I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 283

Chapter 282: Looks Like The Other Party Is Very Cunning Seeking Subscription

Looking at the panicking cultivators on the wasteland, Yi Shan smiled softly and said loudly:

"Those who want to survive, all come to line up to make an oath, swear to the heavens, that they are not in the Mu Rongxing, and get the legacy of the Zixiao Zongge Taoist, otherwise they will immediately die by thunder!"

His words spread throughout the wasteland.

On the 10,000-meter high mountain a hundred miles away, Jiang Ci's eyes became bright.

Although I don't know what kind of confrontation the two Yuanshenqi had just done, it is obvious that the opportunity is here!

"We still have to observe and see what the situation is!" Jiang Ci remained calm.

Also signaled Wen's sister and brother to stay calm and not to be agitated.

at the same time.

The nearly ten thousand cultivators who had just been lifted from the imprisonment by the Taoist Changbai and were still in panic were all pleasantly surprised.

Swearing to Tiandao, although it is a taboo, it is certainly no problem to swear this oath!

Because they really didn't get anything from Lao Shi Zi Ge Dao Ren!

As a result, everyone lined up quickly, very orderly, and did not fight or grab.

Taoist Changbai frowned slightly, always feeling that Yi Shan had ulterior motives, but he didn't notice anything wrong.

Really only for the face?

First of all, there must be no problem with this oath.

It is indeed possible to screen out the three people who have inherited in Qianyang Cave.

Secondly, with his cultivation, he has understood a way of heaven and earth,

You can feel the wave of fluctuations between heaven and earth when these practitioners complete their oath.

So don't worry about the issue of false oaths.

From this point of view, Yi Shan's approach is for him again.

Because Yishan took the initiative to ask these people to line up to take an oath.

The only point is that this method is much slower in terms of efficiency.

Search the soul every ten seconds.

Swear one in half a minute.

In one day, only less than three thousand people can be completed.

After thinking about it, Changbai Taoist still didn't say much, after all, he had already agreed to Yishan.

Soon everyone was lined up.

One by one, swear in front of Yishan and Changbai Taoist.

"I am a big cow, swear to Heaven, not at Mu Rongxing...otherwise, I will immediately die by thunderstorms!"

"My second king..."

The loud sounds that sounded one after another echoed on the wasteland.

After the oath was completed, everyone did not dare to leave because no one spoke, but regrouped on the other side of the wasteland.



After watching it for a day, when more than 3,000 people completed the oath, no one died because of the oath.

Jiang Ci made a decision, he didn't use his spiritual sense, his eyes motioned to Wen's sister and brother to follow him.

Afterwards, the three quietly descended from the 10,000-meter high mountain without making any sound.

Go back to the valley below.

The teleportation array he had placed before was still intact.

"Fortunately, when I came, I didn't destroy the teleportation array." Jiang Ci secretly rejoiced.

Immediately pinching the tactics to activate the formation, the three figures disappeared in the light of the teleportation formation almost instantly.

The 10,000-meter high mountain just concealed these rays.

But the fluctuations when the final transmission was completed spread out.

A hundred miles away, Taoist Changbai and Yi Shan frowned at the same time and disappeared.

In the next instant, it appeared over the valley.

"Transportation Array!"

The two arrived and saw the small teleportation formation in the valley at a glance.

Just at this moment, the teleportation array trembled slightly, and a part of it became shattered and ruined!

A cold light flashed in the eyes of Taoist Changbai, and his spiritual consciousness spread out three thousand kilometers in an instant.

After careful investigation in this area, no one who had just finished the transmission was found in the end.

The only thing I found was that on the 10,000-meter high mountain next to it, there were still three cultivators slightly remaining, which seemed to stay there for a long time.

Taoist Changbai has a trace of anger.

There were actually three people who hid under his nose for three days, and then flamboyantly teleported away!

"Sect Master Yishan, is there any discovery?" Taoist Changbai asked coldly.

Based on his early cultivation base, the limit of spiritual sense exploration is 3,000 kilometers.

However, Yishan is the late Yuanshen, and spiritual sense can explore 10,000 kilometers.

"It seems that the other party is very cunning." Yi Shan shook his head.

Inadvertently, his eyes swept over the self-destructing teleportation array, thoughtfully.


The murderous intent appeared in the eyes of Taoist Changbai, and a sword aura shot out and landed in this valley.


The earth collapsed, and the entire valley and surrounding mountains collapsed.

Moving mountains and reclaiming the sea, this mountain range quickly became a great zephyr.

The chill on Taoist Changbai rushed straight into the sky.

Then he shook his body and returned to the wasteland where the interstellar teleportation array was.

"Qiao Siyan, intensify the search. If there is one less golden core cultivator, I will destroy your Qiao family!" Taoist Chang Bai said coldly.

Qiao Siyan's expression changed abruptly, and he quickly sent a message to the tribe responsible for the search.

At this time, more than 5,000 cultivators remained on the wasteland without swearing.

In addition, the people of Qiao's family are still bringing the golden core cultivators hidden in various places of Mu Rong star to here.

Taoist Changbai did not give up screening these people.

Because he also couldn't determine whether the three people who ran away through the teleportation array just now were the three people who got the inheritance.


About ten thousand kilometers away, on a deserted island in the East Polar Sea of Mu Rong Star.

As soon as Jiang Ci transmitted here, he directly destroyed the small teleportation array in front of him with a palm.

He had previously arranged ten small teleportation arrays, except for the six near the interstellar teleportation array

This one is the closest to the one in the valley just now.

The time required for transmission is also the shortest.

If it is teleported to other places, such as the one in the small courtyard of Qianyang City, the distance is a full tens of thousands of miles, the transmission time will definitely be longer.

Maybe it was discovered before the transmission was successful!

Therefore, he chose to send it here.

"Can you leave Mu Rongxing? It depends on this time! You all take off the disguise masks, don't make any cover up, show your true colors!" Jiang Ci said to the Wen family sister and brother.

Wen Youxin and Wen Feng nodded and took off their masks to reveal their original appearance.

Both of them look good, young people.

Sister Wen Youxin is dignified and gentle, looking like a kind big sister next door.

The younger brother Wen Feng is also a bookish, like a young scholar rushing to take an exam.

"We split up. If we can get past this time, we will gather at Blue Star. Remember?" Jiang Ci said again.

"Uncle Shi, don't worry!" the brothers and sisters said in unison.

Afterwards, the three of them split into two directions and flew away from the island.

Jiang Ci's plan was very simple. It was to find a city and let the Qiao family deliberately discover them.

Then, with the help of the Qiao family, he went to the wasteland to get through.

Therefore, they must take off the disguise masks that are only high-grade spirit weapons.

If you wear a mask, there will be two primordial spirits of Changbai Taoist and Yishan,

Their disguise will have no effect, but will cause suspicion.

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