I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 300

Chapter 299: Come Dont Leave Plus 314

At the same time, with He Rui, there are a total of ten cultivators in the Nascent Soul Stage,

Nine have already left the flying boat and came over.

The leader among them is a cultivator of the late Yuan Ying, holding a long spear, exuding a powerful aura.

"Uncle Chang, kill them for me!"

Yuan Changshuo, in the mid-Yuan Ying period, did not leave the black flying boat, but was commanding it by remote control.

He had already learned from Herui that one of the two people who came to Shanhai Xingmao this time was the late Yuan Ying.

Therefore, he brought most of his masters from Feihong Star Trade.

"Fortunately, my grandfather supported me, and even Uncle Chang has allocated it to me, otherwise I can't manage so many infant periods."

With absolute strength crushing the opponent, Yuan Changshuo seemed very relaxed.

His grandfather is the head of Feihongmen today.

Naturally, Uncle Chang was the cultivator in the late Yuan Ying, named Yuan Chang, who was the servant of his grandfather.

"Only one Yuan Ying later stage, dare to steal my Feihong Star Trade's business? I really don't know how to die!"

Yuan Changshuo smiled when he saw that the young man holding the long sword left the flying boat and stepped into the starry sky.

next moment.


His smile was stagnant.


In a barren galaxy densely covered with meteorites.

The nine Yuanying stage cultivators, headed by Yuan Chang in the late Yuanying stage, killed Jiang Ci with great speed.

Yuan Chang took the lead, with a spear like a dragon,

A majestic gun shadow, tens of thousands of meters long, swept out.

Seventy percent of the realm of Tao!

Behind him, there are eight other Yuanying stage cultivators, both in the early and middle stages.

Among them is the former Yuan Ying's He Rui.

These eight people also shot one after another, bursting out an astonishing energy attack.

This dark starry sky suddenly lit up.

It's like holding a grand firework party, colorful energy surges, extremely gorgeous.

Even Yuan Chang in the late Yuan Ying did not have the confidence to take on so many powerful attacks.

At this time, Jiang Ci's expression was very calm.

The blast wind field around him circled and crossed the sky.

It flashed across the starry sky very quickly, leaving behind afterimages.

The high-grade spirit weapon Slaughter Shadow Sword in his hand condensed a dark red sword shadow.

The power from the realm of fire!

With a wave of the long sword, the sword shadow flew out with the gust of wind.

Quietly, it penetrated the tens of thousands of meters long gun shadow.

The scene was extremely strange, and the powerful gun shadows disappeared out of thin air.

Moreover, Jianying's power remained undiminished, and in an instant, it defeated the other eight attacks.

"What! Yuan Ying is invincible!"

This scene caused Yuan Changshuo to suddenly change his color, and was so scared to sit up from the deck of the flying boat.

Then, drove the flying boat and fled directly here

In an instant, it accelerated to the speed of light.

This black flying boat disappeared and shuttled into the source space.

Similarly, Yuan Chang's complexion changed drastically.

He could no longer curse Yuan Changshuo.

Instead, he looked at Jiang Ci's fast approaching figure in horror.

"Yuan Ying is invincible!"

As a Yuan Ying later, he certainly knows the situation of Yuan Ying's invincible shots.

Perfectly control the spiritual power and domain power of the Yuan Ying period!

And this sword of Jiang Ci is like that.

There is no trace of spiritual power and domain power.

Completely united!

In contrast, the shot he had just now had very mixed spiritual power and domain power, and the degree of cohesion was poor.

"Retreat, retreat!" He roared, transmitting to everyone's spiritual consciousness.

Needless to say, He Rui and other eight-born infants also knew about it, turned around and fled, flying at top speed.

"Don't leave when you are here!" Jiang Ci's eyes were cold, and he was murderous.

I thought it was a commercial corruption incident, but I didn't expect it to be an unruly commercial competition incident, which was very bad.

On chasing, killing and fleeing, Haifeng Domain has never let Jiang Ci down!


The blast domain suddenly spread out, changing the vacuum environment of the universe.

Up and down, in a radius, within a thousand kilometers, gusts of wind roared, forming a spherical space.

The casting range of Taoism depends on the spiritual exploration limit of the practitioner.

As the caster of Jiang Ci, his cultivation is already complete, and his spiritual consciousness can cover a thousand kilometers!

The nine Yuan Ying stage cultivators who were fleeing for their lives plunged directly into the blast field, and their speed dropped sharply.

"This realm of Dao... a thousand kilometers, it really is Yuan Ying invincible! And it is the Dao law related to wind! It's over!" Yuan Chang felt desperate.


Like the other eight, he tried to use the strongest attack, trying to disperse the power of the blast domain that bound them.

But it's useless at all, even if he has understood 70% of the realm of Tao, he can't shake the realm of Jiang Ci's wind!

Because Jiang Cis blast domain is rare Dao law, and his Xuanshui domain is just ordinary Dao law!

Their attack was destined to be just hitting a rock with a pebble.

"Friends of Taoism forgive me! I would like to dedicate my life savings!" Yuan Chang chose to beg for mercy.

"No need!" Jiang Ci remained unmoved.

The figure flickered, and he caught up with the opponent.

The sword condensed again, the sword body did not have any energy fluctuations, faintly revealing the dark red brilliance, but it exudes a frightening breath.

"I have been practicing for two thousand years, and I have finally cultivated to the late Yuan Ying stage. Daoist is so vicious, I want to pull you with me desperately!" Yuan Chang roared when he could not beg for mercy.


The huge spiritual power of Yuan Ying's later stage suddenly surged wildly.

He started to swell and was going to blew himself up!

"It's this kind of trick again, ridiculous! If you are only allowed to kill me, I am not allowed to kill you?" Jiang Ci sneered.


A sword stabbed lightly, but it revealed a shocking power.

The sword shadow flew by, and the starry sky trembled.

In just a short time, he crossed a distance of 100 kilometers.

Stabbed into Yuan Chang's swelling body.

[You killed the late stage cultivator of Yuan Ying, experience value +3800]

Boom boom boom! ! !

A violent big explosion appeared in this meteorite group.

The meteorites hundreds of kilometers in the surrounding area are directly fragmented and transformed into smaller meteorites.

Suddenly destroy the world.

In the face of such a powerful self-detonation, Jiang Ci was just a thought.

Just use the power of the blast domain and the lihuo domain, the dual domain power, to protect himself and the Jiang Doudou on the flying boat behind him.

But the eight cultivators in the early and middle stages of Nascent Soul were miserable.

The two nearest Nascent Souls were directly blown to pieces by this self-destructive power.

The other six people also suffered injuries of varying severity.

"President Jiang is spared!"

"Senior forgive me!"

The six people including He Rui were begging for mercy. They were bound by the gusty realm and could no longer escape.

Jiang Ci was expressionless, stepped gently, and flashed in front of one person.

The sword is out and people die.

[You killed the early cultivator of Yuan Ying, experience value +3000]

[You killed the mid-primary infant cultivator, experience value +3400]


Of the six people, in an instant, only He Rui and one mid-Yuan Ying cultivator remained.

"President Jiang is forgiving! They forced me to do it. Forgive me!" He Rui almost knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.

It's a pity that his Nascent Soul's early strength can't move at all in the face of the constraints of the blast domain.

"You were forced?" Jiang Ci sneered.

He put his hand on top of Herui's head.

Search the soul!

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