I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 253

Chapter 252: Accident Another Accident Subscription Required

"The old slave was born with a cloudy nature. He was a strong ghost tribe before his death. Because he failed to seize the master, the remnant spirit was restrained by the master. If the master doesn't believe it, feel it with his mind and you will know.

The old woman's appearance is cloudy and born, and respectfully tells the reason.

Her words are half true.

Because she had been warned by that great horror, she did not dare to reveal the truth to Jiang Doudou.

Jiang Doudou's complexion changed. She had learned a lot of cultivation knowledge from Jiang Ci, and she naturally knew what the harmony period was and what robbed it!

When she thought about it, she immediately felt that she could control the life and death of this old woman.

Therefore, Jiang Doudou took a hundred points of vigilance and relaxed a little...

"So, are you a ghost?"

"I am the remnant spirit of the ghost clan and can be considered a ghost."

"Then you are my pet now?"

"Uh... Master can think so..."

Yin Tiansheng did not resist the term pet, because with Jiang Doudou's great horror, even if she was treated as a pet, she could only suffer.

"Haha! My Jiang Doudou is finally spoiled!"

When the wish was fulfilled, Jiang Doudou was happily like a three-year-old child, cheering for joy.

However, the cold light dagger in his hand was still facing Yin Tiansheng.

Overcast: "..."

"Well, one is not enough. My brother has three pets, so I have to get three ghost pets to say it!" Jiang Doudou said to himself again.

Overcast: "..."

"By the way, don't call my master, it's too ugly, you will call me Doudou sister in the future!" Jiang Doudou looked at the cloudy day of the thumb.

"Okay, Sister Doudou..." Yin Tiansheng's tone was full of helplessness.

What kind of evil did this make!


Jiang Ci certainly didn't know what happened on the earth.

He has already passed through the interstellar teleportation array to the Mu Rong star located in the Minglan star area.

The Zixiao region is extremely vast, with many star regions, countless galaxies, and the planet of life is unknown.

The Minglan star area is located at the edge of the Zixiao region, which is a relatively remote star area.

The prosperous life planet here is naturally incomparable with the blue star area.

As for Mu Rongxing, Jiang Ci realized what is remote when he came here.

In other words, it cannot be called remote, but closed!

"It seems to have traveled to the ancient times of the Great Xia Kingdom..."

Jiang Ci dressed in ancient costumes, sitting in an old-style restaurant, drinking special flavored spirits.

He was in Qianyang City, the capital of the Mu Rong Star Kingdom.

The dry country is a secular country.

The social, folklore, and architectural styles here are very similar to the pre-Qin era of the Great Xia Kingdom on Earth.

It is hard to imagine that this is a four-level life planet under the dominion of the Dao League.

In addition, the information exchange here is extremely underdeveloped.

Ordinary people don't know the existence of cultivators at all, and at most some myths and legends have been circulated.

This shows that the ruler of Mu Rongxing has done a very good job of controlling public opinion in the cultivation world.

Moreover, the control of foreign cultivators is also very strict.

If it is not a native cultivator of Murong Star, it will be difficult to enter this planet, and many investigations will be required.

"Fortunately, I was in Canglan Star before, and the identity information I registered was from Mu Rongxing in the Minglan star area, and it happened to be used this time!"

Jiang Ci shook his head, raised the jar, and drank half of it.

This wine had no effect on him, even if he drank a ton, he would not get drunk.

He remembered the scene just transmitted over half a month ago.

Good guy, as soon as his figure appeared in the interstellar teleportation formation, there were more than a dozen Jindan stage cultivators who surrounded him.

If it weren't for the group of people wearing uniform armor suits, Jiang Ci would think he had been robbed!

After some exchanges, I realized that it was an identity check.

At the time, he was adhering to the habit of keeping calm, and he didn't let anyone notice anything unusual, so he directly took out the identity card.

He also threw more than 20,000 low-grade spirit crystals to those people, as a reward, to avoid the most severe identity check.

"Ten thousand years have passed, and everything is wrong, the vicissitudes of life..."

"According to Masters inheritance memory, when Wenyan, the ancestor of the Wen family, created Qianyang Dongtian, the ancestor of the Wen family, he invited Master to come and help arrange the seal formation."

"The ancestral place of the literary family is in Qianyang City, the capital of the country, but after ten thousand years, the name of Qianyang City has not changed, but the literary family disappeared without a trace!

Wen Yan, the ancestor of the literary family, is a friend of Ge Daoren.

For half a month, he has been secretly searching for traces of the Wen family, but he has found nothing.

"Now let's focus on Qianyang Cave Sky!"

The reason Jiang Ci knew that Mu Rongxing had the power of Yang Shao was also very simple.

Because when Ge Dao Ren arranged a seal formation for Qianyang Dongtian, he once sealed a lot of Yang Shao's power in it.

As long as he can enter the dry sun cave sky, he will have the opportunity to obtain the power of those yang evil spirits.

In fact, when Jiang Ci first came to Qianyang City, he immediately discovered the location of Qianyang Cave.

The entrance of Qianyang Cave is just outside Qianyang City, inside a lake called Lanyan Lake.

There is no way not to find out, because an unexpected situation has occurred again!

The external seal formation that Ge Daoren laid on the Qianyang Cave sky at the beginning was loosened last year.

Those visions and the powerful auras that emanate are so dynamic that they have long been noticed by Mu Rongxing's cultivation world!

"Last year, it was when the remnant spirit of Master completely dissipated..." Jiang Ci sighed softly in his heart.

The disappearance of the remnant spirit caused Ge Daoren's original formation to begin to unblock.

Just like the Heaven and Earth Locking Array on the First Moon, it was also because of this.

"It's impossible to enter the Qianyang Cave in silence!"

Jiang Ci poured himself half a jar of spirits again, worrying.

His original plan was to directly pass the mark of Ge Daoren's formation after coming to Mu Rong star,

Entering the dry sun cave sky, refining the power of the evil yang.

Then go to find the descendants of the Wen family.

Simple and easy.

Unexpectedly, this accident happened!

After the seal was loosened, the lake named Blue Smoke Lake was firmly controlled by the current ruler of Mu Rong Star.

No one is allowed to approach!

"It's the Qiao family again, do I have any enemies with the surname Qiao?"

Jiang Ci remembered that the first enemy he encountered when he first embarked on the road of martial arts on earth was the Qiao family!

And now it is a family of cultivators surnamed Qiao who actually controls Mu Rongxing!

Mu Rong Star is not a private domain, it is a planet belonging to the Dao League, and there is also a resident office established by the Dao League Heavenly Court.

However, the Dao League generally does not intervene in the actual operation of a life planet.

Therefore, under the control of Qiao's family, Mu Rongxing was almost like a private domain.

"According to the information given to me by the master, Mu Rongxing was originally ruled by the Wen family, but now the Wen family has disappeared without a trace. The entire country, and even the surrounding secular countries, does not even have a surname Wen! "

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