I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 162

Chapter 161: This Is Yaochi? For Subscription

"Yes, when we discovered Lingyun Dao and Miaoshi Mountain, there was actually an unknown ancient book, which was placed on the ninth step of Lingyun Dao. After I understood the content, I named it Fengying Step.

Later, when you bought the cheats at Xuantian Mall, I just went online and added Fengyingbu at will. The price of 30 million is really cheap for you. "Xuan Tian smiled.

Jiang Ci suddenly realized that the doubts that had been hidden in his heart were finally solved.

It's no wonder that Fengyingbu's sophistication and martial arts have only sold 30 million!

Jiang Ci also understood the reason why Xuantian gave him the secret book at a low price. It must have come from his perfect martial arts talent.

Sure enough, Xuantian smiled again: "I wrote in the reminder that there are only three people getting started, and there is no exaggeration. Before you, it was really only me, Li Baibai, and Hei Tu. The three of us reached the realm of getting started, but since then, It is difficult to improve, so I gave up.

In fact, I passed the Fengyingbu to you, just with the mentality of trying. I didn't expect your talent to be so abnormal. In one year, I would practice Fengyingbu to perfect unity.

Now, you should understand why I took you there, right? "

Xuantian's gaze was meaningful, the same as the gaze he had last time at the top of Tongtian Mountain.

Jiang Ci nodded lightly.

Tongtian Mountain is the core of the Yaochi secret realm, and Lingyun Road was discovered on the top of Tongtian Mountain, and Fengying Step was placed on the ninth step of Lingyun Road.

In this way, the importance of Fengying Step is self-evident.

After he practiced Fengying Step, he had an inexplicable connection with the Yaochi Secret Realm.

Now think about it, in fact, there were signs before:

Except for the inexplicable attraction from the heavenly lakes.

The last time I went to the Jade Lake Secret Realm, the lightning in the lower half of Tongtian Mountain was so dense, but it was strange that it did not fall on him.

In addition, he repelled Feng Xuan, Sam and others on the top of the mountain, and when he went to collect the remaining three spiritual objects, he encountered the obstacles of the five undead creatures.

Just about to shoot, the five undead creatures retreated strangely.

In these two scenes, he has fully used the wind shadow step.

"Wind Shadow Step... Yaochi Secret Realm!" Jiang Ci pondered in his heart.

Now that he knew the origin of Fengyingbu, he became more and more curious about the secret realm of Yaochi.

After the transport plane landed on the edge of Death Valley, the three of them directly passed the mysterious teleportation power in the cloud barrier and entered the secret realm of Jade Lake.

A quarter of an hour later, the three rushed to the top of Tongtian Mountain. After the lightning and fog disappeared last time, they did not appear again.

Only the sky lake, which is a hundred times larger than the mountain top lake, is still reflected in the sky, vast and mighty.

The lake was filled with thick mist, hazy, like a fairy pond in the sky.

In the mist, it was faintly like a towering pavilion standing above the lake.

See this fairyland-like scene again.

Jiang Ci still felt extremely shocked, and at the same time always had doubts in his heart.

In such a mythical place, there is no living creature, only the undead.

Where did the powerful existence that built this place go?

Is it already gone with time? Or abandoned this place?

Jiang Ci shook his head lightly. With his current strength, he was not qualified to pursue these doubts.

At this time, Li Baibai, Huang Kun, and Black Earth were already waiting by the lake.

This time, only six of them entered the heavenly lake.

"The entrance is in a stone cave at the bottom of the lake. There is a stone gate made of the same material as Lingyun Dao." Huang Kun said.

This underwater exploration and search was completed by their military.

"Then go down now and find out!" Xuantian smiled.

Everyone also laughed, full of expectations, and jumped into the lake.

Take the road from Huang Kun and black soil to snorkel in the water.

With their strength, it is fine to hold them underwater for three days.

Jiang Ci was observed in the water, and as expected, there were no living creatures under the water, and there was a dead silence, not even a waterweed.

In such an environment, how did these thousand-year-old spiritual lotus flower grow?

The six moved forward quickly in the water, and within a moment, they came to a dark underwater rock cave.

Through the night vision device, you can see the environment inside.

Surprisingly, the cave was empty and dry, without a drop of water.

On the surrounding stone walls, some vague carvings can be vaguely seen.

At the deepest point, there is a simple stone gate.

Above the stone gate, there are two ancient characters that are obviously not part of this era.

The structure of the ancient characters is similar to the writing on the stone stele at the foot of Tongtian Mountain.

It seems to be a message of spiritual consciousness, and the meaning of the two ancient characters is understood by everyone.

"Yao Chi!"

Except for Huang Kun and Hei Tu, they have been seen.

Jiang Ci and them were all shocked.

No need to guess, the lake in the sky is the legendary Jade Lake!

Xuantian was the strongest. He stepped forward and pushed the Shimen open.

Inside the Shimen, what you see is the green lake.

The magic is that this stone gate seems to have a mysterious power to keep the lake from outside.

There is no drop of water flowing into this cave, which is distinct.

Really extraordinary work!

"Be careful, everyone!" Xuantian said solemnly, and then took the lead into the green lake.

Be careful indeed.

In the lake at the top of the mountain, there is a tiger skeleton that can reach the spiritual level through changes in body shape.

What kind of danger is hidden in this famous Jade Lake in myths and legends?

Jiang Ci and others followed Xuantian and stepped into the Yaochi.

The lake in Yaochi is warm, like a hot spring, and even exudes a light floral fragrance.

No one went to feel these strange lakes carefully, but according to the pre-arranged agreement, after entering the Yaochi, they immediately floated up to the surface of the water.

Soon, as they continued to rise, everyone became more and more alarmed.

Because the lake in the Yaochi is still silent, without any living things.

And it has risen for a kilometer, and has not yet swam to the surface!

Suddenly, Jiang Ci's expression changed drastically, and he was shocked.

The other five people have the same expression.

I saw that from the surrounding green lake water, crystal clear bones and skeletons emerged.

The appearance of these skeletons is similar to the tiger skeleton on the top of the mountain lake, except that it is a size smaller.

Correspondingly, the strength is also worse.

But no matter how bad it is, it is also a spiritual stage!

And the tiger skeletons appearing here are densely packed, I don't know how many!


Everyone used the fastest body speed.

Jiang Ci took Feng Ying step to the extreme.

Swim desperately!


The lake water fluctuated more and more, and began to roll, whirlpools swept in.


Everyone went upstream again for a kilometer, and finally reached the surface of the water and broke through the water!

Above the water, the hazy mist flows slowly, like a fairyland.

It can be vaguely seen that a pavilion is hidden in the mist far away.

But everyone did not have time to appreciate these beautiful scenery, and immediately stepped on the water and ran towards the pavilion.

Don't guess, that pavilion must be the core of Yaochi.

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