I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 225

Chapter 224: To Kill Today Seeking Subscription

Those who support Jiang Ci were secretly anxious, because no strong people came out to testify for Jiang Ci, Xuantian and Li Baibai.

When public opinion fell to one side, the situation changed again.

A frightening and somewhat funny live virtual video has become a hot search on the entire network.

The background of the virtual live broadcast is a vast expanse, with many powerful monsters living there.

The two big demons hovered in the dark clouds and rainy sky.

"Xiaolonglong, are you ready?"

"It should be almost done. Human stuff is brain-burning. I knew it would catch someone to help us shoot."

"Okay, let's get started."

Two terrifying figures, low and roaring voices, resounded over Daze.

"My dragon python, here to expose the Holy City Pope Hehe... Hei Uncle, what is Hehe?"


"Ah... I am here to expose the hypocritical face of Pope **** Jesus in the Holy City. The battle of the holy war is basically caused by him and another black-robed man. They set up evil formations and killed almost all the cultivation. And the great demon."

"Yes, my Xuangui can also testify. Both Xiaolonglong and I participated in the battle of the Holy City. The whole thing was a conspiracy of **** from beginning to end!"

Two big demons, you and I talked about the situation.

The outside world was a sensation.

The big demon will play live webcast, which has become a secondary concern.

The most important thing is that the two great monsters, as natural enemies of mankind, actually stood up to testify for Jiang Ci and clarify their innocence.

Is it true that **** was telling a lie?

"Those who are not my race must have different hearts, what's the credibility of the words of the big demon!"

This remark directly minimized the testimony effect of the dragon python and the black turtle.

Everyone reacted, yes, the demon is cruel and unbelievable!

What makes everyone more puzzled is that, except for the hypocrisy that Jiang Ci said at the beginning, neither Xuantian nor Li Baibai stood up to explain.

Is it a guilty conscience? Still don't want to bother?

Public opinion is noisy, and there are all kinds of speculations.

Over time, the pro-Jesus speech completely prevailed.

After all, Jessus looked very kind, and he was the Pope of the Holy City, with high respect, and few people would doubt him.


Jiang Ci didn't know what Xuantian and Li Baibai thought, but he didn't have the time to pay attention anyway.

There is an old saying in Daxia, which is called after the autumn.

He is only focusing on forming a golden pill now, and does not want to be affected by these things.

Because the alchemy process not only needs to be carried out in a very quiet environment, it also requires the mind to be calm.

Of course, he was not worried that the pill formation would fail.

The Zixiao Sword Scripture is an important inheritance of the Dao League's Zixiao Sect, and it can be called the top cultivation technique in the universe.

Jiang Ci began to try to form a pill on the night of December 25, 1995.

It failed three times before and after, and finally succeeded the fourth time.

Coincidentally, this successful day happened to be the New Year: January 1, 96 of the New Moon Period.

After hundreds of refinements and transformations in his body, the spiritual power successfully condensed a gleaming golden core in Xia Dantian.

At that moment, in a daze, he seemed to be sublimated.

Life and spirit have completed a leap.

When he opened his eyes again, the whole world was different.

"So this is the Golden Core Period!"

When Jiang Ci's heart moved, he rose out of thin air.

He didn't use the true meaning of the wind, just like instinct, he naturally had the ability to fly.

"We are getting closer to the world!" This thought flashed through Jiang Ci's mind.

Not only the instinct of flying in the air, but also his body and spiritual consciousness have also been greatly improved during this ascension.

All in all, he is stronger!

Open the experience value panel.


Repair: Jindan (previous period 1/255000)


The true meaning of the wind (500,000/500,000)

The true meaning of the sword (824086/1 million)

Amplitude: 16.658

Deduction: 10,000 experience points/time

Techniques: Zixiao Sword Classic, Peacock View Ideas

Experience value: 9.77 million


The improvement of the repair base is also reflected on the panel.

Jindan early! 255,000 points are needed to upgrade experience!

"Chinese New Year first, and then settle accounts after Chinese New Year!"

Jiang Ci left the practice room, went to visit relatives and friends with Jiang Doudou, returning to the lives of ordinary people.

After playing like this for a few days, it wasn't until the sixth day of the new year that he really calmed down and improved his strength.

At the same time, he asked Xuantian to confirm the location of some people like Jesus, so as not to find anyone after the settlement.

"The thousand-year-old spiritual fruit obtained from the Yanlong Lair is now in handy!"

Jiang Ci sat cross-legged in the underground practice room and took out the thousand-year-old spiritual fruit from the storage ring.

Afterwards, began to use these spiritual fruits to improve his cultivation experience.

A thousand-year spiritual fruit can provide about 80,000 points of aura energy.

With the help of these spiritual energy, Jiang Ci's rate of improvement is very fast.

After only one hour of promotion, he received a communication call from Xuantian.

"Jiang Ci, I have confirmed the location of **** and Moduo, why, do you want to do it now?" Xuantian asked.

"I have a breakthrough in strength, and I am not afraid of the threat of the holy city. It is time to settle accounts with them." Jiang Ci replied.

"Breakthrough... Have you formed a golden core?"

"Yes, it's been several days."


Xuantian was silent for a while before recovering from the shocked state, and then said: "That's OK, I'll call Baibai, and the three of us will teach these shameless people together!"

"Brother, I suggest that we divide the army into two groups. You and Sister Bai Bai will go to the Peacock Country and find that Modo to settle accounts, so that the old bald boy will not see the situation and run away.

"Are you alone?"

"no problem!"

Hearing Jiang Ci's affirmative answer, Xuantian didn't say much and followed Jiang Ci's suggestion.

He has already seen Jiang Ci's strength.

No matter how much the strength of Jiang Ci has increased after forming the Golden Pill this time, he will definitely be able to block the attacks of those holy light spears, so there is no need to worry about security.

After the conversation, Jiang Ci did not continue to improve, took out the Ning Yuan sword, and prepared to go out.

Before leaving the house, he said to Jiang Doudou.

"Doudou, I'll go out once, and I'll be back!"

Jiang Doudou saw Jiang Ci carrying a sword, his eyes brightened.

"Brother, are you going to settle the bill?"

"Well, I read the old yellow calendar, it's better to travel and kill people today!"

"Hoho! Come on! Get rid of the shameless old man!"

"Look at it!"

Jiang Ci waved his hand and walked away from the sky, disappearing instantly.

The speed is significantly higher than before the breakthrough!

After just one hour of ascension, he took a total of three thousand-year spiritual fruits.

The aura energy provided makes his cultivation level close to the middle of Jin Dan!

Repair: Golden Core (early 243001/255000)

It can be said that his current strength is nearly ten times higher than the last time he went to the Holy City!

"Is it really a bully?"

Jiang Ci's figure flicked through the air with afterglows, and soon came to the holy city.

Revisit the old place.

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