I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 263

Chapter 262: Army Of Practitioners Seeking Subscription

Whoosh whoosh!

After leaving the Interstellar Teleportation Array, a group of figures made no secret of their powerful aura and flew to Qianyang City one after another.

The ordinary people of Qianguo and several neighboring countries were shocked by this scene.

Many people who believe in myths and legends even bow down.

The fairy is down!

God is coming!

This day has become a famous advent day in the history of Murong Star!


Standing in the attic of the dark square, Jiang Ci smiled brightly as he watched the figures flying from the sky.

"Very good, just mess up like this!"

What is this called?

For fear that the world will not be chaotic!

The domineering and toughness of the Qiao family forced him to make this move.

Since Mu Rongxing's cultivators were scared by the Qiao family, they would attract the cultivators outside.

The universe is so big, can anyone lack courage?

What made Jiang Ci rest assured was that Shen Wansi was very reliable and did not exaggerate what he said.

The news that went out was strictly in accordance with his requirements, only saying that there was the inheritance of the Yuanshen stage.

"I have not come to the primordial spirit stage, I feel relieved a lot!"

Of course he would not be so stupid to tell the actual situation of Qianyang Dongtian.

If people know that this is a place of inheritance left by the great power of the He Dao period, it will definitely attract a lot of cultivators in the Primordial Spirit period.

At that time, he, who has only Yuan Ying's late-stage combat power, can only quit the game silently.

Take a look at the experience value panel.


Repair base: Jindan (late 397500/397500)


Storm Field (5 million / 5 million)

The true meaning of the sword (1 million / 1 million)

Amplitude: 100

Deduction: 10,000 experience points/time

Techniques: Zixiao Sword Classic, Peacock View Ideas

Experience value: 91.19 million


"The complete blast domain, 100 times the spiritual power amplitude, even if you encounter the Yuan Ying late stage, you can still make gestures!" Jiang Ci was full of confidence.

Since discovering the unexpected situation in Qianyang Dongtian and the various overbearing and tough methods of the Qiao family.

He started to improve his experience in the field of wind.

Almost every three days, he eats a fruit of ten thousand years.

The last time he fought in the mountains, he almost had a complete wind field.

"But it is far from the invincible level of Yuanying stage!"

Jiang Ci shook his head again, not yet complacent.

He has a complete blast field.

But the invincible strong man in the Yuan Ying period also has a complete realm of Tao.

Moreover, the Yuan Ying period is invincible, and has the perfect cultivation base of the Yuan Ying period!

He is now the Golden Elixir of Consummation, and he is still far away!

"Unfortunately, the success rate of the deduction of the true meaning of the sword is too low. If you can deduct the realm of the sword, then you can be more sure!" Jiang Ci was a little helpless.

He still maintains the frequency of deduction ten times a day.

From leaving the earth to now, he has consumed a full 4 million experience points in deducing the true meaning of the sword.

The success rate of deduction is said to be related to the quality and integrity of Taoism.

In fact, to a certain extent, you still have to look at your face.

Soon, more than 20,000 foreign cultivators gathered in Qianyang City.

Because the external seal of Qianyang Dongtian has not been completely unsealed.

Those powerful figures stood out of thin air, densely clustered around the entrance of Qianyang Cave-Lanyan Lake.

Such a big battle shocked the entire Mu Rongxing cultivation world.

Because of the Qiao familys control and the occlusion of news, the Mu Rongxing cultivation world, except for the garrisoned personnel of the Qiao family and the Dao League Heavenly Court Office, as well as some Yuan Ying stage cultivators,

The rest of the large number of cultivators have no idea that there are other life planets in the universe!

"Where do these cultivators come from?"

"Is there really extraterrestrial life?"


For a time, all kinds of guesses were there.

Wen's sister and brother, Wen Youxin and Wen Feng were also completely shocked by this scene.

"Uncle Shi? Is this the alien you are talking about?" Wen Youxin's eyes widened.

"It's so strong, I'm afraid there will be hundreds of infancy stages, right?" Wen Feng held his breath even more.

Yujian, the family tree of the literary family, also has records of other life planets, but the two brothers and sisters have never seen other aliens except for the alien Jiang Ci.

"Hundreds? Hundreds? Well, after a glance, there should be more than 600 Yuan Ying stage, and the others are all Jin Dan stage!" Jiang Ci was calm and relaxed.

"More than six hundred!"

The Wen family sister and brother were breathing stagnant.

In fact, Jiang Ci is also secretly talking, it seems that there are a lot of people, and the play is a bit big...

At this moment, he saw the figure of Feng Si, the genius of the Cangyun Sect, standing with several other cultivators in the Yuan Ying stage, saying something.

These people are just the best in this vast army of cultivators.

"Go, let's pass too!" Jiang Ci smiled.

Wen Youxin and Wen Feng also laughed, and hurriedly followed this uncle master and flew outside the city.

Most of the Qiao family cultivators around the Blue Smoke Lake had been evacuated just now, leaving only Qiao Siyan and other strong ones.

The three of them can swagger into the three-hundred-mile radius of Blue Smoke Lake.

Wen Jia's sister and brother sighed in their hearts, that the uncle is still great!

They knew that such a big scene was created by the uncle master in front of them.

On this occasion, Jiang Ci did not hide the power of his domain, and the wind domain was always scattered around him, while protecting the Wen family sister and brother.

He wears a mask of a pretender, and he is not afraid that someone will remember him.

Therefore, no one dared to stop him when he walked through the sky full of cultivators.

The realm of Tao!

Among the more than 20,000 foreign cultivators, not many have the realm of Tao!

There are only a few of the 600-odd Yuan Ying period.

Moreover, Jiang Ci's cultivation is only in the late Jindan stage, which is more worthy of attention in everyone's eyes.

Jiang Ci maintained a calm look and took the Wen family sister and brother until he flew close to the position of Cangyun Zong Fengsi.

Here, you can hear Feng Si's conversation with other people clearly.

Feng Si's first impression of Jiang Ci was a cold-hearted person.

But at this time, Feng Si with a genial smile was chatting and laughing with the other two young mid-Yuan Ying cultivators.

Feng Si said: "Zheng Yuqing, you are a member of the Four Elephant Sect. You know the situation of Mu Rongxing better than we do. Why don't you tell us about it and try your best of landlord friendship?"

Four Elephants?

Jiang Ci's heart moved, and he watched more of the tough-looking young man.

Before he came to Mu Rongxing, he had learned about the Four Elephant Sects.

This is the immortal sect that governs the Minglan star area, similar to the Cangyun Sect, very powerful.

Zheng Yuqing's appearance is sturdy, and his speech is full of urgency. To Feng Si's question, he just snorted, "Why?"

"Feng Si, if you ask Zheng Yuqing to find out, you might as well find out the forces that control this planet and reveal your identity. I think they dare not say anything."

Another Yuan Ying late cultivator with double knives nearby joked.

This person is named Fuzai, a famous star hunter in the blue star area.

Although he is a casual cultivator, no one dares to underestimate him.

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