I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 207

Chapter 206: Massacre And Provocation Seeking Subscription

The battle of the beast tide outside Beishan Mansion has brought great influence and changes to the world.

Some places off the beaten track, or some families with long heritage, have hidden their existence for many years, so they regained consciousness.

Their awakening was not only related to the fourth aura recovery, which greatly increased the aura of heaven and earth.

Another reason is that in the battle of the beast tides, two Golden Core Stages appeared, and a peerless genius who killed the Golden Core Stage with the strength of the Spirit Stage.

This means that today's aura environment is sufficient to support the survival of the Golden Core Stage!

Those who were originally asleep are no longer afraid.

And the impact and change are not limited to the human world.

Daxia Country, Yishan Secret Realm.

The Zhenyi Army responsible for guarding the secret realm of Yishan Mountain, as well as the contemporary master Qin Qi of the Qin Family in Shuntian Mansion, have all entered a state of being ready to fight.

Because at this time, over the Yishan Mysterious Realm, the huge dragon python with its wings on its back was hovering in the air, wandering freely.

It was covered with black scale armor, emitting a cold light under the night sky.

"The feeling of flying in the air is really different!" Lomon murmured, causing thunder to roll.

It has also reached the Golden Core Stage!

However, it didn't mean to do anything. After hovering in the air for a while, it returned to the mysterious land of Yishan shrouded in mist.

Qin Qi breathed a sigh of relief, his stern face also showed longing.

"I also want to cultivate into a golden core!"


Jiang Ci didn't pay attention to these changes happening all over the world.

After solving the beast tide crisis in Beishan Mansion, he took the body of the iron-backed golden centipede and went home.

The millions of monster corpses were handed over to the Beishan Army to clean up.

With so many monster materials, the overall strength of Beishan Mansion's martial arts world can definitely rise to a higher level.

As soon as Jiang Ci returned home, Jiang Doudou greeted him immediately, and the little girl was full of smiles.

She was proud of Jiang Ci's feat of killing the Quartet.

Then, she saw the body of the iron-backed golden centipede and asked curiously: "Brother, how do you get such a big centipede?"

"The big centipede of the Golden Core Stage is a good thing for healing and detoxification. It can be used to make soup, soak in wine, make medicated meals, and grind it into powder!" Jiang Ci laughed.

It is not in vain that he organizes and comprehends the inheritance memory of Ge Daoren for so long.

These knowledge points, just open your mouth.

"Unfortunately, it's a centipede. If there are any monsters like chickens, ducks, and gooses, it will be fine to cultivate to the golden pill stage. It should be delicious!" Jiang Doudou sighed.


Jiang Ci ignored the little girl's wish and went to the underground practice room to carefully collect the iron-backed golden centipede's body.

Of course, storing materials like the corpse of the big demon in the storage ring is more assured, and it will last longer.

It's just that the refining of the storage ring has not yet been completed, and it will take a while.

Afterwards, he smiled and opened the experience value panel.

In addition to the corpse of this big monster, what he has gained in this battle of the beast tide also has a huge amount of experience points!


Cultivation: Yun Ling (Late 88200/88200)


The true meaning of the wind (500,000/500,000)

The true meaning of the sword (760386/1 million)

Amplitude: 14.687

Deduction: 10,000 experience points/time

Techniques: Zixiao Sword Classic, Peacock View Ideas

Experience value: 9.83 million


"Almost 10 million experience points balance, this time should be able to use for a long time!"

9.83 million.

This number makes Jiang Ci feel much at ease.

There is no need to find time to hunt monsters in the wilderness area.

Jiang Ci decided that next he would concentrate on practicing the method at home, striving to reach the Golden Core Stage as soon as possible!

Don't go out without a golden pill!


A battle of beast tides frightened all enemies and laid a peaceful situation for Daxia Kingdom for a period of time in the future.

But all over the world, not every city has strong people like Jiang Ci and Xuantian.

Just three days after the battle of the beast tides in Beishan Mansion, a tragic event occurred in the Western world.

The Nordic city located north of the Holy League has been slaughtered by a Jindan Great Demon!

This is a large city independent of the five major countries and is very famous in the new era.

Because of the complex composition of forces and loose management, this place has become a place for exiled warriors and evil men.

While strong, it is also synonymous with chaos.

However, on this day, under that terrifying Golden Core Great Demon shot.

In less than ten minutes, this prosperous and powerful city became a ruin in a sea of fire.

There are hundreds of millions of people living here, but less than 10 million escaped!

The tragic pictures were captured by satellites and broadcasted to all parts of the world through live broadcasts.

It happened too suddenly, and the Nordic City is a city independent of the five major countries.

Even if the powerhouses of the five major countries want to rescue, they cannot keep up.

At this moment, Jiang Ci was practicing, and he was awakened by Jiang Doudou from practicing.

Then he also saw the virtual light and shadow images from the Western world.

In the light and shadow picture, a huge body hovering over the Nordic city is like a fire dragon in Western mythology.

It laughed like thunder, and then spewed blazing red flames.

In an instant, the Nordic City became a sea of flames.

The red flame is extremely powerful, as if it can melt everything.

High-rise buildings collapsed one after another, and then melted again, converging into magma.

As for ordinary people, it is even more impossible to block this kind of flame. In less than a second, they were reduced to ashes by the red flame.

In such a situation, of course some people resisted.

The strongest person in Nordic City is a warrior in the early stage of Yun Ling.

But as soon as he sacrificed a long sword, he was pinched to death by the terrifying fire dragon, slapped to death.

"People in the East are trash, and monsters in the East are trash! Today, Yanlong, will be the first great demon to slaughter a human city!"

Its frantic sound resounded over the Nordic city that turned into a sea of lava.

What does your slaughter of the city of the Western world have to do with the East? !

This is a question many people want to ask.

Jiang Ci saw a scene, but understood that it was related to the battle of the beast tides in Beishan Mansion three days ago.

Because there is also a golden core demonIronback Golden Centipede, who wants to slaughter the human city.

But as soon as the Ironback Golden Centipede shot, he was cut under the sword.

Yanlong and Ironback Golden Centipede are both golden core demon, equally cruel, and regard human life like grass.

It wants to show its fierce power through massacre!

At the end of the live broadcast, Yanlong seemed to know that a satellite was shooting.

Its terrifying figure, standing on the ruins of the sea of fire, proudly said: "That Easterner named Jiang Ci, dare not come to the Western world? Fight with me! Let me tell you, who is stronger than the demon and the man! My Yanlong, waiting for you here!"

The provocative declaration of the battle was broadcasted all over the world through live broadcast of light and shadow.

Suddenly, the whole world was a sensation.

For a while, everyone was speculating whether Jiang Ci would fight.

One side is the first human genius to kill the Golden Core Demon.

On one side was the Golden Core Demon who was the first to slaughter a human city.

If the two sides face off, who is stronger?

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