I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 255

Chapter 254: So Vicious Seeking Subscription

Everyone here knows that the entrance of Qianyang Cave has been completely controlled by the Qiao family.

It is impossible for outsiders to enter the dry sun cave sky silently.

Is there a way for this middle-aged woman to bypass Qiao's house and enter it?

Everyone guessed in their hearts, but no one asked.

Because they are afraid of the strength of the middle-aged woman, after all, not everyone can do this kind of dark business under the nose of the Qiao family.

Of course Jiang Ci has the inheritance of Jie Yin's formation, and there are many, more than one.

Although he was also guessing the purpose of the middle-aged woman for this inheritance, he still said no.

Although the value of high-grade spirit weapons is high, it does not mean that they can only be bought at Mu Rongxing.

You can't expose your own formation inheritance.

In the Dao League, the way of formation is definitely one of the rarest inheritance.

He just thought that Mu Rongxing was famous for refining tools, and maybe he could find good products here.

Who knew that such an accident would happen, and the entire Mu Rong star seemed to have become a forbidden island.

The cultivators of the late Jindan period can't even find a ten-thousand-year spiritual fruit, and they sound very pitiful.

This also shows from the side how tough the Qiao family is currently ruling this planet.

The transaction on the dark square continued, and the middle-aged woman returned to her calm again, and she did not feel disappointed or frustrated because of the transaction failure.

Ten minutes later, this dark shop transaction ends.

After all, it's not the auntie at the vegetable farm who buys vegetables and has to bargain.

All transactions are carried out on demand, if there is, there will be no.

High efficiency and fast speed!

Instead, when I left, the speed was much slower because I had to line up to leave.

This is to take care of the safety of those involved in trading.

The cultivators in the early stage of Jin Dan left the field first, and they had to wait for the previous person to leave for more than three minutes before the next person could leave.

Three minutes, at the speed of a Golden Core cultivator, was enough to get to a safe place.

Soon, in the dark workshop, only Jiang Ci, the middle-aged woman, and the old man were left, all of whom were in the late Jindan stage.

The veteran is not reconciled. He has participated in many such dark trading transactions in many places over the past ten years for the fruit of ten thousand years.

But the result was all failures. The 10,000-year spiritual fruit is too precious, and even if there is, it will not be traded.

Now I heard that Jiang Ci has it in his hands, so naturally I still want to fight for it.

"Friends, I wonder if you don't have other needs?" He asked Jiang Ci.

Jiang Ci thought for a while, and smiled: "I am more interested in the literary family. Do you have any information about the literary family?"

The old Dao's eyes lit up and he quickly said, "Then you are asking the right person. My ancestors used to be a servant in the Wen family, and I do know something about the Wen family!"

"Oh? What I need to know is the current situation of the Wen family."

"A thousand years ago feasible?"

"What do you think."

"Speaking of this from more than 10,000 years ago, after the ancestors of Hedao died and disappeared, the Wen family remained strong and continued to rule Mu Rong for more than 5,000 years.

Until six thousand years ago, the Wen family was still the ruler of Mu Rongxing, but it quickly declined and replaced by the current Qiao family! "

"I know what you said." Jiang Ci smiled.

"Don't worry, fellow Daoists, let me speak slowly. Few people in Mu Rongxing's cultivation world know that, in fact, the first generation ancestor of the Qiao family was just the Dao boy of the ancestor of the Wen family!

Thousands of years ago, there was a genocide tragedy in Qianguo. The last bloodline of the Wen family was destroyed by a mysterious force. This incident did not spread.

My ancestor, because he worked as a servant in the Wen family, was still taking care of the declining Wen family, and just discovered this! "

Caution is revealed in the old words, from beginning to end, there is no indication that the Qiao family is the murderer of the Wen family.

But as long as you are not a fool, you can understand what he means.

The Wen family was destroyed by the Qiao family!

Jiang Ci looked calm, but sighed silently in his heart.

Has the Wen family been destroyed?

I'm afraid Master is really going to die.

Jiang Ci knows the origins of Ge Dao people and literary family very well, which is recorded in the memory of inheritance.

At the beginning, the Wen family remained strong after the death of the ancestor Wen Yan, because they still had Ge Dao people as their backers.

But later, ten thousand years ago, the Ge Dao people chased and killed the strong ghost clan.

And at the first moon of the earth, the Heaven and Earth Locking Spirit Array was laid to suppress the overcast nature, while also keeping oneself in it.

Because there is no aura of heaven and earth, Ge Dao died and disappeared more than six thousand years ago.

This time coincides with the time when the Wen family was overthrown as the ruler.

Although I don't know how the Qiao family learned about the death of Ge Dao, it is normal for the Wen family to lose its backing and to be overthrown as the ruler.

The weak and the strong eat, the eternal truth.

"It shouldn't be annihilation, the Qiao family should die!"

The literary family has been declining for thousands of years, and only the last one can survive in the world.

But the Qiao family still did not let it go, and cut all the blood of the Wen family.

What is even more hateful is that the first ancestor of the Qiao family was also the Taoist boy of Wenyan, the ancestor of the Wen family!

Dao Tong is not a slave, he is a close person, just like his own child!

The Qiao family is so vicious!

Jiang Ci was full of anger, but he did not express his anger so as not to reveal his true thoughts.

At this time, neither he nor the old Tao noticed.

When Lao Dao narrated this matter, not far away, a trace of grief and anger flashed in the eyes of the ordinary-faced middle-aged woman, and soon returned to normal.

Jiang Ci got the answer, took out a fruit of ten thousand years of life and gave it to Lao Dao.

Very grateful to leave.

Next, it was Jiang Ci's turn to leave.

However, Jiang Ci, like the old way, also wants to fight for it.

If he can possess a high-grade spirit weapon now, his strength can be increased a bit.

After all, judging from the current situation, the stronger the better.

At the same time, he also wanted to know whether this middle-aged woman had a way to sneak into the dry sun cave sky.

He directly asked the middle-aged woman:

"Friends, can you transfer that high-grade spiritual weapon?"

"I only need the formation inheritance related to Jie Yin."

"Do you want to enter the dry sun cave sky?"

"I am puzzled, are you a cultivator of Mu Rongxing?"

The middle-aged woman's rhetorical question surprised Jiang Ci. This is the first time anyone has noticed this.

He was already very disguised, and even used his spiritual power to give birth to long hair!

It seemed to be no different from Mu Rongxing's native cultivator.

Is it still revealing something?

"What does Fellow Daoist mean?" He responded calmly.

"The dark shop transaction has ended, fellow Taoists can leave!" The middle-aged woman closed the door to see off her guests.

Jiang Ci was helpless, and he couldn't use strong words to get answers.

Strong buying and selling is not a last resort and still cannot be done.

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