I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 188

Chapter 187: Ghost Forbidden Land For Subscription

Jiang Ci flicked his sword and was about to attack again, but he paused.

I only heard that a familiar voice suddenly came from deeper into the groggy barren space.

"Moo, moo..."

A strong breath also came at the same time.

The huge figure of the bull head is also very familiar.

It's the bullhead ghost of the Golden Core period!

Jiang Ci was taken aback, without even thinking about it, he turned around and fled, abandoning Ma Jinhai who would be able to solve it soon.

The moment he turned around, he caught a glimpse of the longan-sized spirit pill not far away, and he bent over to pick it up with a move.

Then Haifeng's true meaning broke out in an instant, and the whole person disappeared instantly.

At the same time, Ma Jinhai also felt the aura of terror coming from behind him.

But before he could react, that golden core bullhead ghost spirit, with a huge horn fork in his hand, threw it at him.

call out!

The ten-meter-long horn fork pierced Ma Jinhai, and the corpse stayed on a fork of the horn fork, like a string...

Ma Jinhai's eyes only left blank and unrestrained, his consciousness dissipated.

The Patriarch of the dignified thousand-year-old hidden family, the mid-level conspiracy master standing at the pinnacle of human martial arts, was stabbed to death by a fork.

Soon, Ma Jinhai's corpse became dry, as if all his flesh and blood had been sucked dry.

With a lightly shake, the bullhead ghost threw the corpse aside.


"A Human Race kid in the middle of the spiritual accumulation stage actually showed a speed comparable to that of the Jindan stage, catching up to play."

"Well, mother-in-law shouldn't say anything, I'm investigating the enemy's situation!"

The bull-headed ghost named A Niu looked at the direction Jiang Ci was escaping, with strong interest in his eyes.

Its figure flickered and disappeared, but its breath followed Jiang Ci.

Compared with Jiang's words that show the true meaning of the wind, the speed is slightly faster.


This barren space is very large, so drowsy and out of sight, the area far exceeds the area of Tomorrow Palace itself.

Needless to say, this must be another method of the great supernatural powers.

Jiang Ci traveled all the way here without daring to fly in the air.

From the time he entered the secret realm of Fengdu, he didn't plan to use the flying ability.

But he saw with his own eyes that the big rock that Xuantian threw over the original black river was turned into nothing by an invisible force.

If there is a similar danger in the sky above this world, then I can only mourn.


The roar of the bull head ghost appeared behind Jiang Ci.

"So fast?" Jiang Ci's expression changed. It was already his fastest speed just now.

It's a golden era!


Jiang's words showed the true meaning of the gust of wind to the extreme, and the gust of wind around his body was howling, and the whole figure appeared to flash in the space, crossing distance after distance.

The bullhead ghost spirit also chased after it, it kept making moo mooes, and a huge horn fork appeared in each of its hands.


Two horn forks slammed at Jiang Ci, screaming astonishingly.

"Isn't it in Shatian Palace? Why did it run up too?"

"Or, there will also be bullhead ghosts and horse-faced ghosts in the Jindan period in the palace tomorrow?"

Jiang Ci was a little anxious, turned around and cut out two swords.

The power of the spirit weapon Ning Yuan was manifested at this moment.


Directly smash two horn forks condensed by gloomy energy.

With this force, Jiang Ci leaped forward a certain distance.

"Spirit weapon?!" The bull's head ghost spirit had wide-eyed eyes, breathing quickly, and the black smoke on his body became thicker.

The Human Race kid in the spiritual accumulation stage in front of him actually has a spiritual weapon!

It hasn't used the spirit weapon even in its golden core period!

It feels a deep gap.

Grab it!

Even if the long sword is not suitable for its use, it is better than a fork made of such eerie energy!

"With the spirit weapon, you can hit the pony!"


The bullhead ghost roared in excitement, and continued to chase rumblingly.

The two of them did not know how far they chased, and came to the depths of the deserted space in the palace.

Jiang Ci was shocked to find that he was lost!

He was running away from the ghost road.

Because of these ghosts, there seems to be some restriction, and they cannot leave the palace area.

As long as he can escape to the ghost road and rush out of Tomorrow Palace, he can escape.

But for some reason, he just ran away just now, and when he reacted, he could no longer see ghosts!

At this moment, an area shrouded in gray mist suddenly appeared in front of him.

The weird thing is that these gray mists are still and show no signs of movement.

Intuition tells Jiang Ci that that place is dangerous!


Jiang Ci's figure flickered, and he wanted to pass by the gray fog area.


The gust of wind howled, but for some reason, he plunged into the gray mist area...


Jiang Ci was puzzled, obviously not in this direction!

With puzzlement, he disappeared.

"This is...forbidden!"

The bullhead ghost who chased here suddenly stopped, and it also saw the weird gray mist.

"Why did you get here?" It was also puzzled.

"Hurry up, hurry up, I hope my mother-in-law didn't find out about this, or else I'll think about it again!"

The face of the bull head ghost changed continuously, as if he had been in a disaster, and retreated at the fastest speed.

It has been urged since childhood to not be close to the forbidden area.

Whoever enters the forbidden area will die!

"The kid fell into the forbidden ground, he will definitely die, moo, my spirit weapon is gone..."



Jiang Ci finally uttered the following words, and after looking around, he found that he was already in the still gray mist.

The area covered by the gray fog is also very empty and there is no wind.

What's more strange is that there is no gloomy atmosphere here either.

He quickly noticed that the ground here is also somewhat different!

A series of mysterious symbols and textures were engraved on the ground, exuding an inexplicable charm, as if they could **** his spiritual sense in.

Jiang Ci was very cautious, not daring to make big moves, and looked around carefully.

Suddenly, the static gray mist began to flow slowly, faster and faster.

At the same time, the symbols and textures on the ground began to glow.

With such a change, everyone knows that something big is going to be bad.


Jiang Ci's figure flashed, and he was about to rush out of the gray mist-shrouded area.


He hit the edge of the gray fog and made his head dizzy.

There seemed to be a barrier, trapping him here.

can not go out!

Jiang Ci shook his head, the spiritual power in his body accelerated, and he wanted to try to rush out again.

It is impossible for him to give up!

The gray mist is flowing faster and faster, constantly tossing and rolling, as if a huge energy is brewing.

The symbols and textures on the ground also became brighter.

Bang bang bang!

In just a few breaths, Jiang Ci tried hundreds of times in a row, but all were blocked by that invisible barrier.

She was bruised all over her body, and the blood in her mouth kept flowing.

"No, you can't get trapped once!" Jiang Ci shook his head with a firm expression.

Regardless of his injuries, he must hit the barrier again.

But at this moment, the light of the symbols and textures on the ground seemed to have reached the extreme.


A soft sound.

The light of those symbols and textures suddenly changed, forming a three-dimensional pattern.

A powerful attraction emerged from the three-dimensional pattern.

Jiang Ci's figure was directly sucked over.

He gritted his teeth and wanted to struggle with a grim face, but found that he couldn't resist at all, his strength was too strong!

Then, he was sucked into the three-dimensional pattern.

The dazzling light suddenly appeared, but for a moment, the light disappeared again, and everything returned to calm.

The symbols and texture of the ground seem to have not changed in any way.

The gray mist also became still again.

But Jiang Ci was gone.

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