I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 287

Chapter 286: Shanhaixing Trade For Subscription

What happened to Mu Rong star had already caused great turbulence in Blue Star!

Because most of the cultivators who went to Qianyang Cave Heaven came from the blue star area.

Hedao inheritance!

Twenty to thirty thousand golden core cultivators died!

There are also many Yuanying stage deaths.

The Zixiaozong cultivator in the Yuanshen stage and the Sect Master of the Four Elephants in the Minglan star area also went.

This matter caused an uproar in Blue Star.

The death of so many people is almost the full strength of a fourth- and fifth-level life planet!

However, no one dared to discuss the massacre of 10,000 Golden Core cultivators by Taoist Changbai.

If such a behemoth is provoked, 10,000 deaths will not be enough!

When Shen Wansi was about to complain, Jiang Ci smiled and said, "I will introduce you to a big business."

"Big business?" Shen Wansi's eyes lit up.

Afterwards, Jiang Ci introduced the Wen family sister and brother again.

Shen Wansi heard that these two were from a refining family that had passed on for thousands of years, and immediately went to the Dao League Heavenly Court office.

However, Wen's sister and brother's plan to build a refining workshop is still a bit small.

According to Jiang Ci's plan, if you want to develop and make money, of course you have to plan a bit bigger.

Thus, under the leadership of Jiang Ci, an interstellar trading group called Shanhai Xingmao was established.

As the saying goes, brothers clearly settle accounts.

In the newly established Shanhaixing Trade, Jiang Ci accounted for 50% of the share, Wenjia sister and brother each accounted for 20%, and Shen Wansi took the remaining 10%.

Among them, Jiang Ci and Shen Wansi want to take money, while the Wenjia brothers and sisters do not need to take money, which belong to technology shares.

A 10% share requires an investment of 100,000 lower-grade spirit crystals.

In terms of scale, Shanhai Star Trading is only in its embryonic form.

To what extent they can develop in the future, they still need to work together.

Of course, only relying on the two brothers and sisters of the Wen family, I am afraid it will be a sleepless refiner.

The spirit weapon produced can't support a group specializing in spirit weapon trade.

Therefore, their early plan was to recruit refiners.

Then, without revealing the inheritance of the Wen family's craftsmanship, the Wen family's sister and brother will guide those craftsmanships.

The craftsmanship inheritance of the literary family was known in the Zixiao domain ten thousand years ago, and naturally has its own uniqueness.

The refined spirit tools were very popular at the time.

It is often the finale and big axis items of the major auction houses of StarCraft.

It's definitely not bad now.

I believe that with the supervision and guidance of Wen's sister and brother, Shanhaixing Trade will have a good future.

After dealing with these things, Jiang Ci went to retreat and practice in peace.

Complete the final process of transforming babies into gold!

Simultaneously deduced the next level of the true meaning of the sword and the true meaning of Lihuo.

He gained a lot from Mu Rong's trip to the stars.

First of all, the main goal was completed, through refining the power of Yang Shao, to complete the golden pill pregnancy.

Secondly, he accidentally comprehended the true meaning of Lihuo through the literary inheritance.

The true meaning of Tao is naturally precious, and one more Taoism means one more method.

Then, the Lihuo Daojing he hunted and killed in Qianyang Dongtian, now there are as many as 100,000 left!

Dao Jing is of high value because it is contaminated with the Tao of Heaven and Earth of the powerful.

Under normal circumstances, a Dao crystal is equivalent to 1,000 lower-grade spirit crystals.

In other words, his current net worth has exceeded 100 million!

Finally, it is the gain of experience points.

That ray of Lihuo brought him 100 million experience points!

It's also 100 million!

Take a look at the balance of experience points:

[Experience: 232.64 million]

More than 200 million, which can be called a massive amount.

Sufficient experience value is to move towards strong capital.


There are no years of cultivation, and one year passed in a blink of an eye.

On this day, Jiang Cis Huaying reached the last moment.

Xuantian, Li Baibai, Hu Yan.

Wen Youxin, Wen Feng.

Five people stood outside Jiang Cis exercise room.

The Xuantian trio came back from a place where the star hunters experienced in the blue star area last month.

He and Li Baibai successfully passed the experience test and are now star hunters.

Through the breath of the two, it can be seen that their strength has improved a lot.

But the two were not satisfied, because they found that the gap with Jiang Ci was getting bigger and bigger!

"This kid, when we were alive, he was an ordinary person, and now he will be thrown out of a big realm!" Li Baibai shook his head helplessly.

"People are more popular than others, so they can't be compared, as long as we are still improving." Xuantian smiled, in a good mood.

Wen Youxin and Wen Feng looked at each other. They only recently learned that this young uncle master is indeed very young, only in his 20s!

And both of them are over two hundred years old...

Upon hearing this, they really doubted life for an instant.

Night fell.

A breath of spiritual power in the Nascent Soul Stage spreads from the practice room to the entire manor, and then spreads around a hundred miles in the vicinity.

This breath drew the exploration of many spiritual senses, but these spiritual senses were only swept away, and quickly recovered.

In the Blue Star, Jin Dan stage can only be regarded as the elite class.

If you can cultivate to the Yuan Ying stage, you are a top master.

Therefore, the masters of these spiritual senses did not dare to explore too much, for fear of offending the newly advanced Yuan Ying stage.


Outside the exercise room, all five people were happy for Jiang Ci.

Especially Xuantian and Li Baibai, the joy of the two of them far surpasses the Wen family sister and brother and Hu Yan.

Because Jiang Ci has become the Yuan Ying period, it means that you can apply to become the lord of the earth!

Once the earth is imprinted by the Eye of the Dao League, it will no longer be a wild planet, but a private domain.

No one can break in without permission.

Otherwise, the planet lord can apply to the heavenly court of the Dao League to arrest and hunt down the intruders.

As a result, the earth will become safer.

Practice room.

In Jiang Ci's Spiritual Consciousness Vipassana, he saw that the golden core had turned into a baby in the lower dantian.

Yuan Ying!

A series of spiritual powers that are stronger than those in the late Jindan period, with Yuan Ying as the core, circulate throughout the body.

"It's not enough, it's a little bit close to the true Yuanying Invincible!" Jiang Ci shook his head again.

Yuan Yings invincible cultivation base and the realm of Dao are all complete.

Previously at Mu Rongxing, he faced the invincible Yuan Ying Qiao Siyan and Fuzai, and with the strongest sword, he could barely block their attack.

But his strength is not that Yuan Ying is invincible.

The strongest move is just an ordinary attack equivalent to Yuan Ying Invincible.

The big move is equivalent to someone else's general attack...

Open the experience value panel.


Modification: Yuan Ying (1/810,000 in the first stage)


Storm Field (5 million / 5 million)

The true meaning of Lihuo (500,000/500,000)

The true meaning of the sword (1 million / 1 million)

Amplitude: 100

Deduction: 10,000 experience points/time

Techniques: Zixiao Sword Classic, Peacock View Ideas

Experience value: 225.34 million


"The bottleneck of the cultivation base has been broken, and there will be no obstacles to the future improvement. Yuan Ying is consummated?" Jiang Ci's eyes were filled with divine light.

Take some more time and eat a few more spiritual fruits to reach the Nascent Soul Stage Consummation.

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