ci just now, he noticed that there was a slight mental pressure on Jiang Ci.

That's a characteristic unique to warriors in the Yunling Period!

The lieutenant was speechless. He only heard that Jiang Ci was a talented A-level martial artist, but he didn't know that Jiang Ci was so strong.

Lingling period! That is the existence on the pinnacle of humanity!

After the lieutenant came back to his senses, he hurriedly asked: "Commander, do you have to calculate for such a strong person? Are you afraid of offending him?"

"How is this calculation? I'm just pushing the boat along the river. If he really hates me by then, it can only be regarded as Zhao Yan blind and misunderstanding."

"However, I believe Major General Jiang Ci is a passionate man. Before I came, Mr. Huang told me about his record. He once killed many foreign A-level warriors in a mysterious place!"

Zhao Yan said with a smile, his eyes full of confidence.

The lieutenant became even more shocked, apparently the first time he heard of Jiang Ci's brilliant record.

"Okay, you can just follow the arrangements above and me. Now, wait for the good show to come on!" Zhao Yan warned seriously.


The crescent moon is 93, September 30.

Genting Tower, the most luxurious hotel in Beishan.

On this day, the security measures of Genting Building were upgraded to the highest level.

Of course, their security today is just furnishings.

Because many of the guests here today are experts in the martial arts world of Beishan Prefecture, no one dares to come here to make trouble.

In the evening, important figures from all walks of life in Beishan Mansion gathered here to hold a celebration dinner for the newly appointed fifth elder of Xuantian Wuguan.

As the protagonist of the dinner, of course, he must appear last.

Others waited here early, especially those with weaker identities, who came first.

Wang Qi came at noon. As a D-class warrior, he was actually not eligible to attend this dinner.

However, Yan Gang, the deputy director of the Longxiang Martial Arts Museum, took the initiative to bring him.

Because Wang Qi and Jiang Ci are the same people who participated in the actual combat assessment of quasi-war fighters, and they have this friendship.

Yan Gang wanted to build a relationship with Jiang Ci through this relationship.

"Shit friendship!" Wang Qi was very upset.

Last year, he regarded Jiang Ci as a competitor in the actual combat assessment of quasi-war fighters, and the final assessment results also overwhelmed Jiang Ci.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ci's path went faster and faster, throwing him away.

Now Jiang Ci is already an A-level martial artist, and even his deputy director has to work hard to make friends.

In fact, if he didn't compare with Jiang Ci, he would become a D-rank martial artist in just one and a half years, and his talent would be absolutely top-notch.

However, what people like most is to compare.

Wang Qi followed Yan Gang. When Yan Gang talked with other people at the banquet, he would smile with a sunny face, hide his unhappiness, and get a lot of praise.

Others say that he will definitely become an A-level warrior within ten years.

This kind of praise escalated Wang Qi's unhappiness.

Ten years!

Who really wants ten years!

Soon, Wang Qi saw a young man who was similar to himself.

The so-called cherish the same sex, oh, people of the same nature, cherish each other.

The two looked at each other, confidant!

Both he and the young man were aware of the unhappiness and reluctance in each other's hearts.

But what puzzled Wang Qi was that he couldn't understand the strength of that young man.

Is the other party better than yourself?

Therefore, Wang Qi is even more upset...

At this time, Yan Gang was talking to the young elder.

"Patriarch Han, congratulations, congratulations! Your noble son is so talented, and compared with Elder Jiang, he can't help it!" Yan Gang congratulated Han Chuan.

That young man was Han Lei, and it was his father Han Chuan who brought him here, the current head of the Han family.

Yan Gang congratulated him because the aura that Han Lei revealed was an A-level warrior.

Han Lei reached A grade when he was in his early 20s, and he was definitely a first-class genius!

"Thank you, Brother Yan for the praise, but I dare not compare with Elder Jiang!" Han Chuan shook his head and smiled, feeling helpless in his heart.

I know my own affairs best.

His two children, whether it was Han Lei or Han Yingxue, took advantage of the third aura recovery, and they were forcibly promoted to A grade using the Shen Shen Dan inherited from the family.

If there is no Jiang Ci, perhaps this kind of improvement can be shown off.

But now, a poor boy from a mediocre background, without any help, has grown into the top A-level warrior in just one and a half years with his talent alone.

Comparing the two, Han Chuan was too embarrassed to show up.

Han Lei's unhappiness originated from this.

A long time ago, he despised Jiang Ci, not only Jiang Ci, but also those martial arts powerhouses outside his eyes.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ci would grow to the height it is today.

Although he and Jiang Ci are both A-level martial artists, he is only the fourth ladder of A-level, and Jiang Ci is the top A-level people.

The fifth elder of Xuantianwu Hall, that is the existence that needs to be looked up!

Look at this special dinner for Jiang Ci, you know.

Important figures from all walks of life in Beishan Mansion all came with the purpose of making friends, or even fawning.

Think about him when he became A Grade, everyone came to congratulate his father, and very few people came to congratulate him.

For more than half a month, every time Han Lei thinks about this, his heart is like a knife twisted, uncomfortable!

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