I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 309

Chapter 308: Run For Subscription

"Damn!" Jiang Ci was taken aback.

This abnormality, no wonder the killing speed is faster than him.

One piece of music, accompanied by the realm of Tao, spreads for a thousand kilometers, and it can kill everyone in this range!

Suddenly, the sound of the flute became agitated, spreading from the sky above Daze.

Puff, puff!

Hundreds of figures fell from various hidden places and died.

"Humph!" Jiang Ci snorted coldly.

The wind was like a blade, circling sharply around him.


The screaming sound masked the sound of the flute.

It even blocked the power of those weird life fields.

"Not bad, in the past half a month, you can block my dream song!"

With bare feet, Mu Ning stepped on the void and came to Jiang Ci.

The distance is about one hundred kilometers...

"Maybe I don't like this song." Jiang Ci looked serious.

"Oh? Here's another one? I still have a new song, Mochizuki!" Muning's eyes lit up.

The sincere expression on the innocent face makes people feel good.

But Jiang Ci was not confused, the innocent shepherd boy in front of him had killed more people than him!

"Forget it, I don't like listening to music, let's compare swordsmanship."

"Haha, let's wait for the final decision!" Muning waved her hand and moved lightly, floating in other directions.

Jiang Ci is afraid of Mu Ning.

Of course Mu Ning was also afraid of Jiang Ci.

No one is sure to kill the other party.

It's not the last moment, neither of them wants to fight to death at this time.

There are less than 100,000 people left, and the top points are very close, and everyone has a chance to win the final first place.

The two retreated separately.

But their first meeting caused an uproar outside the map of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers in the Blue Star Region.

"Muning and Jiang Ci of Division 101 face to face for the first time!"

"This Muning is too perverted, listening to his music can kill people!"

"Jiang Ci only used one domain of Tao just now, and another did not."

"Although the two didn't make any moves, it can be seen that they are both afraid of each other!"

"In addition to these two people, the other players in Division 101 are also very abnormal. Who will win the final number one?"

Division 101 is the most eye-catching division in the Blue Star District.

The players in the top ranks are obviously a level higher than the players in other regions!

Jiang Ci, Mu Ning, Motianba, Shuangqiang Taibao, Cheng Yu, Wang Jingyuan.

They are all areas of the Tao of Consummation.

Especially Muning, who possesses special Taoism, is extremely strong!

Due to the rule that kills can get half of the opponent's points, now anyone can get the first place in the competition!

So everyone is expecting that these people can fight and distinguish themselves.

"What a weird means of attack, I really met an opponent this time!" Jiang Doudou's eyes widened.

"Uncle Zu will win!" Wen Jia's sister and brother were full of confidence.

"Brother Jiang must be the first!" Shen Wansi was even more supportive.


After another week, the regional battle has been going on for 27 days, and it is still 3 days to end.

In the 101st division, there are only 10,000 left.

"Jiang Ci is here! Run!"

Over a mountain forest, more than a dozen contestants in the duel immediately disperse.

But even so, they all looked desperate.

Because they knew that when they met Jiang Ci or Muning, there was no chance of escape!


The gust of wind swept across the forest.

The endless wind blade dance, a few breaths, turned this group of contestants into pieces.

Before the Battle of the Nine Realms Geniuses, although his blast realm and Lihuo realm had been completed.

However, the practical application of the two-way method has not been developed to the extreme.

After all, there is always a gap between practice and theory.

After so many days, after hundreds of thousands of battles, Jiang's use of Taoism has become more skilled.

His combat experience has finally been greatly improved!

After killing these people, Jiang Ci flew away while checking his own points.

"The points are over 5 billion!"

Killing these more than ten people, he gained a lot of points.

Up to now, the remaining more than 10,000 people, everyone has at least hundreds of thousands of points!

The current ranking of the 101st division.

Number 1: Mu Ning, 6 billion.

No. 2: Skyscraper, 5.9 billion.

No. 3: Jiang Ci, 5 billion.

No. 4: Double Gun Taibao, 4.4 billion.

No. 5: Chengyu, 4 billion

No. 6: Wang Jingyuan, 3.6 billion

No. 7: Beludo...


"The first two are abnormal!"

"There are still three days before the competition is over. You have to kill two big point players to catch up."

Jiang Ci shook his head helplessly, his figure shook, and disappeared over the mountain forest.

On the planet of Division 101, search constantly.

It is a pity that the strengths of the big points are not bad, it is difficult to find.

"Run, it's Jiang Ci!"

Along the way, I saw Jiang Cis contestants and fled.

However, none of them can escape.

Soon, Jiang Ci came to the sky over a city.


A figure directly blocked his way.

I saw a cruel young man with a thin stature.

In the street below, hundreds of corpses lay.

This hidden contestant was all killed by this person.

"Jiang Ci!" The cold youth looked at Jiang Ci, and the blood on the long stick was still falling drop by drop.

"Wang Jingyuan!" Jiang Ci's eyes flashed.

The two are 3rd and 6th in the division respectively.

One point is 5 billion and one point is 3.6 billion.

"Are you going to fight me now?" Jiang Ci asked.

"Yes, if I kill you, I can rush to the first place!" Wang Jingyuan looked firm, with a trace of madness.

"Then let's fight!" Jiang Ci nodded gently.


The powerful aura of the two suddenly spread out.

Thousands of kilometers around, all the hidden contestants were shocked and wanted to withdraw from the fighting range of the two.

However, Jiang Ci and Wang Jingyuan did not intend to let them go.

These people who wanted to reap the benefits of the fishermen were slaughtered by the two of them in just a moment.

Then, the two stood in the air, thousands of miles apart, their aura reached their peak.

"Withered wood every spring!" Wang Jingyuan took the lead.

Rare Taoism, complete withered wood domain, immediately displayed through the long stick in his hand.

The power of his domain, life is conceived in death.

Very weird.

An extremely cohesive stick figure swept out.

Jiang Ci directly greeted him, blasting the shield.

Dangdang! !

This move was completely blocked by him.

call out!

Another sword pierced out suddenly.

The power of the blast domain.

The sword body condensed the gusty sword shadow, shaking the space.

Almost to the extreme.

"What a fast sword!" Wang Jingyuan's expression changed.

He responded as quickly as possible: "A stick is like a forest!"

The shadow of the stick in the sky, under his dead wood field, turned into a virgin forest, covering thousands of kilometers.

Puff puff! !

The towering giant tree fell apart.

Jiang Ci's gust of wind sword shadow, under this kind of obstruction, is constantly being consumed.

It dissipated before Wang Jingyuan was near.

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