I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Class F Warrior

The night is quiet.

The double moon is suspended in the sky and the moonlight is just right.

Sitting cross-legged on the third floor terrace of the villa, Jiang Ci began to try his first practice.

Before he fell into a coma, he had already obtained a USB flash drive with basic mental methods from Jiang Sheng.

Just now, after checking with the computer, I have already memorized it!

"The method of entraining qi can draw the aura of heaven and earth into the body and strengthen oneself!"

"Although the air-entraining efficiency of the basic mental method is the slowest in the air-entraining method, I have an experience value panel. As long as my level can break through the existing bottleneck, even the most basic air-entrainment method does not matter. !"

Since the last time he used the experience value panel to fill up his martial arts talent, his level has stagnated!


Level: ordinary people (100/100)

Martial arts:

Basic boxing method (one 50/50)

Basic swordsmanship (one 1/100)

Force: 100%

Experience value: 75


"Success or failure in one fell swoop!" Jiang Ci's eyes were burning.

Close your eyes, meditate silently, think about the method of entraining air, and try to sense the aura between heaven and earth.

After the aura was revived, the aura spread across the world.

Especially, after experiencing the second aura recovery, the richness of the aura is much higher than the first time!

"To sense the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth, to achieve a calm body and a calm mind, the first practice is the most difficult, but once you sense the spiritual energy, there will be no obstacles behind.

"In the basic mental method, people with poor martial arts talents will not be able to sense aura for three or five months, even a year, while martial arts geniuses can sense them within a day or two. I will use How long is it?"

Be quiet!

Slow your breath and relax your whole body so that the muscles are no longer tight.


Don't think about it, concentrate!


An hour later, Jiang Ci suddenly opened his eyes.

The body is quiet, but the heart is not quiet!

The less you think about it, the more messy things come out of your mind!

"I don't believe it anymore, can a genius with perfect martial arts talent be stopped by the first level? Come again!"

Jiang Ci closed his eyes again and repeated the action just now.

With the experience just now, Jiang Ci's heart gradually became calmer, just like the water on the surface of a lake, without any waves in the absence of wind.

Another hour later, a cool breeze passed by, letting the midsummer night rise a bit of coolness.

Ok? Calm and cool?

I knock!

Jiang Ci opened his eyes helplessly, his heart was already very quiet, and as a result, a cool breeze was blown away!

"Try again for the last time, and sleep if it doesn't work!"

Jiang Ci rearranged his emotions and entered the state sooner than before.

After the body is still, the whole person becomes more relaxed.

From body to mind, without thinking or thinking, the brain is chaotic, as if about to fall asleep.

The moon is in the middle of the sky, and the two bright moons are like silver plates, as if they are accompanied by each other.

Suddenly, in the dimness, a hint of coolness, from all directions, penetrated into Jiang Ci's body

"It's so cold, so comfortable." Jiang Ci's thinking became extremely slow.

[You comprehend "Basic Mind Method", experience value +10]

[The panel is updated, please check it in time]

The sudden sound in his mind caused Jiang Ci to wake up suddenly.


As he woke up, the coolness from all directions disappeared.

"This is... the spirit of heaven and earth!" Jiang Ci was pleasantly surprised.

"Look at the time, eh? It's twelve o'clock in the middle of the night, that is, the last time I tried, it took two hours?"

"Three times together, it took a total of four hours, I really am a genius!"

Jiang Ci smiled slightly, in a happy mood.

"It feels good just now, try to practice again!"

Jiang Ci recalled the feelings he had just now, his body was quiet, his mind was quiet, and soon, a trace of cool heaven and earth aura came together.

This feeling is very good! It was as if there were countless little hands gently touching his body.

Unknowingly, half an hour later, these subtle auras of heaven and earth reached a critical point in his body, condensing into a stream of cool aura energy.

Completed a weekly practice of the basic mental method!

[You have practiced "Basic Mind Method" once, experience value +3]

Jiang Ci opened his eyes and looked forward to surprise, surprise!

"Unexpectedly, practice can also gain experience points, half an hour a week, 3 points of experience points, this time there is a new source of experience points!"

After that, Jiang Ci took a closer look, and with his current physical strength, he had reached his limit by practicing for almost three weeks a day.

Calculated like this, through practicing the basic mental method every day, you can get up to 9 experience points!

"This should be due to the low efficiency of the basic mind method. If you practice a more advanced method of entraining qi, the aura introduced into your body every week will greatly increase! Presumably, the experience points gained will also increase! "Jiang Ci guessed.

However, the more advanced method of entraining Qi is something to be considered later.

Now, the basic mental method has allowed him to break through the bottleneck!

Open the experience value panel.


Level: Practicing Leather Realm-Level F (1/2100)

Gong Method: Basic Mind Method

Martial arts:

Basic boxing method (one 50/50)

Basic swordsmanship (one 1/100)

Force: 99%

Experience value: 88


"After practicing the Qi-entraining method, the level has finally been upgraded, and it has become F-level in the leather training realm! But 1 point of experience point shows that I am still the most trash among the F-level warriors!"

"There is also an additional exercise column, but it is the same as exerting strength. There is no experience that can be improved behind the basic mental method, which means that it is only a status display!"

"Huh? The force has actually been reduced by 1%!"

Jiang Ci was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, he understood.

"That's right. After the physical fitness improves, the strength and speed increase, and the ability to exert force decreases, which is also in line with common sense."

Perhaps when his level experience increases more, the ability to exert force will decrease more obviously.

But this is only relative, when the time comes, his actual strength will be stronger!

"It seems that martial arts must continue to be strengthened, so as to maintain super high power generation ability!"

Thinking of this, Jiang Ci remembered the battle between him and Shen Quan.

He was able to kill the F-class martial artist Shen Quan with the strength of the ultimate quasi martial artist, and his 100% power generation ability was indispensable.

"Although Shen Quan is an F-rank martial artist, his power speed is several times higher than mine, but his ability to exert force is not good, so I can finally find the opportunity, and then rely on the basic swordsmanship to reach the threshold of unity to complete the ultimate counter-kill! "

"However, this kind of extreme thing, don't do it in the future!"

In order to improve the basic swordsmanship that day, he added 80 points of experience to the basic swordsmanship in a short time.

In the end it caused Qiqiao to bleed, and his consciousness became like a mass of paste, and he was unconscious for half a month.

Jiang Ci even guessed that if he improved the basic swordsmanship by 10 more experience that day, perhaps the blood vessels in his head would explode. By then, his life would be gone!

"Life is the most important thing! Don't take risks! Never! Never!"


"First try to break through, and the panel will increase the level."

After reflecting on it for a while, Jiang Ci became expectant again.

"No! You have to prepare food first!"

He quickly got up and ran to the kitchen downstairs.

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