I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 208

Chapter 207: Don't Do Things That Are Not Good For Subscription

Xuantian called immediately.

"Jiang Ci, do you want me to go over and chop that beast for you?"

Judging from the virtual light and shadow screen, Yanlong is much stronger than the iron-backed golden centipede.

Xuantian worried that Jiang Ci would challenge.

"Don't pay attention to it, I am not a three-year-old child. I can't say a few words and I will be agitated." Jiang Ci smiled.

"When do you want to kill it, just tell me, I will do it for you!" Xuantian said at last.

After finishing the communication, Jiang Ci shook his head slightly.

It seemed that Xuantian couldn't bear it any more, and wanted to find a great golden core demon to sharpen the knife.

Li Baibai, Huang Kun and others also called one after another.

The meaning of the expression is different from Xuantian. They all persuade Jiang not to go.

Although in their eyes, Jiang Ci is already very strong.

But Jiang Ci, as the future hope of the Great Xia Kingdom, is better not to take risks.

"Brother, would you not go?" Jiang Doudou also asked.

"I'm not stupid, why do you want to do something that is not good!" Jiang Ci smiled.

Wanli ran across, just to kill a golden core demon?

Or to avenge the 90 million people who died in Nordic City?

Don't be kidding me!

He is not a saint!

Among the five powers, the Holy Alliance and the Shadow Nation are all countries in the Western world.

The powerhouses of these two countries didn't make a move, so what is he going to join in the fun!

Jiang Ci believes that the Holy Alliance and the Shadow Nation definitely have golden core level powers.

Otherwise, in the era of aura recovery, these two countries would have been wiped out by monsters!

Jiang Ci allowed Yanlong to bark and invite him to fight through satellite networks and news media.

He didn't pay any attention to it once, just practice with great concentration.

At present, his greatest goal is to cultivate into the Golden Core Stage.

But Jiang Ci didn't expect that the people from the Western world who were most disappointed by his indifferent attitude were on the contrary.

Yanlong said that slaughtering a city would slaughter a city. He was extremely cruel and didn't leave a way for people to survive.

People in the Western world are worried that Yanlong will slaughter the city again.

Therefore, there are many people in the Western world who hope Jiang Ci can make a move to kill this brutal golden core demon.

Some people even initiated invitation posts on the Internet, mobilizing the power of the Internet and inviting Jiang Ci to pass.

And Jiang Ci only responded with two words: no time!

Yanlong thought Jiang Ci was scared and screamed frantically.

"It seems that in the past three hundred years, the Orientals have not changed at all. They are still a bunch of courageous waste!"

Its words reveal its identity.

Someone immediately checked the news information preserved from the old times, and soon discovered a secret matter from a tabloid news.

It turned out that this flame dragon had been to the east three hundred years ago, before the aura had recovered, and slaughtered several small cities.

Millions of people died as a result.

In the end, it was frightened by a veteran in Daxia Country Mountain, and fled back to the Western world.

Now, many people understood why Yanlong hated the East so much.

It was eaten under the hands of the Easterners, and now I want to get back the face I lost at the beginning!

As for why he chose to provoke Jiang's words, the reason is also very simple.

Jiang Ci is now one of the representative figures in the martial arts world of Daxia Country, and the youngest one.

Although he killed the Golden Core Demon Ironback Golden Centipede, his actual cultivation was only in the later stage of Yun Ling.

No matter how you look at it, he is the weakest among the top powerhouses in Daxia Country's martial arts world.

Other people, such as Xuantian and Li Baibai, have been famous for a long time, and no one dares to underestimate them.

In addition, Jiang Ci is now well-known, and defeating Jiang Ci will gain even greater profits!

There are so many people, you can't go wrong everywhere.

Of course Jiang Ci also understands this, and he still has that attitude.

Nothing good, don't do it!

Is it uncomfortable to practice lying at home?

Jiang Ci should not fight, Yanlong gradually turned off, and clamored for a few days, feeling bored.

In the end, it once again made the statement that the Orientals are cowards and rubbish, and stopped speaking.


In the past few days, someone has successively told Jiang Ci of many information about Yanlong.

Especially Xuantian told him an important message.

Three hundred years ago, the sleeping Yanlong accidentally awakened. In order to replenish energy, he slaughtered several cities in the east and swallowed ordinary humans.

But it was not scared away by the old ways in the mountains, but it was almost killed and suffered a big loss!

The painful experience has made it only dare to bark in the Western world, but dare not come directly to Daxia.

Therefore, Jiang Ci's evaluation of this golden core demon is: bullying the soft and fearing the hard!

Just look at its actions to slaughter the city.

Yanlong did not go to slaughter the cities of the Holy Alliance or the Shadow Nation.

Instead, the Nordic City was chosen as the target of the massacre because the Nordic City had no backing.

This kind of big demon is like a mess of shit. It won't get any benefit if you kill it. Maybe it will smell of shit.

Jiang Ci didn't want to run over, and engage in a war between East and West.

In the next period of time, the martial arts world fell into silence again, and nothing major happened.

In this silence, time has come to the end of the year in a blink of an eye.

Jiang Ci and Jiang Doudou began to prepare to buy new year goods.

The two did not regard themselves as martial arts powerhouses at all.

Every Chinese New Year, they have to visit relatives and friends as ordinary people to spend this important holiday happily.

The Crescent Moon was December 25, 1995.

On this day, Jiang Ci received a call from Xuantian again.

"Jiang Ci, dare you take a trip to the sacred alliance of the Western world?"

"Go get that Yanlong? No, I'm doing the New Year's gift!"


Xuantian was speechless for a while, New Year? He seems to have not celebrated the New Year in a hundred years.

"It's not about Yanlong. Late last night, the thousand-year-old holy city of the Holy League suddenly appeared colorful, and then our spies found good things in it!"

"What good thing?"

"A ten-thousand-year-old creature!"

"Eternal Life!"

Jiang Ci was also taken aback.

That is the raw material for refining middle-grade spirit pills, which are there now on earth?

Thousand-year spirit creatures can refine lower-grade spirit pills, while Wannian spirit creatures can refine middle-grade spirit pills.

The middle-grade spirit pill is extremely precious, generally only Yuan Ying stage cultivators can afford it!

If there is really a Ten Thousand Years' Era, then you can consider going there.

What's good must be done!

Of course, he didn't want to use ten thousand years of spiritual things to refine alchemy, but was interested in the spiritual energy contained in ten thousand years of spiritual things.

"How is it? At our speed, if you don't delay things, one time and one time will be enough." Xuantian smiled.

"It's okay to go, where do you go?"

"You come to Xuantian City first. Anyway, you have to pass here to go to the Western world."

"no problem."

Jiang Ci and Xuantian agreed on a time and ended the call.

His eyes flickered, and the fighting spirit rose in his eyes.

"In the old days, the Western world robbed us of a lot of things, it's time to grab them back!"

A ten-thousand-year-old creature, let's treat it as interest first!

Jiang Ci comes from the old era. He knows better than the Daxia people in the new era that the Western world committed those evil deeds against Daxia many years ago!

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