I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 199

Chapter 198: Improve Strength Seeking Subscription

"The true meaning of the sword requires a full 1 million points of upgrade experience, and a normal increase of 600 points a day requires 1,667 days. If you can calculate it, it will be more than 4 and a half years."

In fact, this time, for a cultivator who understands the true meaning of the Tao, is already extremely fast.

Jiang Ci learned from Ge Dao people's inheritance memory that many practitioners in the universe who are at the stage of the true meaning of Tao can fully understand the true meaning of a Tao within a hundred years, even if they are very good.

Only those top genius-level figures can be completed within ten years.

Having said that, for those who have opened the hang-up.

The pursuit of increasing speed of strength is an eternal truth!

Therefore, Jiang Ci thought of another way.

"If there is a sufficient source of aura energy, it can offset the adverse effects caused by the panel's ability to increase its strength and exceed the body's tolerance."

Jiang Ci sorted out the items on his body that can provide spiritual energy.

1 thousand-year spiritual lotus, 1 low-grade Ning Yuan Dan, 30 non-flowing Ning Yuan Dan.

"These will be enough for a while, so let's think of a solution later."

"Eat the lotus first, it's been two years..."

This thousand-year-old spiritual lotus flower was still the reward he received in Xuantian's hands two years ago after the battle of the Jade Lake Secret Realm Tongtian Mountain. It has never been useful...

A total of 13 lotus seeds, Jiang Ci like chewing jelly beans, ate them all.

Huge spiritual energy appeared in his body, and with his current strength, he could completely withstand the impact of this energy.

Next, is the familiar rapid improvement process.

Jiang Ci used this aura energy to fully enhance the true meaning of the sword with the experience value panel!

After five minutes, the promotion is over.

[The true meaning of the sword (80151/1 million)]

Jiang Ci felt the sentiment in his mind about the true meaning of the sword.

With so much awareness of Dao Fa in an instant, the brain is a little groggy, but it can bear it.

"A thousand-year spiritual fruit can provide a little more than 80,000 aura energy, let's see how much Ning Yuan Dan can provide!"

He first ate an impervious Ning Yuan Dan.

One result was that the non-flowing Ning Yuan Pill, like the Yang Yuan Pill, can only provide 1,000 points of spiritual energy.

Then, the lower grade Ning Yuan Pill, which was regarded as a treasure by other Yun Ling practitioners, was also eaten by Jiang Ci.

After the promotion was completed, Jiang Ci frowned.

It's not because the brain has flooded with too many Taoist perceptions, making him feel top-heavy.

But this low-grade spirit pill, the aura energy provided, is also pitiful, only a mere 10,000 points of aura energy.

It is several times less than the thousand-year-old spiritual creature!


Jiang Ci searched in Ge Daoren's inheritance memory, and quickly understood why.

It turns out that there are many kinds of pill, and the effects are also different.

Ningyuan Pill is a kind of spiritual pill commonly used by cosmic practitioners, whose main function is to temper spiritual power.

Practitioners can use this to improve spiritual quality, so as to achieve the purpose of improving cultivation.

"It's not a spirit pill specially used to supplement spiritual power."

Jiang Ci shook his head.

He wants to take back the sentence just now, these spirit pills are not enough for him!

As for the effect of Ning Yuan Dan for tempering spiritual power, he didn't use it.

Using the experience value panel to improve the cultivation base directly saves the process of tempering spiritual power.

"Let's think of a way to collect spiritual things."

Jiang Ci put away the remaining non-entry Liu Ning Yuan Dan.

The spiritual thing has not been refined, and the spiritual energy is full of energy, which meets his requirements.

He knows that Xuantian still has many thousand-year-old spiritual objects in his hands, but he can think of a way to use these non-flowing Ning Yuan Dan to trade a wave...

However, find a suitable time and reason.

Because Ning Yuan Dan is too precious for practitioners who need to temper spiritual power.

He rashly used Ning Yuan Dan to trade with Xuantian, which would make the other party suspicious.

After finishing these, Jiang Ci took out one thing again, it was the storage ring that Ge Daoren left him.

He has never found an opportunity to refine this thing with spiritual consciousness.

"With the storage spirit device, it will be convenient to go out in the future."

Jiang Ci smiled and began to refine.

It took him half a month last time to successfully refine the lower-grade spirit weapon Ning Yuan Sword.

This time, I don't know how long it will take.

Anyway, there are no other important things. Jiang Ci allocates most of his time every day to refine the storage ring.

The rest of the time is to continue to organize and comprehend Ge Daoren's inheritance memory.

After all, this memory of inheritance is not only the Purple Cloud Sword Classic, but also includes many secret magical techniques.

Even if he doesn't have the conditions to practice now, he can get familiar with it in advance and gain insight.

In addition to these, he has to accompany Jiang Doudou to train assassination.

The strength of the little girl is also advancing by leaps and bounds.

In this way, another month passed in a blink of an eye.

Crescent Period September 10, 1995.

In the middle of the night, the two moons hang in the air.

Jiang Ci ended his practice in retreat and flew straight to the wilderness area without speaking to anyone.

The wilderness area near Beishan Mansion is mostly plain and hilly terrain. He flew more than 500 kilometers to find a hill more than 300 meters high.

Jiang Ci stood in the air, overlooking the hill.

This is the object of his sword test today, and he wants to test his current improved strength.

Before trying the sword, he first looked at the experience value panel:


Cultivation: Yun Ling (Late 26701/88200)


The true meaning of the wind (108201/500,000)

The true meaning of the sword (117851/1 million)

Amplitude: 3.121

Deduction: 10,000 experience points/time

Techniques: Zixiao Sword Classic, Peacock View Ideas

Experience value: 954834


After more than a month of improvement.

The cultivation base reached the later stage of Yun Ling.

Hayate really understood the progress of more than 20%.

The true meaning of the sword has also increased by more than 10%.

"Look at my current combat power!"

"The first sword!"

With a squeak, Jiang Ci drew out the Ning Yuan sword, his spiritual power surged, and a sword suddenly swung out.

The huge sword light suddenly fell on the top of the hill.

boom! Explode directly.

The top of the mountain was blown up, and the hill was ten meters short.

"Second Sword!"

Another sword swung, this sword condenses the true meaning of Haifeng!

Jianguang whistled with the gust of wind, and hit the hill.

There was a crash.

The hill trembled slightly, as if a small earthquake had occurred, and was a bit shorter, fifty meters short.

"The third sword!"

This time it is a sword with the true meaning of a sword!

The sword light condensed, with an inexplicable rhyme, like the king of the sword, straight to the hill.


A three-hundred-meter-high hill collapsed, and rubble flew around.

After Sanjian went out, Jiang Ci had a clear understanding of his own strength.

"The bonus to the combat power of the true meaning of the sword is indeed stronger than the true meaning of the wind. Just an increase of more than 10% will greatly increase my strength!"

"Although I haven't really fought against Jin Dan, but with my current strength, it is definitely worthwhile in the early Jin Dan period!"

The last time he was in the secret realm of Fengdu, his actual combat power had actually barely reached the threshold of the Golden Core Stage.

But it is only reluctant, if you encounter the real Golden Core Stage, you will still lose.

And now, after more than a month of improvement, his combat power has finally reached the level of the Golden Core Stage.

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