I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 180

Chapter 179: The Real Fengdu Mountain For Subscription

The door of the deep space has the power of mysterious transmission.

Jiang Ci and the others only felt that there was a change in space and they entered the secret realm of Fengdu.

This is a gloomy world, vast and boundless, with gray mist everywhere.

The sight in front of them made their complexion greatly changed and shocked.

Looking up, a bare black mountain stands between the sky and the earth.

This mountain covers a very large area, without seeing the edge, it is like a wall dividing the world.

This mountain is extremely high, as if piercing the sky, and there seems to be a raging flame burning at the top, bringing a little light to the world.

Shu Lun suddenly exclaimed: "Is this the real Fengdu Mountain?"

"The mountain is two thousand six hundred li high, 30,000 li weekly, and there are ghost palace rooms above and below it..."

Everyone followed his words and observed the black mountain in front of them.

Sure enough, you can vaguely see that from top to bottom, there are several palaces built on the hillside.

The bottom palace was right in front of their sight, at the foot of the black mountain.

"Let's take a look!" Xuantian said solemnly.

A group of eight people rushed to the palace ahead.

Looking close, the distance is not short.

After traveling hundreds of kilometers, I haven't reached the foot of the mountain.

It can be seen how big this mountain is!

"Those people from the Liberty Alliance, passed by here not long ago!" Han Wenju reminded him, and he found a new trail.

Xuantian nodded and said, "Everyone must be careful!"

They are already very careful. With their strength, they can actually walk a hundred kilometers with a few breaths.

But now their speed has never exceeded the speed of sound.


Jiang Ci also kept his previous habit, constantly observing around.

He found that the topography of this world is very simple, except for the **** mountain in front of him, there is only an endless wasteland, there is no creature in sight, not even ghosts!

This discovery made Jiang Ci feel a little relieved. It seems that the secret realm of Fengdu and the secret realm of Yaochi should be similar, and they have been abandoned for many years.

After a while, everyone finally approached the palace at the foot of the mountain.

There was another shock. It turned out that this palace was huge, with a height of a thousand meters, and nearly ten thousand meters on the left and right!

"Who is this huge palace for?"

With doubts in everyone's minds, they turned their eyes to a huge stone monument in front of the palace with black words engraved on it.

Jiang Ci found that the font structure of these characters is somewhat similar to that of Yaochi Secret Realm.

It seems to be from the same era, but there are differences. He can't tell where they are different.

However, the meaning of these words is clearly conveyed to everyone's mind.

"Fengdu Mountain! Absolute Heaven Palace!"

Everyone still didn't rush in or get too close. Instead, they looked around to see if there were other ways to go up the mountain.

With the same truth as Mo Entering in Fenglin and Modu in Fengshui, this palace reveals a strange atmosphere everywhere.

"There is a river under the mountain!" Li Baibai made a new discovery.

Everyone hurried over, all expressions were shocked.

Where is the river!

It is somewhat similar to the legendary Huangquan, but the river water is black, as if it is formed by the condensed evil spirit, and there are still white bones floating in it.

This makes people feel shocked, as if falling, it will melt and become like bones.

call out!

Xuantian picked up a huge stone weighing 10,000 tons and threw it out.

The stone came over the black river in an instant, but it hadn't waited for the stone to fall.

A weird force appeared, and the big stone weathered quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye, and then disappeared without a trace.


Everyone sucked in air.

"It seems that I can only pass through that palace!" Xuantian shook his head.

Because this black river does not know where the source is, it flows mightily to the distance along the foot of Mount Fengdu, lay across the earth, separating this wasteland from Mount Fengdu.

To enter Fengdu Mountain, you must either cross the river or pass through the palace called Juetian Palace.

Compared with the black river, Juetian Palace looks safer.

Walked to the Juetian Palace.

This time everyone discovered that part of the original magnificent palace was suspended above the black river.

In the middle of the palace gate, there is a wide straight road leading to the depths of the palace just across the black river.

This straight looks unusually new, as if no one has ever stepped on it.

"If I'm not mistaken, this should be a ghost road. It is said that before the reincarnation of ghosts, you have to walk on this road!" Shu Lun said astonishingly.

"Ghost Road? Isn't it Huangquan, Naihe Bridge?" Jiang Ci was puzzled.

Others also looked at Shu Lun, with the same doubts.

"Myths and legends are true or false. Who knows which one is true, but the legend of the ghost road in Fengdu Mountain is before the legends of Huangquan and Naihe Bridge in the prefecture. We have recorded these in the ancient books of the Shu family." Shu Lun said. .

He warned again: "In short, after you set foot on the ghost road, you must stick the soul calming charm I gave you."

Everyone does what they say, after all, Shu Lun is an expert here.

"Jiang Ci, just post one." Shu Lun said in surprise.

"Post a few more to be safe." Jiang Ci didn't lift his head, and brushed the soul calming charms all over his body.

Shoulders, arms, thighs, chest, back...

"Alright, let's go!" Jiang Ci looked at the soul-suppressing charms all over his body, feeling relieved.



Others, looking at the lonely soul calming charm on their body, suddenly felt as if something was missing.

They want to say: Are you too exaggerated?

After that, the eight people set foot on the ghost road, feeling very strange.

They seem to have suddenly become much smaller, and compared with the broad ghost road, they appear very small.


Clouds of wind blowing from nowhere, as if to blow their souls, a deep chill rose from their hearts.



The soul calming charms on their bodies shivered slightly, and they actually began to emit golden light, which was very warm, and directly dispelled those chills.

At this moment, Jiang Ci is a bit dazzling, there is only one light on the others, and his whole body is emitting golden light...

However, this is not the focus of everyone's attention.

Everyone looked solemn and cautious.

"It works? It's really a ghost!" Shu Lun's eyes widened, looking around.

Jiang Ci also reacted, the soul calming charm has worked, what does it mean?

It's really a ghost!

The gust of wind just now, maybe it was a ghost?

He couldn't help shivering, his hair trembling.

What am I... can I withdraw now?


The faint weeping sound resounded around the crowd, as if it had a fascinating effect, which made people feel pity.

"Get out!" Xuantian yelled suddenly.

The whole body exploded, and the true meaning of the sword spread out instantly.


Suddenly, those things around seemed to be frightened, wailing in fright, extremely frightening.

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