I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Change

Although Jiang Ci had been lying on the hospital bed for half a month, he was a limit martial artist after all, and he was in good health.

On the day he woke up, he was discharged from the Xuantianwuguan Medical Center.

The first thing you leave the hospital, move!

Knowing that Jiang Ci was moving, Jiang Sheng specially asked Zhang Wei to drive a car from Xuantian Wuguan to help.

Xinghuayuan Community.

"Xiao Jiang, come back often, remember, this is also your home!"

"You are the pride of our Xinghuayuan community, we will never forget you!"

When the neighbors knew that Jiang Ci was going to move, they all came to see him off.

Especially Lao Yang, he had always treated Jiang Ci as his own child, and his eyes immediately turned red when he heard Jiang Ci was about to leave.

Lao Yang looked at Jiang Ci and Jiang Doudou, and sighed: "It's been six years in a blink of an eye. I still remember the first time I saw your brothers and sisters, a thin boy, holding a person who looked only five or six years old. Little girl, carrying a schoolbag with a big hole on his back, was climbing upstairs, my God, I don't know how you two thin guys got up!"

Jiang Ci felt warm, warm in his heart, and smiled: "Yeah, Doudou and I were so tired that I almost fell downstairs. Uncle Yang supported us from behind."

Since then, Lao Yang has taken care of their brothers and sisters from time to time, including their schooling, and Lao Yang helped to solve them.

Later, Jiang Ci set up a stall to sell vegetables. Without Lao Yang's help, it would be difficult for him to gain a foothold. He might have been run away by those old vendors.

Jiang's words are all in his heart.

He still hasn't been able to repay Uncle Yang, but he must know how to be grateful. He will never forget these kindnesses!

"Haha, I didn't expect that with just a handful of support, you can hold up such excellent two people. The academic performance of your brother and sister is actually the first in each school. It is a pity that Xiao Jiang missed the college entrance examination today, but Don't be discouraged, come back next year!" Old Yang laughed.

"Uncle Yang, you have to take care of your body, we will visit you often in the future!" Although Jiang Doudou had a big heart, at this time, she was moved with tears.

"Uncle Yang knows, look, she's a big girl, don't cry." Old Yang's eyes became red again.

Jiang Ci and Jiang Doudou didn't have much stuff. The house in Xinghuayuan was rented. The furniture and electrical appliances in it were originally there. They only took away clothes and some commemorative things.

Six years ago, when the two came, they were carrying two schoolbags.

Today, six years later, when the two left, they still carried two schoolbags.

The difference is that the schoolbag is new, and people have grown from the weak bean sprouts to the strong youth and delicate girls.

After the neighbors bid farewell, the brothers and sisters got in the car of Xuantian Wuguan and waved goodbye.

Jiang Cichang exhaled, his eyes became firmer!

The life of Xinghuayuan was his first stop in this era, and the next stop will be even more exciting!


The martial arts community in Xuantianwuguan has a very domineering name.

Jiang Ci also just learned that it is called Tongtian Community!

It is created by world-class architects and garden masters, combining the garden style of the old era and the technological style of the new era.

Three steps into a scene, five steps into a poem, ten steps into a painting.

Small bridges and flowing water, pavilions and pavilions.

The villas are surrounded by various sceneries in the community.

Zhang Wei parked his car in front of a gray and white villa, No. 92, Tongtian Community!

After getting off the bus, Jiang Doudou was surprised and turned around and said: "Brother, are we two living in such a big house? I heard that an empty house is easy to attract ghosts. Will there be ghosts in this house?"

"Well... if there are ghosts, it's fine, so I can catch them as pets!" Jiang Doudou looked at the villa and nodded himself without waiting for Jiang's words to answer.


Jiang Ci is silent!

I just got happy, you mentioned ghosts to me again! How can I live in the future!

Jiang Ci had a premonition that he might have frequent insomnia.

"Jiang Ci, I really envy you. I have my own house now. No, I want to quickly become a warrior! Then I can have my own house and be free!" Zhang Wei sighed.

"With your physical fitness, you can almost participate in the martial arts assessment, right?" Jiang Ci asked.

"It's early, the strength is fast, it's still 50kg short, but my speed is not good, I have no show this year!" Zhang Wei shook his head.

Then he urged: "Hurry up, open the door, let me go in for a visit, and be envious, I am also motivated to look back!"

Jiang Ci chuckled and looked at Jiang Doudou. The two of them were full of surprise and expectation. They opened the door of the villa and walked in.

The first thing I saw was a small garden with lawn, swimming pool, small pavilion, etc. beside it.

Going further inside is the main body of the villa, with three stories high, and other basements and large terraces.

After entering, Jiang Ci and Jiang Doudou's eyes were attracted by the exquisite and luxurious decoration.

At this time, Zhang Wei said: "I heard Uncle Jiang said before that this villa was a D-class warrior who belonged to Xuantian Wuguan. He moved to another city last year, so it was vacant. Senior Lu took this villa. It's for you."

"Excluding the surrounding facilities, this villa has a total area of nearly 1,000 square meters! In Beishan Prefecture, it is also a top luxury mansion!"

Jiang Ci moved his throat, and when he looked outside, he felt completely different from being inside.

"Brother, how big is the house in Xinghuayuan?"

"It seems to be 32 levels..."

32 flat!

1000 flat!

The equivalent of 30 houses in Xinghuayuan!

"Brother, we really live in a big house?"

"Well, I really live in a huge house!"

Jiang Doudou immediately threw down his schoolbag, and looked at each room, from the first floor to the third floor like a happy one.

"Brother! I want the innermost room on the second floor, with huge French windows and a terrace!"

"Wow, what a big TV, it occupies a wall with 360-degree surround sound! It's the best way to watch ghost movies in the middle of the night!"

Jiang Doudou's yelling voice came from the second floor.


Jiang Ci is silent again, Jiang Doudou! You mention ghosts again, I'll knock you!

"I heard that the basement was transformed into a training room by the previous D-class warrior. Would you like to see it?" Zhang Wei smiled.

Jiang Ci's eyes lit up and he hurried to the basement.

The basement of more than two hundred square meters has been completely transformed into a training room, and all kinds of special training equipment are more professional than the professional training center on the third floor of Building 3 of Xuantianwu Hall!

"It's over, after reading these, I feel like I ate a ton of lemons today!" Zhang Wei lamented.

"It's okay, there are many rooms, I don't mind taking you in!"

"Damn, I'm very straight, don't want to bend me!"

"roll roll roll!"

Zhang Wei sat here for a while, feeling sore, and waved his fist to go to the third building of Xuantianwu Hall. He wants to train!

After Zhang Wei left, Jiang Ci exhaled and suddenly smiled.

Life is unpredictable. Two months ago, he and Jiang Doudou were still struggling to survive, but now they live in a top-notch mansion.

And he himself will become a warrior!

Life has become extraordinary!

In the evening, no one came to bother, Jiang Ci rarely relaxed, did not go to training, personally cook, congratulated his housewarming joy.

During the meal, Jiang Doudou took out two new mobile phones, put them in front of Jiang Ci, then stared at Jiang Ci, and said, "Brother, I wont be allowed to sleep for that long without my permission in the future! Otherwise, I will kill him , I will bring you back too!"

"it is good!"

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