I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 256

Chapter 255: I Think You Are Dying For Subscription

After leaving Anfang, Jiang Ci flickered and disappeared into the dark night.

But the middle-aged woman stood in the attic of the dark workshop, looking at the scene outside Qianyang City, her eyes flickering.

It can be seen that, far away from the city, there is a wide lake, shrouded in clouds.

You can feel the rich aura of the lake here.

It seems that there is a powerful aura of heaven and earth, which is about to spray out.

Here, Jiang Ci returned to a secluded courtyard.

In the dark workshop, although I didn't get the magic weapon I wanted, there were unexpected gains.

Finally know the trace of the Wen family.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ci is still very angry, even if the demise of the Wen family has nothing to do with him.

He just felt that he had failed Master's entrustment

Ge Daoren is a person who knows his favor.

And Jiang Ci also knows the good news.

He and Ge Daoren, although the time for real face-to-face communication is only ten minutes.

But Ge Dao people have truly fulfilled their master's responsibility.

Teacher, preaching, receiving karma, and solving puzzles.

Jiang Ci got far more than these three points from the inherited memory of Ge Dao people.

This inherited memory has made him infinitely useful!

"Qiao's family!" Jiang Ci's eyes flickered, hiding the killing intent.

However, he remained calm and was not affected by the angry emotions.

He distinguished the priority.

"We have to do other preparations!"

In this trip to Mu Rongxing, apart from looking for descendants of the Wen family.

He also has another goal, which is to obtain the power of Yang Shao from Qianyang Dongtian.

The entrance of Qianyang Dongtian is now controlled by the Qiao family.

Even if he enters in chaos, he must be fully prepared before he can do it.


After that, Jiang Ci spent another half a month, secretly setting up ten teleportation formations in various places of Murong Star.

Especially around the interstellar teleportation array of Murong star, there are six constellations.

"The external seal of Qianyang Dongtian is still about half a month away. It will be completely unsealed, just wait."

When he arranged the teleportation array, he had always been concerned about the situation outside Qianyang City.

The Blue Smoke Lake, covering an area of hundreds of square kilometers, is shrouded in dense fog.

Mu Rongxing's current ruler, the Qiao family of the cultivator family, sent thousands of Golden Core cultivators to guard around the Blue Smoke Lake.

At the same time, there are three cultivators in the Yuanying stage guarding the sky above the lake.

Any cultivator who is not from the Qiao family can't get near there, otherwise it won't matter if you are killed!

With such a tight guard, it is impossible to get in quietly.

So the only thing to do is to wait for the seal to be completely unblocked before going in.

"With my strength, coupled with the understanding of the formation method, even if I take advantage of the chaos, I still have a great opportunity to gain the power of Yang Shao in it." Jiang Ci was confident.

Because he also has an advantage, that is, other people don't know that Qianyang Cave has the power of Yang Shao, and no one will compete with him when he enters.

When Ge Daoren sealed the power of Yang Shao in, no one knew about it except Wen Yan, the ancestor of the Wen family.

The power of the evil yang is a rarer energy body than the power of the evil yin, and it is also extremely rare in the nine star regions of the Dao League.

But if you encounter it, you may not be able to buy it with money.

"If I could buy it, I would never take this risk!" Jiang Ci sighed lightly.

Just in this Blue Smoke Lake, the Qiao family sent thousands of Golden Core cultivators and three Nascent Soul cultivators!

But the Qiao family's ability to destroy the Wen family is definitely more than just the superficial strength.

So even if you enter in chaos, you have to take great risks!

While waiting for the Qianyang Dongtian seal to be unsealed, Jiang Ci continued to comprehend the way of formation in the memory of inheritance.

In this way, after another three days, his communication beads came on, and someone came over.


Very few people have the mark of his transmission.

In addition to Xuantian and others, Shen Wansi, Gong Shi of Blue Star, and Zhang Yun Xingmao were in charge.

Jiang Ci connected the call, and a middle-aged man appeared in front of him.

The masculinity is elegant and dressed like a scholar.

In fact, this person has a mid-level golden core cultivation base and is a headhunter who is good at inquiring about news in the Mu Rongxing cultivation world.

Jiang Ci once commissioned him to inquire about the literary family and the transaction of spirit instruments.

"Old Bao, is there any news?" Jiang Ci asked.

Lao Bao is the headhunter's external name. He shook his head and said, "I really can't help the spirit weapon that the guest needs. Mu Rongxing's spirit weapon trading is controlled by Qiao's family. There is no other good way except Dark Fang. "

Jiang Ci was a little disappointed, and it seemed that he could only wait to return to Canglan Star and do it through Cangyun Star Trade.

At this time, Lao Bao smiled again: "However, another matter entrusted by the guest has a result."

"Have you found the Wenjia?" Jiang Ci remained silent.

"Not bad!"

"But as far as I know, the last bloodline of the Wen family was destroyed thousands of years ago."

"I've heard of what the guest said. In fact, the Wen family still has a bloodline, who lives incognito in another city in QianguoYuyang City."

"How did you know?"

"Haha, if the dark web can exist on Murong star for thousands of years, there will be no unheard of news!"

"Then you get me a high-grade spirit weapon?"


Lao Bao was choked and laughed, before saying, "If the guest doesn't believe me, I can take you to have a look."

Jiang Ci pondered for a moment, nodded and said: "Also!"

Although I don't know if what Lao Bao said is true or false, I have to go and see it.

What if the literary family really has blood to stay?

In this way, the masters entrustment can be completed, and the masters death can be ignored.

As for whether Lao Bao will be bad-hearted, Jiang Ci is not afraid at all.

As long as he is not in the late Yuan Ying, he is sure to solve his opponent!

Late at night, Lao Bao rushed to Jiang Ci's residence, and then took Jiang Ci to Yuyang City.

Along the way, Jiang Ci did not relax his vigilance because of his strength, always observing the surrounding environment.

It can be found that Mu Rong star also has wilderness and forest.

But there is no demon clan, only some beasts that have not yet turned demon.

In other words, in the entire Dao League's nine star regions, as long as it is not a wild planet, there is basically no wild monster.

The two were flying at high speed over the wilderness.

Flew for a while, when passing over a mountain range.

Jiang Ci stopped, frowning and asked: "Old Bao, what does this mean?"

After coming to Mu Rongxing, he had already remembered the map of this planet in his mind.

They are not going to the direction of Yuyang City!

And the trend of the mountains below is a bit strange.

"The guest really feels good!" Lao Bao no longer concealed it, and sneered.

"I think you are dying." Jiang Ci's expression was calm.

After careful observation, he discovered that someone had laid a killing array through the mountains below.

However, from his perspective, this formation is very crude!

"Haha, sister, do it!" Lao Bao laughed and shouted, his figure flew back.

Jiang Ci looked calm and didn't kill Lao Bao immediately. He wanted to see what Lao Bao had.

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