I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 278

Chapter 277: Murder Breakthrough Seeking Subscription

at the same time.

The Inheritance Altar had cracked cracks wide and was about to collapse.

The surrounding fire was quickly extinguished.

Feng Si and Zheng Yuqing both had bitter faces.

They just succeeded in comprehending the rhyme of Taoism here, and condensed the Taoism left by the strong man in harmony.

Seeing it, you can accept the true inheritance.

Unexpectedly, this heritage altar would collapse!

This situation made them extremely surprised.

The place of inheritance of the strong people in the same way will last forever without being damaged by external forces.

Is it because those three people have been passed on? This place has destroyed itself?

Suddenly, the inheritance altar that was collapsing, a place that was still intact, the formation rune appeared.

In a burst of teleporting light, three figures appeared.

"It's the three golden core cultivators!"

Feng Si and Zheng Yuqing's eyes lit up.

Although there is no chance to accept the inheritance, it can be obtained from these three people!

The two of them are in the middle stage of the Yuan Ying, and their understanding of the realm of Tao is more than 70%, and their combat power is comparable to that of the late Yuan Ying.

Dealing with these three little Jindan late stages is as simple as pinching the ants!

"Hand over the inheritance, forgive you not to die!" Zheng Yuqing shouted coldly.

Feng Si's eyes were also cold, and murderous intent appeared.

The power of the two people's domain, accompanied by powerful spiritual power, turned into a huge giant palm, whistling out, trying to catch the three of Jiang Ci.

"Is it so confident?" Jiang Ci laughed.

As soon as it was sent out, he was ready to shoot.

The blast domain spread, blocking the huge palms of Feng Si and Zheng Yuqing.

Simultaneously pinch out fist marks with both hands.

The true meaning of leaving the fire with the left hand and the true meaning of the sword with the right hand.

The powerful fist imprints slammed at the two men.

After his golden core was completely transformed, his spiritual strength doubled.

Facing the Yuan Ying period, the foundation is not as weak as before.

Moreover, the cultivation bases of these two opponents are only in the middle stage of Yuan Ying, Jiang Ci is not afraid!

Boom boom boom!

On the inheritance altar that was about to collapse, the wind was raging and energy surged.

Feng Si and Zheng Yuqing suddenly changed their colors. They did not expect that this late Jindan cultivator would be so powerful!

"And us!" Wen's sister and brother also shot.

In the inheritance, both of them realized the realm of Lihuo.

The current combat power is comparable to the mid-Yuanying stage and the other as the early-Yuanying stage.

The inheritance of the strong in harmony is not that simple.

The double separation from the fire domain was superimposed, and the Wen family sister and brother's combined attack instantly shot.

In addition, Jiang Ci blasted another punch.

The powerful momentum shocked Feng Si and Zheng Yuqing, and quickly stepped back to avoid the combined attack of the three.

These three golden cores were too fierce in the late stage!

"Don't love war!" Jiang Ci said softly.

The earth trembled, and the inheritance altar shattered and shook.

The Blood Forbidden Lihuo Array was unblocked with the destruction of the second cave, and the surrounding sea of fire had lost its original power.

Jiang Ci noticed that there were a lot of amazing figures approaching here quickly!

Once surrounded, you can't leave!

"Retreat!" Jiang Ci swung his sword and attacked.

The true meaning of the consummation sword is no worse than the realm of Tao that has been initially understood!

And because of the existence of the blast domain, the power of the true meaning of Lihuo has become stronger!

The fire uses the wind, and the wind helps the fire!

The three are in one, and this sword instantly reaches the level of invincible Nascent Soul!

With a tyrannical sword, Feng Si and Zheng Yuqing's expressions changed drastically, and they flew back quickly, not daring to stop the three of Jiang Ci.

After Jiang Ci got rid of their entanglement, he hurriedly used the wind field to its extreme, and took the Wen family sister and brother to leave here.

Whoosh whoosh!

At this time, from all directions, thousands of figures flew at a rapid speed.


There are Qiao Family, Cangyun Sect, and Four Elephant Sect.

And that lone star hunter Fuzai!

Fuzai and Qiao Siyan were the fastest, surrounding them from two directions respectively.

The spirit power aura and domain power they radiated shocked Jiang Ci.

"There are actually two Yuan Ying invincible! Can't fight it hard!"

In an emergency, Jiang Ci remained calm and quickly observed the surrounding environment.

In just an instant, he saw Qiao Sui, the young master of the Qiao family, and nearly a hundred cultivators of the Qiao family's Golden Core stage, who came from another direction.

The scene where Qiao Sui brought eight hundred Golden Core Stages and bombarded him time and time again, he still vividly remembered!


Jiang Ci wants to break through from there!

Under the consummation blast realm, even if he took the Wen family sister and brother, the speed was much faster than Yuan Ying's later stage.


With a light swipe of the sword, three Taoisms converged.

The astonishing breath comparable to Yuan Ying's invincibility spread suddenly.

"Suier be careful!" Qiao Siyan's face changed drastically, and he immediately reminded him loudly.

But the sound is not as fast as Jiang's words.

A weird sword, accompanied by a gust of wind, seemed to be able to penetrate the space, and with a sense of destruction, it instantly came to Qiao Sui and the nearly 100 Golden Core Stages.

Qiao Sui looked horrified, his eyes widened.

He was only in the middle stage of Yuan Ying, facing this extremely fast sword comparable to Yuan Ying's invincibility, he had no time to condense defensive moves.


A sword swept past, and Qiao Sui and the nearly a hundred Golden Core Stages were cut off.


"Yeah!! The **** of the Wen family!" Qiao Si's eyes were about to split, and his hair and beard were wide.

One of his most important sons was killed!

In anger, Qiao Siyan's speed soared by three points and instantly caught up with Jiang Ci.

He is Yuanying Invincible, and his speed is only slower than Jiang Ci.

In addition, Jiang Ci used the sword just now, which wasted time.

Therefore, the distance between him and Jiang Ci is directly shortened.

It slashed out, wrapped in the power of the fiery flame field, and attacked Jiang Ci.

"Danger!" Jiang Ci didn't dare to be big, and swung a sword again.


The sword, the light and the shadow, collide instantly.

Lightning and thunder, huge shock waves, set off a storm of energy, sweeping this area.

Oncoming several Jin Dan early stages, were swept in by the energy storm, and the body burst out of thin air!

The power of terror!

At this time, Wen's sister and brother were also taking action.

The two of them have superimposed the Lihuo domain, and they have the strength to fight against Yuan Ying in the late stage.

Most of the attacks from other Nascent Soul Stages were blocked by them.

In this way, Jiang Ci can fully deal with the attacks of other strong people.

However, Qiao Siyan's cut just now slowed Jiang Ci's speed again.

At this time, Fozai caught up from the other direction.

The invincible powerhouse of the Nascent Soul made the double-sword attack more ferocious.

Two hundred zhang knife lights crossed and struck each other, although they were full of vitality, they were like the blade of death.

"What a weird attack!" Jiang Ci was startled, and once again used the strongest sword.

The realm of the wind, the true meaning of the sword, and the true meaning of Lihuo.

The huge sword shadow hit two blade lights.


Under the fiery red sky, violent energy swept across.

In addition, the earth is shaking violently, and the inheritance altar is about to collapse.

This space is like the end is coming!

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