I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 236

Chapter 235: Two Fighting Frenzy Seeking Subscription

"Ah, this is a storage ring for you. When you reach the spiritual accumulation stage, you can refine it!"

"Hey! You said it earlier!" Jiang Doudou snatched the ring away.

Seeing her happy look, it is obvious that the misunderstanding just now did not affect her in any way.

"Cultivate hard and strive to break through to the spiritual accumulation stage as soon as possible." Jiang Ci rubbed Jiang Doudou's head.

"Don't worry, my visualization is still 10% short of the last, and I can finish it!" Jiang Doudou was full of confidence.

Jiang Ci nodded, he was completely relieved of Jiang Doudou's talent.

After the fourth resurrection of spiritual energy, he passed the peacock view ideas and self-viewing skills to Jiang Doudou.

Less than a year later, the little girl was almost finished.

The speed of visualization was only two months slower than his.

Jiang Doudou is not only talented in cultivation, but also first-class in comprehension.

Next, I didn't do anything. After all, a normal life still needs to exist.

In the evening, taking advantage of the darkness, Jiang Ci accompanied the little girl to train the way of assassination for a long time...

The next day, Jiang Ci sent messages to Xuantian and Li Baibai respectively, and arranged to meet in Xuantian City.

After breakfast and walking, he Yukong came to Xuantian City.

At this time, Xuantian and Li Baibai were already waiting here.

Both of them are a little strange, why does Jiang Ci want to see them at this time?

Especially Xuantian, he had just met Jiang Ci yesterday, and Jiang Ci took three wonderful stones from him.

"In the past six months, this kid is a bit mysterious, and he likes to kill monsters very much. Even F-level monsters are not let go. The monsters in the wilderness area around Beishan Mansion are scared by him!" Xuantian laughed.

"It's not just Beishan Mansion, but the wilderness area of our Los Angeles Mansion. He has also visited many times and killed nearly a million monsters. If he kills like this, we will be able to completely solve the monster crisis immediately." Li Baibai said.

"Big Brother, Sister Bai Bai, the monster crisis is not so easy to solve, it is easy to kill on land, but not easy to kill in the sea!"

Jiang Ci's voice came from outside, and then he appeared in front of them.

His words made Xuantian and Li Baibai stunned.

Indeed, their strength is very strong on land, but it is hard to say in the sea.

And there are more monsters in the sea than there are on land, at least a hundred times as much as the start.

With such a large base, there is still no idea how many Golden Elixir period monsters are in it!

The three of them did not struggle with the monster issue, because they knew that it was not realistic to really solve the monster crisis on Earth at this stage.

On land, you can consider solving it, but this is not the purpose of Jiang Ci's finding two people today.

"Let's talk about it, what can I do with us today? It's so mysterious!" Xuantian asked with a smile.

Li Baibai also looked at Jiang Ci, very curious.

Jiang Ci's expression became serious, and he said solemnly, "I left the earth yesterday and went to other life planets!"


Xuantian and Li Baibai stood up in shock, staring at each other.

However, after all, the two are the original first and second masters of the earth, and they have strong psychological qualities.

They calmed down quickly and asked:

"How did you go to other life planets?"

"What does an alien look like? Isn't it amazing?"

The latter question was obviously asked by Xuantian.

Jiang Ci said: "You should remember that I tried for more than a year in the Yaochi Tongtian Tower, where I learned the teleportation array, and learned that the first moon has an interstellar teleportation array to other planets!"

He concealed this point, falsely claiming that it was a chance he got in the Tongtian Tower, and did not reveal the relevant information of Ge Daoren.

Anyway, apart from him, no one else can see the neon clothes, and they don't know the true or false.

Xuantian nodded and said: "Actually, Baibai and I have discovered clues in some secret realms a long time ago. The earth may have been related to alien life before, but we haven't found definite evidence. I didn't expect you to find it first."

"Quickly tell me where did you go? How is the situation of other life planets?" Li Baibai urged.

Afterwards, Jiang Ci recounted what he had seen and heard in Blue Star.

At the end of the narration, he solemnly said: "Big Brother, Sister Bai Bai, we are the three strongest people on earth today, and we must all become stronger.

If the star hunters discover the earth, our situation may be worse than that of Catwoman! "

Xuantian and Li Baibai remained silent. After a long time, the two sighed.

"The Blue Star is just a guard, worthy of the top power of our planet!"

"The Catwoman planet, which is about the same strength as the earth, has actually become a breeding base for slave traders!"

Hearing the sighs of the two, Jiang Ci felt very heavy.

Tell Xuantian and Li Baibai about this matter carefully.

To protect the earth, relying on his alone power is still too thin.

If you don't count his open hanging existence, in fact, Xuantian and Li Baibai are the true favorites of the heavens in the era of aura recovery.

Even if they were put in the universe, they were also top geniuses.

Working with them to protect the earth is the most correct choice.

However, Jiang Ci understood that what he said just now would have dealt a huge blow to Xuantian and Li Baibai.

Suddenly discovering that the world is so big, there are so many existences stronger than oneself, this kind of contrast, no one will feel uncomfortable?

But the next moment, Jiang Ci was stunned.

"Such a starry sky is really wonderful!" Li Baibai, who has always been calm, can hardly suppress his excitement at this time.

"Well, you Jiang Ci, I went to an alien planet secretly by myself. I didn't even take us with such an exciting thing!" Xuantian even blew his beard and stared.

"Big Brother, Sister Bai Bai, you guys..." Jiang Ci was really dumbfounded. The reactions of these two people were different from what he had imagined!

"Haha, do you think our worldview will be impacted and will be scared to doubt life?" Xuantian laughed.

"In fact, my eldest brother and I have long since died of boredom. Before the fourth resurrection, the old guys on the earth couldn't hide, and we couldn't find a match at all!" Li Baibai explained with a smile.

"Yes, things like this lasted for 30 to 40 years. It wasn't until some time ago in the Western Holy City that I had a good fight, and I had an addiction!" Xuantian said again.

Jiang Ci: "..."

He understood that these two are fighting freaks.

Even Li Baibai, who is calm on the surface, has fighting blood.

"Don't you worry at all? If the earth is discovered by star hunters..." Jiang Ci asked.

"Jiang Ci, let's not give up because of choking. Instead of worrying about these uncertain things, we might as well think about how to improve our strength. Foolish thinking will only increase worries and affect our usual practice!" Li Baibai shook his head and chuckled.

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