I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The First Wave Of Experience Points

Jiang Doudou will definitely not get up early on Saturday morning.

Jiang Ci made breakfast. After eating, he left a note and went out.

Xilu Market is the largest vegetable and meat wholesale market in Luming District of Beishan Prefecture.

Starting from Xinghuayuan, take a rail car and arrive in more than half an hour.

There are many vendors who come to Xilu Market in the morning to buy goods, which is quite lively.

Jiang Ci sometimes comes here to eat dishes, so he is fairly familiar with the environment, so he first walked around here.

When he walked to the meat wholesale center, he found that a shop was particularly hot.

Many people were queuing up, and those who came out carried a chicken in their hands. Some were killed, some were still alive.

Jiang Ci observed carefully for a long time. The chickens these people received from the shops were normal and showed no mutated characteristics.

Did you think it was wrong, it was really accidental?

But Lao Yang and Li Mazi, why happened to be the mutant chickens?

Jiang Ci looked at it for a while, his eyes condensed suddenly, he saw a chicken with mutated characteristics!

At this time, a middle-aged man with a kind face came from a distance, walking vigorously.

Those in line immediately greeted with a smile, and many people still yelled Shen Shanren.

"Shen's meat wholesale, Shen Quan."

Jiang Ci's eyes moved slightly and he turned and left.

He didn't go in to pick up the chicken. Obviously, the probability of picking up the mutant chicken is very small.

But the chickens of Shen's meat wholesale must be mixed with mutant chickens.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ci came out of Xilu Market and walked all the way to the west for about one kilometer.

A sign stands at the intersection ahead: Shen's Slaughterhouse.

An advertisement was posted on the street light pole next to the sign.

"Long-term recruitment of full-time and part-time workers is 80 yuan a day, and the salary is paid daily."

After seeing the content clearly, Jiang Ci was surprised.

His plan just now was to come to the slaughterhouse to personally pick some mutant chickens, buy them back and kill them.

But he knew that it was risky to do so.

Because the chickens that Shen Quan gave for free were mixed with mutant chickens, there might be something hidden behind them.

Jiang Ci is usually very cautious in doing things. If it weren't for experience points, he would not take this risk if he was killed.

Now, with the recruitment advertisement, he doesn't have to take risks.

Shen's slaughterhouse is not small in scale, has a lot of jobs, and has a lot of workers' mobility.

From afar, they smelled a strong smell of chicken shit, and many workers were holding knives and rubbing a knife on the chicken's neck mercilessly.

After Jiang Ci entered, he directly said that he was doing a part-time job, and the fat eldest sister who was in charge of recruiting did not ask her origin, so she arranged the job.

The fat sister originally wanted to teach Jiang Ci **** a chicken, but after seeing Jiang Ci slaughter a chicken, she nodded in relief.

Before leaving, he reminded: "You have to kill at least 100 chickens a day, and one less chicken will be deducted 10 yuan."

"Pickling skin!" Jiang slandered and started to kill chickens.

There is a bunch of live chickens **** in front of him, and a poultry depilator next to him.

Perhaps it has just settled down, and many technologies of the old era have not been restored.

For example, the Shen's slaughterhouse is very backward. It does not even have a standard automated chicken killing line, and it depends on manual chicken killing.

After the workers kill the live chickens, they throw them into the dehairing machine and clean them. This is a complete process.

In order not to attract the attention of others, Jiang Ci didn't specifically look for those chickens with mutated characteristics, and honestly swung his knife at those chickens.

After killing about thirty, Jiang Ci casually grabbed a live chicken, his eyes lit up, a mutant chicken!

Hand up the knife and drop.

[You killed the mutant rooster, experience value +5]

The familiar prompt sound made Jiang Ci feel particularly pleasing.

With encouragement, Jiang Ci became more vigorous and entered a state of selflessness, killing more than 70 chickens in the morning.

Let the fat eldest sister who occasionally visit, can't stop nodding.

A great young man, looking so thin, his hands and feet are very quick.

When eating at noon, the fat sister showed kindness and rewarded Jiang Ci with a big chicken leg.

Jiang Ci didn't dare to eat it, so he secretly gave the chicken thigh to a shy young lady next to him, gaining 100 points of favorability.

Soon, one day passed.

After seven o'clock in the evening, the workers were off work.

Jiang Ci just dragged on for more than two hours, and when it was almost ten o'clock, he put down the kitchen knife with unfinished meaning.

"Young man, come tomorrow, elder sister will give you a salary increase, 90 yuan a day."

The fat elder sister smiled kindly, and counted today's wages to Jiang Ci, a total of 80 yuan.

Killing more than two hundred chickens a day, almost set a personal record of killing chickens in the Shen's slaughterhouse.

Such an excellent worker is just as good as the two.

"Good!" Jiang Ci answered decisively.

It doesn't matter if money is not money, it's mainly the experience value gained in a day, let him taste the sweetness.


Level: ordinary person (26/100)

Experience value: 55


55 experience points are enough for him to pass the martial arts college entrance examination.

But just for these, he is not satisfied.

The slaughterhouse only took care of lunch. Although Jiang Ci worked overtime for more than two hours, the fat eldest sister who was peeling the skin obviously would not care about his dinner.

Going home hungry, Jiang Ci was already hungry and dizzy.

Opening the door, he found that Jiang Doudou was shrinking on the sofa watching TV, with food still on the table.

"Jiang Ci! You are too much, see what time it is!" Jiang Doudou was very angry.

"Um... Didn't I leave a note?" Jiang Cigan laughed.

Jiang Doudou took out the note and put it in front of Jiang Ci. It said: If something is going on, come back later.

"I'll be back later, just after ten o'clock? It's so messy outside, what should I do if something goes wrong?" Jiang Doudou said, staring.

"Not as an example, next time I promise to go home before nine o'clock!" Jiang Ci smiled, then patted his chest and said.

In this matter, he did not do the right thing. He never went home after ten.

In this era, unlike the old era, at night, there is no peace outside.

After Jiang Doudou finished his lesson, he returned to normal, smiled again on his face, and got up to heat the food.

Vegetables, shredded potatoes, and rice are the most common dishes on the dinner table for the two.

When they were eating, the two smiled again.

"You smell like chicken shit, why did you go?" Jiang Doudou asked.

"I went to the slaughterhouse as a part-time job, 80 yuan a day."

"Part-time? Stop selling vegetables?"

"Not for sale, I am going to take the martial arts exam and become a martial artist."

"Okay, then I will transfer out the dead deposit, buy more meat, and make up your body."

Hearing Jiang Doudou's words, Jiang Ci smiled lightly.

Jiang Doudou never questioned him, and everyone didn't believe that he could pass the college entrance examination for martial arts, except Jiang Doudou.

"Those deposits are reserved for buying a house, so don't withdraw them." Jiang Ci said.

"Aren't you stupid, when you become a warrior, the government will allocate a big house, and you still need to buy it?" Jiang Doudou smiled.

Jiang Ci is silent, you are not afraid that I am not a martial artist?

Thinking of Jiang Doudou's anger erupting, Jiang Ci shuddered.

Martial artist, must become a martial artist!

Early the next morning, Jiang Ci once again came to the Shen's slaughterhouse.

With yesterday's experience, he kills chickens faster today.

From morning to 8 o'clock in the evening, although it was more than an hour less than yesterday, in the end he killed nearly 300 chickens and gained 80 experience points.

In this way, his experience value reached 135 points.

"Little Liu, I told the boss that if you are willing to do it here for a long time, you can give you 4000 yuan a month, and the elder sister can cover you." The fat eldest sister said with a strange look, and took it for a day. Passed Jiang Ci's wages.

That strange look made Jiang Ci chill all over.

"Eldest sister, I'm still in school." Jiang Ci rightly refused.

After Jiang Ci left, the fat sister sighed quietly, "What a nice boy."

After a while, Shen Quan, the owner of the slaughterhouse, came, and he checked the number of live chickens slaughtered in the past two days.

Then he frowned and said, "It's too slow. To recruit more workers tomorrow. You must dispose of all the live chickens within two months."

Before returning home, Jiang Ci bought 100 braised pork knuckles at Xilu Market, plus 20 catties of fresh mutton, which almost spent the money Jiang Doudou gave him in the morning.

Fortunately, he improved his martial arts talent by 5 points last time, otherwise he would not get back so many things.

That's it, when he gets home, he can hardly get up.

Jiang Doudou was greedy and drooled when he saw so many pork knuckles and lamb.

"Brother, with such a big capital, if you can't become a martial artist, I'm really sorry!" Jiang Doudou said, while gnawing on the pork knuckle.

"Look, when I become a warrior, we can live in a big house and eat big meals every day!" Jiang Ci also grabbed a pig knuckle and gnawed it.

The night is quiet.

Two rounds of bright moons are in the sky, making the night of this era brighter.

Jiang Ci got up from the bed and opened the experience value panel.


Level: ordinary person (26/100)

Experience value: 135


Then he concentrated his mind, and meditated in his heart to assign 5 experience points to the level.

To be cautious, he did not improve too much at once.

The last time he raised 5 points, he was too hungry. If the increase was too large, he might starve to death!

Sure enough, the next moment, a familiar feeling appeared, a strange energy spread throughout the body, the muscles became tighter, and the breath became longer between breathing.

Make a fist lightly, the strength is obviously enhanced.

With 31 points of talent in martial arts, he finally became a normal person.

Soon, a strong sense of hunger appeared, and the hungry Jiang Ci's eyes turned green.

But this time he was prepared, and quickly grabbed the prepared pork knuckles and ate them gorgingly.

After eating thirty full, the hunger pangs disappeared.

"Although the system can directly enhance my physique, it consumes my own energy. Just high-calorie meat can provide sufficient energy."

The two upgrades gave Jiang Ci a preliminary understanding of the operating principle of the experience value panel.

"There is another way. The children of rich families usually use genetic medicine to improve their physical fitness, because genetic medicine contains a lot of active energy. If there is genetic medicine, maybe I can improve more at one time."

After thinking about it, Jiang Ci shook his head and gave up the idea.

"In a short period of time, if the increase is too large, it is easy to doubt."

Its okay to take a month to slowly improve. Although the speed is also scary, no one thinks too much.

Because Beishan No. 1 Middle School had students before, in just two months, he raised his martial arts talent from more than 30 to more than 60, and was successfully admitted to the Budo Academy.

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