I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 267

Chapter 266: Combination Of 800 Golden Core Periods

Enemies are extremely jealous when they meet, but they also have to divide the time. It does not mean that when they see an enemy, they have to go up and do it.

In this situation, Wen's sisters and brothers gritted their teeth, resisting the unrestrained and anger in their hearts, and flew at speed with Jiang Ci.

"Qiao family!"

Jiang Ci kept his face calm, did not relax at all, and showed his speed to the extreme.

Eight hundred golden elixir periods, four primordial infant periods!

This kind of overall strength is simply not something he can handle now.

If you fight head-on, it is estimated that a combined attack can severely wound him.

As for the Wen family sister and brother, they may be gone.

Therefore, we must escape!

Qiao Sui also knew that threats by simple words were useless.

He now has a hunting mentality, with only three preys of the Golden Core period, even if one of them has the realm of Tao.

There is no need for them to take action during the four Nascent Soul Stages at all, and only a combined attack of 800 Gold Core Stages can make those three preys wiped out.

However, the lion fights the rabbit with all its strength.

Of course Qiao Sui understands this truth. He smiled confidently and said, "Go all out!"

Eight hundred Golden Core Stages shot at the same time, Qiao Sui and the other three Nascent Soul Stages also used the strongest attack.

Suddenly, a series of powerful swords, lights, shadows, flames, and cold glow, accompanied by energy storms, overwhelmed the sky and struck the three Jiang Ci in front.

"Not good!" Jiang Ci's expression changed.

This is because not only the Golden Core Stage's combined force to shoot, but also a fiery domain power, covering it, interfered with his blast domain.

Let him slow down a bit.

It is Qiao Sui, the young master of the Qiao family behind, he also has the realm of Tao!

"It must be blocked. If it is not blocked, it will be dangerous!" Although Jiang Ci was anxious, he still made a calm judgment.

Boom boom boom!

The roar of energy is approaching, and the next moment it will hit the area covered by the wind field.


It's just a matter of time.

Jiang Ci directly condensed the power of the domain, and the wind was like a shield, covering the three of them.

In the complete blast field, the protective shield formed is close to the invincible state of the Yuan Ying period.

This is his strongest defensive move.


The violent collision produces a strong shock wave.

The strong wind swept across the sky, mixed with the flames in the dry sun cave.

But Jiang Ci was like being hammered tens of thousands of times, and his whole body was falling apart.

"Damn it!" Jiang Ci roared, holding back the pain.

In just an instant, the blast domain was dispersed again.

The wind howled, and with the shock wave generated by the joint attack, the three ran away again.

The speed is a bit faster than before.

"This is... the complete realm of Tao! What a terrifying talent!" Qiao Sui was taken aback.

He has cultivated for more than 700 years before he has cultivated a field of flames to 40%, which is far from Consummation.

The cultivator of the late Golden Core in front of him had a complete realm of Tao.

This kind of talented savvy, even if it is in the entire Mu Rongxing, there will not necessarily be one in ten thousand years!

"It must be a peerless genius from other high-level life planets. This genius may have powerful magic weapons, top-grade spiritual weapons, etc.!"

"Chasing, kill them!" Qiao Sui's eyes were fiery.

Boom boom boom!

The four Nascent Soul Stages and the 800 Golden Core Stages constantly exploded with combined attacks, attacking the three people in front.

Those surging energies may be difficult to resist during the Nascent Soul Stage.

And Jiang Ci relied on the protective shield condensed into the blast domain to block it again and again.

Coupled with the speed bonus of the wind, even with the Wen family sister and brother, his speed is not weaker than the late Yuan Ying.

And behind the Qiao family cultivator, the strongest is Qiao Sui in the mid-Yuan Ying stage.

Soon, the three people disappeared in this volcano group.

"I am so angry!"

Qiao Sui watched the three disappear, leaving only the erupting volcanoes on the ground.

He shot out an angry palm, directly smashing dozens of volcanoes.

The flowing magma formed a magma lake on this land.

With four Nascent Soul Stages and 800 Golden Elixir Stages, three Golden Elixir Stage prey escaped!

No one will believe it!

"They will definitely go to the inheritance altar in the core area in the end. Father must pay attention to it!"

Qiao Sui hurriedly sent a message to his father Qiao Siyan, once he found these three people, he would kill them directly!

In his opinion, the late Jindan with complete Dao domain, such a genius, must have treasures in him!


Jiang Ci took the Wen family sister and brother, flew out of the volcano group for thousands of miles before stopping.

They have completely escaped the pursuit.

In front is a dense forest of fire trees.

The three of them immediately hid in it, temporarily rested.

"Master Shi..."

Wen Youxin and Wen Feng both looked at Jiang Ci with concern.

Jiang Ci's complexion turned pale. Although he had blocked so many attacks with the gusty domain just now, his body was still seriously injured.

The whole body seemed to be cracked, and there were clearly visible cracks, even the bones could be seen.

It is estimated that after a few more attacks, it will be completely cracked!

"It's okay!" Jiang Ci shook his head, resisting the severe pain from all over his body, and directly took out a thousand-year-old spiritual fruit, and used the spiritual energy in it to heal his injuries.

One thousand-year-old spiritual fruit is obviously not enough. After he ate three enough, those terrifying cracks on his body were completely disappeared.

Then use spiritual power to carefully adjust the injuries in the body.

He didn't dare to use the fruit of the ten thousand years of spiritual things, because the body was already on the verge of collapse, if it was hit by the huge spiritual energy and exploded directly, then there would be no reason.

The Wen family finally breathed a sigh of relief when Jiang Ci recovered from his injuries.

The two looked at each other, and they were still in shock.

This uncle master is too powerful!

It was a combination of four Nascent Soul Stages and 800 Golden Core Stages just now, and more than once!

Even if Yuan Ying faced so many combined attacks in the later stage, he might die in that volcano group, right?

The cultivation level of Uncle Shi looked similar to them, but his strength was so abnormal!

The two suppressed the shock in their hearts and did not speak, quietly waiting for Jiang Ci to heal.

After another quarter of an hour, Jiang Ci's injuries recovered.

He opened his eyes with a hint of luck.

If it weren't for the protective shield of the complete blast field, he would definitely not be able to block those powerful combined attacks.

There is also the extreme speed when escaping, which is also the embodiment of the speed in the blast domain.

"Fortunately, I have promoted the blast domain to a complete state before, otherwise I just confessed it!"

"Qiao Family!" Jiang Ci's eyes were murderous, and a shocking chill broke out in his body.

Even if he fought against Hu Yan last time on Earth, he didn't suffer such severe injuries!

"Uncle Shi, let's bear it." Wen Youxin smiled bitterly.

"Yes, Uncle Shi, you have a chance to get revenge only when you are alive!" Wen Feng also persuaded.

They were worried about the young uncle, and went down to find Qiao Sui desperately.

The two of course hated the Qiao family deeply, but so many years of escape life made them understand forbearance.

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