I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 201

Chapter 200: The World Changes Again For Subscription

Last time only Jiang Doudou heard the singing, but this time, people all over the world heard it!

At this moment, Jiang Ci was shocked, but he didn't care about it.

Because when the woman's singing voice sounded, Jiang Dou fell into a deep sleep.

Jiang Ci did not wake her up, but observed carefully.

When the woman chanted, it lasted about ten seconds.

The clearly visible spiritual energy, like mist, poured down from one of the moons that had become a hundred times larger.

Like a spiritual tide, the wave is raging, sweeping the world instantly!

"This is?" Jiang Ci opened his eyes wide.

He found that, accompanied by the tide of spiritual energy, there were a series of incomparable spiritual energy from heaven and earth, like small snakes, converging into Jiang Doudou's body from everywhere.

And Jiang Doudou's body quickly became stronger.

However, Jiang Doudou's body stopped changing in just one minute.

But those incomparable heaven and earth auras are still converging on Jiang Doudou.

"Where did Doudou come from?" Jiang Ci couldn't help asking himself.

After observing for more than ten minutes, Jiang Ci confirmed that Jiang Doudou would not change any more, then he was relieved and began to concentrate on his own practice.

"The Purple Heaven Sword Classic!"

Jiang Ci started his own practice.

Suddenly, the tidal-like aura of heaven and earth rushed violently, forming a mist of aura and permeating him.

"So strong, many times more than the third aura recovery!" Jiang Ci was startled.

Of course, this is also related to the exercises he cultivated. The Zixiao Sword Scripture in the Universe Dao League is also the top exercise inheritance.

The efficiency of cultivation is of course abnormal!

"Ben Qi! Refining!"

Jiang Ci began to absorb the aura of heaven and earth gathered around him.

With the entrainment of Qi refining, the aura energy in his body is increasing.

However, he did not condense these spiritual energy into spiritual power.

It is the last word to use the experience value panel to improve your strength!

A minute later, he felt the aura energy accumulated in his body.

"Almost there! Start to improve!"

"Improve 1000 points of cultivation experience!"

"Improve 1000 wind experience!"

"Increase the true meaning experience of the sword by 1000 points!"

The total amount of spiritual power in his body during the spiritual accumulation period began to increase.

In my mind, two Taoist insights of the true meaning of the Tao are constantly emerging.

In less than one breath, this ascension process is over.

Afterwards, Jiang Ci continued to entrain qi and refine, accumulate aura energy, and improve again.

You can improve once in almost one minute.

One hour later, his cultivation reached the bottleneck of the spiritual accumulation stage.

[Repair Base: Yun Ling (Late 88200/88200)]

With the experience of encountering a bottleneck during the third aura recovery.

Jiang Ci didn't delay time this time, considering the bottleneck.

Instead, all the accumulated aura energy will be used to enhance the true meaning of the wind and the true meaning of the sword.

In one minute, he can accumulate 3000 aura energy.

This is equivalent to three non-flowing Ning Yuan Dan, very luxurious.

Without stopping, the strength improves a little bit every minute.

Jiang Ci is struggling to improve, Jiang Doudou is sleeping.

So I didn't notice that there was a subtle light gleaming between Jiang Doudou's eyebrows.

The heaven and earth aura that seemed to be breathing.

In the misty tide of spiritual energy, it is imperceptible.


This resurrection of spiritual energy came suddenly and ended suddenly.

Six hours later, from the moon with the broken Guanghan Palace, the aura of heaven and earth poured down.

In an instant, it stopped abruptly, as if a pot of water had been poured out.

And the earth's aura is ten times stronger than before!

Yes, ten times!

Jiang Ci clearly confirmed this data through the experience value panel.

He still has some thoughts, and after another two hours, the data on the panel will be much better!

Unfortunately, it's a little bit...


Cultivation: Yun Ling (Late 88200/88200)


The true meaning of the wind (500,000/500,000)

The true meaning of the sword (749886/1 million)

Amplitude: 14.498

Deduction: 10,000 experience points/time

Techniques: Zixiao Sword Classic, Peacock View Ideas

Experience value: 0


Cultivation and Taoism, the true meaning of the sword is not complete!

"Hahaha!" Jiang Ci laughed wildly.

Regardless of strength, who can be the enemy of the current strength data on the panel?

Before the fourth resurrection of spiritual energy, he had only completed more than 20% of the true meaning of the wind, and only more than 10% of the understanding of the true meaning of the sword.

Just so, the combat power can be comparable to the early days of Jin Dan.

And now, Haifeng's true meaning has been completed, and the level of comprehension of the true meaning of the sword has exceeded 70%.

The improvement of these two Taoisms gave his strength a qualitative change.

14.498 times the spiritual power amplitude, the spiritual power intensity of a unit is more than 14 times the original!

Not to mention, his cultivation level has also reached the consummation of the spiritual accumulation period!

The actual combat power has increased more than ten times!

"Preliminary Jindan?" Jiang Ci smiled softly, confident!

"Huh? Brother, am I asleep again?"

At this time, Jiang Doudou woke up, and she slept deeply.

The sound of Jiang Ci's laughter did not wake her up.

"Sleep very soundly." Jiang Ci smiled.

"Well, I heard someone sing in a low voice last night, and the voice is much clearer than last time, did you hear it?" Jiang Doudou asked slightly nervously.

Jiang Ci nodded: "I think everyone should have heard it this time. Don't worry, I have also paid attention to observation. There is no strange thing on your body, so please feel at ease to practice in the future."

While speaking, Jiang Ci rubbed her head again.

"That's good." Jiang Doudou smiled with joy.

Then she checked her own strength, froze for a moment, and said in shock: "Brother, I have reached A level!"


From the top C-rank warrior to the A-rank warrior!

This was a little beyond Jiang Ci's expectation. He originally thought that Jiang Doudou could take this opportunity to reach B grade.

Actually became an A-level warrior directly!

The 16-year-old A-level warrior...

And just sleep...

Jiang Ci took a deep breath. He felt that he was on the wrong set. The protagonist was really not him...

However, Jiang Doudou had only surprises this time, not as panicked as last time.

Because Jiang Ci is by her side, even if the sky falls, she is not afraid.

The two got up and went downstairs, as before, ready to go for breakfast, take a walk, etc.

It seemed that this resurrection of spiritual energy seemed to be just a very common thing for both of them.

In Tongtian Community, there are lush vegetation and beautiful environment.

"The sky is bluer and the air is fresher... as if the whole world has been reborn." Jiang Doudou opened his arms as if embracing the world.

Jiang Ci smiled faintly, after the night, it was not just these simple changes.

When passing by an old tree that was close to a hundred years old, he felt a very subtle aura in the old tree.

If it has an opportunity, you might be able to embark on the road of cultivation, and cultivate for another thousand or ten thousand years to become a tree spirit.

Of course, it is not the ghost tree spirits that absorb the gloomy breath in the secret realm of Fengdu.

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