I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 259

Chapter 258: The Good News Is Bad News Subscription Required

Two middle-aged people knelt in front of him and called his uncle.

Jiang Ci always feels a little weird, after all, he is only 22 years old this year!

Wen Youxin and Wenfeng are a late Jindan and a mid Jindan.

The two of them can cultivate to this level, and they don't know how old they are.

However, when the siblings removed the masks used to disguise themselves.

Jiang Ci discovered that the two of them looked good, and their temperaments were even better.

Wen Youxin is dignified and gentle, looking like a kind big sister next door.

After Wen Feng took off his mask, he was also full of books, like a young scholar rushing for an exam.

Jiang Ci nodded again and again, it was almost the same.

Then, he asked them about the grievances between the Wen family and the Qiao family.

Wen's sister and brother were suddenly angry.

"Qiao Changsheng! An ungrateful person will not die!" Wen You said in a cold voice.

"Sooner or later, I will uproot the Qiao family!" Wen Feng's words were also full of murderous aura.

"Qiao Changsheng?" Jiang Ci asked.

Wen You said with a disgusting face: "It is the first generation ancestor of the Qiao family, the Taoist boy of the ancestor Wen Yan, thousands of years ago, after the ancestor Wen Yan died and died, Qiao Changsheng left the Wen family.

According to the family tree jade slips, six thousand years ago, the old ancestor Ge, who had blessed my literary family, shattered suddenly.

Then, in less than half a day, Qiao Changsheng didnt know where to get the news, and brought three masters of the Yuanshen stage.

The two remaining ancestors of the primordial spirit stage of my literary family were beheaded outside the starry sky of Mu Rongxing, and the huge literary family was destroyed.

At that time, because the interstellar teleportation array was also controlled by the Qiao family, after that day, the surviving Wen family members were broken into pieces and lurking in various places of Mu Rong star.

But the Qiao family did not give up, they wanted to kill the blood of my Wen family.

Uncle Shi also saw it just now, for six thousand years! To this day, the Qiao family has not given up on hunting down! "

Both sisters and brothers looked sad and unhappy, and at the same time they had a deep sense of powerlessness.

The Wen family has lost the ancestor of Hedao and the ancestor of Yuanshen stage, and cannot compete with the Qiao family at all.

Even if the Wen family had the Yuanshen Stage now, it was useless. At that time, the two Yuanshen Stage ancestors were killed by Qiao Changsheng and the other three.

And the two of them are still in Jin Dan stage.

Although he was determined to take revenge, he was very clear in his heart.

It's too hard to get revenge!

Jiang Ci also sighed lightly. The grievances between the Wen family and the Qiao family reflected four words: the weak and the strong!

Of course, there are many doubts.

Ge Daoren's life is broken, this should be very secret news.

The writer should not be so stupid to spread such things out.

How did Qiao Changsheng learn about it? And the news is so accurate and timely.

"Mingjian..." Jiang Ci groaned for a while.

Mingjian is a special spiritual tool used for refining with the cultivator with spiritual consciousness, which can monitor the life and death of the cultivator.

Under normal circumstances, a cultivator will not easily hand over life Jian to others, unless it is a teacher or someone who is trustworthy.

"Master's fate, apart from the literary family, there is also a piece of Zixiaozong!"

"Purple Heaven Sect..."

Jiang Ci shook his head, Master cheated him!

However, this is not the focus of current consideration.

Jiang Ci asked again: "Qiao Changsheng is still alive?"

Wen Feng hesitated and his tone was uncertain: "When Qiao Changsheng led people to destroy my Wen family, he was more than 4,000 years old. His cultivation was in the middle stage of the Yuanshen stage, and the normal life of the Yuanshen stage was 5,000 years. It stands to reason. He should have run out of lifespan shortly after destroying my literary family.

But I have inquired about this on the dark web and speculated that the chance of him still alive reached 30%! "

"The probability of 30% is not low, otherwise the Qiao family will not be able to control Mu Rongxing for more than six thousand years." Jiang Ci frowned, worried.

According to his standard of judgment, if a thing has a 1% chance of happening, in the end, it is very likely that 1% will become 100%.

Afterwards, Jiang Ci's brows stretched out again.

Although it is bad news, it is also good news from another perspective.

Qianyang Dongtian is about to be unblocked, if you don't know the Qiao family's background, just go in hastily.

At that time, he might really be slapped to death by such an old man.

Jiang Ci thought for a while, then looked at Wen Youxin, and asked: "Last time you said that you need to inherit the formations related to Jie Yin, do you have other ways to enter the Heaven of Dry Sun?"

Wen Youxin smiled bitterly: "The Qiao family guards the Blue Smoke Lake so tightly, how can I do it."

"Then why are you..."

"It's because the ancestors lost the method of resolving seals in the inheritance of the ancestral land in the process of fleeing for so many years. Without this, even if they enter the ancestral land in chaos, they will not be able to obtain the inheritance.

"No wonder!"

Jiang Ci suddenly.

Losing the method of understanding seals is equivalent to the literati breaking the most important inheritance directly, and it is even more impossible to have the strength to compete with the Qiao family.

At the beginning, Ge Daoist arranged two major formations for Qianyang Dongtian, one inside and one outside.

Among them, the external seal formation is used to cover and protect the entire Qianyang Cave.

The internal seal formation is used to protect the true inheritance of the ancestors of the Wen family.

The power of those evil spirits is exactly a part of the internal seal formation.

"With the power of the evil spirit, even if the remnant spirit of the master dissipates, the powerful formation known as the blood forbidden from the fire formation, it is difficult to lift the seal."

Thinking of this, Jiang Ci smiled and said: "I can give you the inheritance of the formation of unprinting, and it is the lost of your literary family, but..."

The formation of the entire Qianyang Dongtian was designed by Ge Daoren, and he certainly knew how to unlock the ancestral land of the Wen family.

When the siblings heard this, they were immediately overjoyed.

Wen Youxin nodded quickly and said, "Uncle Master, don't worry, fair deal!"

She knew that Jiang Ci needed a high-grade spiritual weapon.

Then, she took out two things from the storage ring.

A chilly long sword, a transparent mask as thin as a cicada's wings.

"Both of these are the top-grade spiritual tools that our ancestors have escaped for many years, but unfortunately there is no top-grade spiritual tool." Wen Youxin was a little embarrassed.

Because she felt that some of Zhanjiang's words were cheap, and compared with the heritage of the literary family, the high-grade spirit weapon was not worth mentioning.

"It's okay, these are enough, who made me an elder!" Jiang Ci laughed and took the high-grade spiritual weapon long sword and mask.

Then he said: "I think you have studied the formation method, do you really like the formation method? Or is it just to deduce the method of the ancestral land?"

Wen Youxin smiled and said: "Let Shi Bozu laughed. I studied the formation method since I was a child. At first, it was really to deduce the method of Jie Yin. Later, I gradually became fascinated by the formation method. It's a far cry!"

In her opinion, Jiang Ci broke her strongest killing formation with a single sword, and his formation skills must be far superior to her.

"When the things here are over, I will take the time to sort out a copy of Master's formation inheritance!" Jiang Ci smiled.

"Ah! Thank you, Uncle Zu!" Wen Youxin directly bowed to the ground, surprised.

Wen Feng also knelt down with his sister, and at the same time he was very envious, but he was not good at formation.

There are detailed records of Ge Daoren in the jade slips of the family tree of the literary family.

The two brothers and sisters knew exactly how powerful this ancestor's formation was.

Jiang Ci smiled softly.

The literati's ancestral land's method of unprinting is very important to the literati, but here it is worthless.

After taking the Jie Yin method and changing two high-grade spirit artifacts, I always feel sad.

After all, this is a real junior, so don't take advantage of this kind of advantage.

Matter of principle.

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