I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 205

Chapter 204: Sword Slashing Golden Core Demon Seeking Subscription

The surging tide of beasts constantly rushed towards the northern gate of Beishan Mansion.

Among the beasts, the huge A-level and B-level monsters caused the most damage to the Beishan Army!

"Leave three A-level warriors to guard the barracks, and the remaining A-levels, rush into the herd with me, and kill the monsters above B-level!" Han Wenju shouted.

The white-haired appearance does not affect his martial artist's blood.

Immediately, he took He Changxing, Chen Yuan, Lu Shan and other 10 A-level warriors, jumped out of the barracks and went deep into the dangerous beast tide.

At the same time, the night sky.

The Ironback Golden Centipede was also shocked. It didn't expect that after reaching the Golden Core Stage, one of its best tricks would be blocked by a Spirit Stage!

"It must be the top genius of mankind!"

It is very excited, killing intent is boiling.

Thousand feet danced, hundreds of golden lights shot out, attacking Jiang Ci.

The power radiated by every golden light is so terrifying that it can easily kill a spiritual stage.

Jiang Ci had no expression on his face, his figure flickered in the air, and the Ning Yuan Sword swept through sword light.

The sword light is like a curtain, welcoming those golden lights.


Block it all easily!

"It turns out that the big demon in the early stage of Jindan, that's it!"

Jiang Ci shook his head lightly.

"Human, you are too rampant!" Tiebei Jinwu was angered by Jiang Ci's words.

It has just reached the Golden Core Stage, and it claims to be the number one monster of the monster race today, but it is so despised by a human in the later stage of the spiritual accumulation.

"Let's stop here!" Jiang Ci shook his head lightly.

He lost his interest in fighting, not challenging and boring.

Ironback Golden Centipede is even more angry, who is the Golden Core Stage? !


It snarled up to the sky, and its ten-meter-long thousand-legged body shrank ten times again and became one-meter long.

Suddenly, its arrogance became more fierce, as if golden flames rose from all over its body.

Jiang Ci's expression did not change, focusing on the Ningyuan Longsword.

"The true meaning of the sword!"

The sword body instantly condenses a layer of inexplicable Dao Yun, and the sword light turns into an amazing sword shadow.

Although the sword shadow is less than ten meters, compared with Xuantian's true meaning of the sword, it is dozens of times smaller, but its power is at least ten times greater!

This is the difference between the realm of Taoism.

The higher the realm, the higher the degree of cohesion of true will!

"What kind of trick is this?" The iron-backed golden centipede felt a strong threat.

"Why should I be afraid of human beings in the mere spiritual phase!"

The iron-backed golden centipede once again sprayed out a powerful golden fierce flame.

At the same time, it also flew over in the air, wanting to directly kill Jiang Ci with Jin Danqi's tyrannical body!


But at this moment, Jiang Ci gave a soft sigh, and Ning Yuan's sword power slashed out.


The sword shadow condensed by the true meaning of the sword, seems to be able to cut through everything, passing by the golden fierce flames ejected from the golden centipede on the iron back.

The golden fierce flames suddenly disappeared out of thin air!


The iron-backed golden centipede, who had already attacked the nearby golden flames, was shocked.

That was its strongest blow, even if it was hit by another Jin Dan in the early stage, it would be seriously injured!

At this time, he was directly scattered by a sword shadow!

However, Jian Ying hadn't disappeared yet, and he cut straight towards it.



It screamed again.

Thousand feet danced violently, bursting out a golden light all over the body.

This is its strongest defense!

In an instant, Jian Ying cut down.


The golden light suddenly dissipated, and the monstrous fierce flames and the terrifying aura scattered on this land disappeared.

[You killed the gold centipede with iron back in the early stage of the golden core, experience value +1000]

In the air, two half-meter-long golden shadows were falling downward.

With a single step, Jiang Ci grabbed the iron-backed golden centipede's body in his hands.

"Such a big centipede, but a good thing!"

In the eyes of Jiang Ci, slaying a big golden core demon understatement seemed to be nothing.

The fact is true, because the sword just now was only 70% of his combat power!

His current strength can be divided into three grades.

The Consummation Gale's true meaning has brought him 10 times the amplitude of spiritual power, which can only be regarded as half of his combat power.

And the true meaning of the sword in its current realm, the amplitude of spiritual power provided by it has exceeded 14 times, which is even stronger!

However, just using the true meaning of the sword is only 70% of his combat power.

Only the true meaning of the wind and the true meaning of the sword, at the same time, are his full strength!

Therefore, he seemed so relaxed.

Different from Jiang Ci's relaxed posture, people all over the world were shocked at this moment.

The battle that lasted just a few minutes was broadcast live on satellites of other countries and spread all over the world.

A powerful monster that could fly and talk, like a monster, was easily beheaded by a human!

Who is this human youth?

Almost everyone is thinking about this question.

Jiang Ci practiced for a short time, and his reputation has only spread in the martial arts world.

The ordinary people outside did not know who he was.

And even in the martial arts world, many people have only heard of Jiang Ci and don't know the appearance of Jiang Ci.

At the same time, many powerful people in Beishan Mansion also saw this scene, and they were all taken aback.

"Is this kid still a human?" Zhao Yan was commanding battles throughout the barracks, and was dumbfounded by Jiang Ci.

"Abnormal! Horror! Fortunately, he is a human..." Han Wen raised his hand and slapped an A-level monster to death, sighing.

The Ling Ling stage kills the Golden Core stage!

If Jiang Ci is a monster, then mankind is finished.

At this time, the beast tide was raging, and in just a few minutes, the soldiers and soldiers of the Beishan Army lost tens of thousands of people.

And the one-million-scale beast wave, only one hundred thousand died, and nine hundred thousand!

Boom boom boom!

That huge gun kept roaring.

As if pouring out human anger.

"Haha, kill, kill all these beasts!"

"Have fun!"

Jiang Ci killed the Golden Core Demon with a single sword, and immediately made everyone boil, all roaring.

The army is excited!

In the night sky, Jiang Ci saw such a scene and heard these voices, and he became proud.

It is these people who fight hard to ensure that the lights in the city are always bright.


Jiang Ci also yelled, flew down from the air, waved and cut out huge sword lights.

Each path was a hundred meters long and crashed into the herd.

To deal with these monsters below the spirit, the sword light doesn't need to be so cohesive, just a wide range attack!

Boom boom boom!

A huge sword light exploded.

In an instant, tens of thousands of monsters were blown to pieces, and those who died could not die again!

That's great!

Jiang Ci was very excited.

The experience value is soaring, and the panel prompts are too late to announce!

And those wise A-level, B-level, and C-level monsters have long been panicked.

When the ironback golden centipede was beheaded, they knew it was not good.

This beast siege has just begun, I am afraid it will end.

These powerful monsters are now worried whether they can escape!


At this time, another stream of light flew from the horizon at great speed.

"There is still golden core period?!"

Everyone is shocked, is it a demon or a human?

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