I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 312

Chapter 311: Mu Ning's Fourth Song For Subscription

But Mu Ning was still standing there, the flute still flying.

But there was a strange force in the life field, accompanied by the sound of the flute, suddenly turned into a giant palm, smashing the Lihuo sword shadow.

Without changing his face, Jiang Ci took advantage of this opportunity and approached Muning.

A sword was swung in an instant.

This time, with the true meaning of the sword as the core, the wind and fire hovered.

The wind helps the fire, the fire helps the wind!

The power of the two domains seemed to merge into one, and the power suddenly increased.

With a raging sword, Mu Ning could no longer maintain her composure, and her complexion changed slightly.

The sound of Mochizuki suddenly accelerated the rhythm, and the power of the life domain condensed into countless huge soles.

The sword of Chaojiang Ci kicked past.

Boom boom boom!

The explosive shock swept the entire planet in Division 101.

However, Jiang Ci and Muning remained unmoved under this impact.

After everything subsided, Mu Ning's expression was unprecedentedly solemn.

"If your Mochizuki song has this power, then you will lose today!" Jiang Ci was expressionless, and another sword was about to come out.

"You can actually merge the dual rare realms initially, and the power is comparable to the special level Dao realm.

It seems... Mochizuki song is not working anymore, listen to my fourth song-Muyun song! "Muning took a deep breath.

"There is also a fourth song!" Jiang Ci's expression changed.

He knew that Mu Ning's Taoism was a special Taoist realm.

According to the judgment just now, Mochizuki Song has perfectly exerted all the power of this special Dao realm.

If there is a fourth song, it means that the person's realm of Taoism has surpassed the domain stage!

The way of heaven and earth!

Just listen to Mu Ning's words: "My Muyun song is what I got from New Enlightenment. Unfortunately, only 30% of it has been completed now. If you can stop it, I will give in."

While talking, he began to play the flute.

Jiang Ci shook his heart, it really is the way of heaven and earth!

"Don't think about it!"

Jiang Ci gave a cold voice.

If this guy is allowed to play, he will have no chance!

Suddenly, the sword shadow rose and turned into a sword curtain covering the sky and the sun.


Like ten thousand swords!

Just listen to the hum!

But there are invisible bounds of heaven and earth, attacking from all directions.

Jiang Ci found that he felt like he was in a quagmire.

The speed blessing provided by the blast realm has also lost its effect.

This is the gap in the realm of Taoism!

It really is the way of heaven and earth! Jiang Ci was bitter in his heart.

With the sound of the flute, the clouds roll and the clouds are smooth.

The sky full of swords has disappeared.

But Jiang Ci fell into the sound of the flute in an instant, with no resistance at all.

Even if it is a dual domain body guard, it can't stop Muning's way of heaven and earth.

It's no longer on one level!

Jiang Ci's consciousness disappeared in the map of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers in a daze.

In the end, only the barefooted shepherd boy wearing a straw hat, short shirt, and barefoot remained over the mountains.

But Mu Ning was stunned for a long time, exhaling with a complicated expression.

"This fourth song, originally meant to be used until the finals, was forced out by you..."

"I, Muning, admit that you are the strongest opponent I have ever encountered!"


There are countless races in the universe, and the nine star regions of the Dao League occupied by the human race are the richest territory in the vast universe.

The Heavenly Court of the Dao League, which governs the Nine Regions, is located in the middle of the Nine Regions and occupies a huge star region no smaller than the Nine Regions.

At this time, the Dao League Heavenly Court, a hall surrounded by stars.

There are two middle-aged men sitting opposite each other in the starry sky,

One with a disheveled hair and only a blue shirt,

One person has a good face and full body armor.

In the center of the main hall, the colorful light flowing through the sky, the mountains and rivers,

The situation of the first stage of the 3,600 star zones was shown in front of the two.

"The 101 Division of the Blue Star District is a bit to behold." The green shirt man waved his hand.

The map of the mountains and rivers in front of the two, the star river doubling around, showed the scene of Jiang Ci and Mu Ning clashing.

"Oh? The special way of life, this little guy has already mastered 30%, and has the strength of the top ten in the finals!" The man who penetrated the armor also showed interest.

"And he has a good grasp of it, and can fully integrate the way of life into the music,

With such attainments, when the way of life is completed in the future, he can directly join the way. "The green shirt man said.

"In contrast, his opponent, the other little guy, had too bad luck.

I can think of using the true meaning of the sword as the core, fusing two areas of rare Dao,

With such strength, he could have won the first place in the division. "The Guanjia man smiled.

"It's also a good seed. With better luck, he might be able to break into the top 500 of the finals." The man in Qingshan shook his head.

Obviously, they are more concerned and optimistic about Muning.



Yuan Changshuo was alone in the luxurious palace, looking crazy.

"Die well! Die well!"

There was helplessness in the tone.

Feihong Star Trade is an important source of wealth for Feihongmen, and he can manage it for so long.

Naturally, he is not a simple, impulsive person.

Yuan Changshuo knows the current situation very well. Even if the Jiuyu Genius War is over, he cannot deal with Jiang Ci.

Even, he has to avoid each other!

And he was also worried:

If you let the contenders in the sect, know that he had conflicts with Jiang Ci.

When that happens, his situation will be passive!

"Damn it!" Yuan Changshuo gritted his teeth and groaned again.


The blue star area, a remote secondary life planet, also has a map of mountains and rivers on the sky.

The ancestor Qingxuan was like an ordinary person, hiding in the world, paying attention to this grand genius battle.

Although there is still no round robin in the first stage, he is already certain,

Jiang Ci is the second genius in Dao Fa talent among the contestants in the blue star area!

The first is naturally the shepherd boy.

"Jiang Ci..."

"The double rare Dao at the domain stage, the special Dao at the true meaning stage..."

Qingxuan ancestor's eyes throbbed with blood.

He had already obtained the blood spirit fruit that had been guarded for two thousand years, and his strength could go further.

But at this time, seeing Jiang Ci's talent in Taoism, he couldn't think of a way to deal with Jiang Ci.


Blue Star, Linhai City, Doudou Manor.

Jiang Doudou, Xuantian, Li Baibai and others stood outside the exercise room.

Soon, Jiang Ci walked out frowning, not looking good.

"Brother!" Jiang Doudou yelled first, very worried.

Next to him, Wen's sister and brother and Shen Wansi were equally worried.

"Jiang Ci, you did a great job!" Xuantian also comforted.

"Yeah, compared to us, you are the second in the division, which is much better than us.

I only ranked 855, my eldest brother is a little better, and only ranked 103 in their division. "Li Baibai smiled.

They have experienced many battles, are much older than Jiang Ci, and have a strong psychological endurance.

Faced with such a failure, it was natural to laugh away.

But Jiang Ci is only 32 years old, too young!

Although they are in the relationship of worshiping siblings, Jiang Ci is actually a junior.

The two worried that Jiang Ci would be hit.

Because Jiang Ci hadn't encountered such an opponent for a long time, there was no room to fight back.

It's completely crushed and miserable!

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