I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 231

Chapter 230: The Surface Is As Stable As An Old Dog Seeking Subscription

The actual situation is-Jiang Ci is a bit silly.

But years of steady experience made him subconsciously show a calm posture.

In fact, I was shocked.

"My God, this is the Blue Star? A guard captain, the cultivation base is the late Golden Core!"

Not only that, the team of more than a dozen guards behind Gongshi is also in the golden era!

Just a guard team is worth the top power of the earth...

How powerful will this planet be?

Jiang Ci was dumbfounded for a few seconds before regaining his true indifferent expression.

He told himself, this time must be steady!

Then walked out of the interstellar teleportation area without expression.

At the same time, I randomly observed the surrounding environment and saw a lot of onlookers.

Sure enough, there will be people eating melons everywhere.

Most of these people look normal, only a few are a bit strange, with long horns on their heads, tails on their buttocks, red eyes and green skin...

But they are all humanoids, belonging to the human category.

"My lord, please register your identity." Gong Shi did not forget his responsibilities, and took a step forward, still respectful.

Jiang Ci just nodded lightly, staying cold, and followed to the identity registration office.

The starry sky is not as chaotic as expected, especially the life planet under the dominion of the Dao League, the social order is very complete.

Every time a cultivator goes to a planet, he must register his identity.

Of course, if the registered identity is true or false, it will be another matter. As long as you don't do bad things, no one will be held accountable.

After all, the universe is so big, no one would be idle to check these things every day.

Everyone should practice well!

"My lord, please take out the identity jade card." Gong Shi said.

"I lost my identity jade medal. You help me make a new one."

Jiang Ci said softly, his tone was steady, as if he was narrating a very common thing.

This is the first time he has spoken.

Gong Shi's heart was stunned, because the language spoken by Jiang Ci is the most authentic Dao League lingua franca, the words are round and very standard!

If it is not from the top immortal sect or the ancient family, you can't learn this at all!

"Perhaps he is undergoing some kind of experience and it is inconvenient to reveal his identity, so he excuses that he lost his identity jade medal!" Gong Shi's thoughts changed sharply.

In the end, he decided to follow the boat and not to investigate the identity of Jiang Ci.

"My lord, please tell me your identity information." Gong Shi smiled.

"Minglan Star Area, Mu Rongxing, Jiang Ci." Jiang Ci secretly breathed a sigh of relief and casually said the identity he had prepared.

Minglan Star District!

Gong Shi could no longer conceal the shock in his heart, because he had heard of this star area.

The Minglan star area is located at the edge of the purple sky area, and from there to the blue star area, it almost spans the entire purple sky area.

This is no longer an interstellar area, it is equivalent to an interstellar teleportation!

The regions of the Dao League are divided into star regions, star regions, and galaxies in order of size.

Those who can carry out interstellar interstellar teleportation are basically the power of the Primordial Spirit Stage.

Although this Jiang Ci is only in the golden era, its origin is definitely scary!

So he was more respectful.

After a while.

"My lord, go slowly!"

Jiang Ci nodded lightly, put the identity jade badge into the storage ring, and then walked steadily out of the teleportation hall under Gong Shi's respectful delivery.

After the identity barrier is over, it will be easier to deal with later, after all, it is difficult for a black household to make any progress.

"Sure enough, I don't have enough skills. I took time to learn the common language of the Dao League in the memory of inheritance. Now it comes in handy!"

Jiang Ci sighed with emotion, the inheritance memory Ge Daoren left him is too comprehensive.

After walking out of the teleportation hall, I looked at Linhai City, whose architectural style was very different from that of the earth.

Although Jiang Ci was constantly surprised, on the surface, he remained calm.

The person setting has been set, and it cannot be changed. If someone finds it tricky, there may be trouble.

The attitude of the captain of the guard just now, so respectful, has a lot to do with his people.

First of all, Ge Daoren made encryption measures for the first moon's interstellar teleportation array.

When he was teleporting, others could not see the interstellar coordinates when he came.

This brings a sense of mystery to people.

Secondly, his dress seems simple, but he is actually wearing two intimate clothes made from the skins of the Great Monster of the Yuan Ying Period.

It is difficult to see through the skin of the Great Demon of the Nascent Soul Stage with the spiritual sense of the Golden Core Stage.

This makes him even more mysterious!

If you destroy this mysterious persona, you will be in trouble!

So he must be cautious, but he can't show this caution.

Jiang Ci is like a tourist, preparing to enter the main city of Linhai City.

He didn't take a few steps, but someone called him from behind.

"Brother Jiang Ci, please stay!"

Jiang Ci looked at it suspiciously, and saw a tall and thin young man dressed in luxurious clothes chasing out from the teleportation hall.

How could this person know his name?

"What's the matter?" Jiang said plainly.

"Brother Jiang Ci should come to Blue Star for the first time, right?" The tall and thin young man replied unexpectedly.

"Not bad."

Jiang Ci nodded lightly, there was nothing to hide.

The other party must have known his name through Gong Shi, but Gong Shi should not have the guts to reveal his origin.

"Let me just say that I basically know all the practitioners who can use the interstellar teleportation array in Blue Star for nearly a hundred years.

It's the first time I have met Jiang Ci, if you don't mind, I can be a guide for you. "


"Haha, Shen Wansi is not that kind of person, I just want to make friends with brother Jiang Ci."

Jiang Ci nodded, and just made friends with your name.

It is certainly not easy for this person to find his name from Gong Shi.

After some conversation, Jiang Ci realized that this Shen Wansi was really a businessman. Listening to the description of the other party, his wealth is not small.

"My Shen family has been inherited from Varro for thousands of years and has been interstellar merchants for generations. It is also considered a small celebrity in the blue star area. According to my father's idea, I will pick up his class after I reach the Nascent Soul Stage. ."

"But I don't want to go back and inherit the family business like this, so I came to Canglanxing to start a career. After so many years, I have also made a career and made many friends."

"My biggest dream is to buy a manor in the main urban area of Linhai City and become a permanent resident of Blue Star."

"You want me to say..."

Flying is prohibited in the city of Blue Star, so the two of them walked to the main city of Linhai City.

The road is not far away. On this road, the two of them walked and talked, and they were basically talking about Shen Wansi.

It can be seen that Shen Wansi is really good at talking...

Jiang Ci only occasionally inserts a few sentences, and it happens that Shen Wansi can learn more about it.

Soon, he followed Shen Wansi to the first destination of this trip, Cangyun Xingmao, the largest interstellar business group of Blue Star.

In buildings with different styles, many practitioners are shopping for merchandise, and interstellar merchants are also here to negotiate business.

However, the cultivation base of these people is high and low, and the highest is only in the late Jindan stage, and no higher ones have been seen.

The waiters in the building are basically in the spiritual stage.

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