I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 185

Chapter 184: Speaking For Subscription

At this time, Shah Rukh and Ivan both looked a little gloomy.

At that moment, they also felt the coming of death, almost like Johansson!

The movement of the Yuan Qingshan people to shrink the golden aperture of the soul-reducing bell made them suspicious!

Who knows if the Yuan Qingshan people will make similar moves and abandon them decisively?

But the two of them knew in their hearts that in this situation, they could only move on with the Yuan Qingshan people.

If you stay here, you will not only face the siege of many ghosts in the spiritual phase, but also beware of the Jiang Ci, Xuantian and others behind!

"Damn it!" They were angry and unwilling again.

Not only the two of them, but the directors of the several free alliances who are still alive, except for Ma Jinhai, the faces of everyone else are not pretty.

Their thoughts are the same as those of Shah Rukh and Iwan, and they are both suspicious of Yuan Qingshan people.

Perhaps in the eyes of Yuan Qingshan people, they are not that important, they can be abandoned at any time?

A sudden change caused the people in the Liberty Alliance camp to diverge in secret.

However, the differences did not show up now, because they had to work together to break out of the siege of the ghosts in the Spiritual Age.

Although the offensives of the tauren and horse-faced soldiers were still fierce, the appearance of the two golden core ghosts just now made them appear a little chaotic, and the order of their attacks was not as neat as before.

This gives Yuan Qingshan people a chance!

Yuan Qingshanren's eyes lit up and he suddenly slapped a palm. That huge momentum directly slapped more than a dozen ghosts!

The mighty power is definitely the same level as Xuantian and Li Baibai.

This blow made everyone feel terrified, and even more dare not expose their unrestrainedness.

Yuan Qingshan, who was covered in black robe, was sneer.

He can guess the thoughts of these people, so he did his best to shock them!

"Hmph, what about the Lingling Stage! I will be able to arrive at the next palace soon, and the things there will allow me to reach the Golden Core Stage, and then I will be the first person in this era!"

Yuan Qingshan people are full of ambition.

After that, he no longer concealed his own strength, and his spiritual power surged wildly, and a series of powerful palm prints were shot out.

Only the tauren and horse-faced soldiers in the early stages of Yunling couldn't stop the Yuan Qingshan people.

In addition, other people are also taking action, relying on the protection of the golden aperture of the soul calming bell, they completely ignored the attacks of the two spirit ghosts.

Rushing forward, just a few breaths, finally rushed out of the scope of Sha Tian Temple.

"Moo, moo..."


Those tauren soldiers and horse-faced soldiers couldn't leave Shatian Palace, they just roared constantly on the ghost road in Shatian Palace.

The entrance of Sha Tian Temple.

Jiang Ci, Xuantian and others, of course, also saw the scene just now.

"Similar to me!" Li Baibai frowned lightly.

"It is indeed very strong and mysterious, Yuan Qingshan people... I have never heard of this person before, and I don't know what chance he has gotten, and he has quietly cultivated to the late Yunling stage." Xuan Tian shook his head slightly.

However, his tone has not changed, and he is full of confidence in his own strength.

"No matter what, we must catch up first. The existence of the two Golden Core Stages does not seem to be able to act unscrupulously. Taking advantage of the chaos of those ghosts, we rushed over!" Xuantian said again.

Immediately, several people stepped up their attacks and broke through with all their strength.

On the ghost road of Shatian Palace, the tauren soldiers and horse-faced soldiers had already appeared some confusion.

After the Liberty Alliance rushed past, they became more chaotic, and they all stood on the edge of Sha Tiangong and roared.

Lost the original neat order, unable to effectively block Jiang Ci and the others.

A group of eight people, Jiang Ci, Xuantian, and Li Baibai, the three are in front, and the speed of killing ghosts will only be faster than that of Yuan Qingshan.

The only thing they lack is the protection of the calming soul bell.

However, before breaking out, Jiang Ci took out all the remaining soul-suppressing charms, and each prepared a few of them. Once the soul-suppression charms expired, they would replace them with new ones.

"Moo, moo!"


The Tauren and Horse-faced soldiers in the Yun Ling stage wanted to gather again to stop them.

But in the chaotic situation, it is very difficult to reorganize order.

This was Jiang Ci's opportunity, and after a while, they rushed out of Sha Tian Temple.

In the empty ghost road in front of you, you can no longer see the tauren soldiers and the horse-faced soldiers.

Looking up, you can see that there is a palace after going up the ghost road for a while.

Before they had climbed the mountain, they saw several palaces on Mount Fengdu.

Now they have broken through the Juetian Palace and Shatian Palace, and have encountered wandering souls, tauren soldiers and horse-faced soldiers respectively. What will be the next one?

"It's the people of the Freedom League, they are almost reaching the next palace!" Jiang Ci's eyes narrowed slightly.

He paid attention to the environment, and as soon as he rushed out, he was observing the surroundings.

Observing carefully, you can find that there are more than a dozen small figures above the ghost road, approaching the same majestic palace above.

"Catch up!"

Everyone didn't make any stop, raised the speed, and went up at full speed.


On the ghost road of Sha Tiangong, the tauren soldiers and horse face soldiers have rearranged the order of their teams, each occupying one side of the ghost road.


Two Jindan stage bull-head ghosts and horse-faced ghosts, ten times larger than them, came out of the gray fog outside the ghost road.

"Aniu, just let them go like this?" Ma Mian Gui Ling even vomited.

The bullhead ghost said angrily: "Otherwise? This is what the mother-in-law asked us to do. The mother-in-law said that we only have one mobile phone meeting! Then we can only make one shot.

If I took the first shot just now, with my strong horns, one fork would be able to keep them all behind. You have to fight with me. Now, lets take the shot together, let them find the opportunity and rush over. "

"Obviously I am faster, you and me, okay?" Ma Mian Gui Ling was reluctant.

"I don't want to argue with you, anyway, there is a mother-in-law to clean them up!" The bullhead ghost snorted.

Then, he seemed to be a little reluctant, and said: "And... Xiao Ma, I must call me Brother Niu outside! Brother Niu! Understand? I have said it 800,000 times, how much do you want me to repeat? all over?"

"Then why don't you call me Brother Marco?"

"I was born half an incense earlier than you!"

"Fart, it's obviously the mother-in-law who remembered it wrong!"

"You dare to speak dirty words, go, let's go to the mother-in-law to judge!"

"Go and go, whoever is afraid of..."

Two large-sized ghosts of the Jin Dan stage retreated to the depths of the gray mist.


On this side, the eight people of Jiang Ci were climbing up the ghost road at a fast speed.

Jiang Ci was constantly paying attention to the situation on both sides of the ghost road, and at the same time he was puzzled.

On the way, there is no danger, and there are no strange ghosts to stop them.

Did you pass two levels, even if you pass it later?

In other words, just like playing a game, there is a big boss waiting for them at the end?

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