I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 314

Chapter 313: Three People's Road For Subscription

"Haha, it seems that someone is one step ahead of us!" Ers laughed.

The gray-robed old man named Mo Gan shook his head gently: "It's better to come early than to come quickly. Luck has nothing to do with time."

"I have seen Lord Mo Gan!" Mu Chuan took a few steps forward and solemnly bowed the head of a Taoist priest.

Jiang Ci, Xuantian and Li Baibai were all shocked by this scene, incredible.

Mu Chuan is a cultivator in the later stage of the Yuanshen, this Lord Mo Gan, is it the period of harmony?

"Let me introduce it, Jiang Ci, this Lord Mo Gan is from the Dao League Heavenly Court Years Hall." Ease laughed at Jiang Ci.

Dao League Heavenly Palace Years Palace?

Xuantian and Li Baibai were confused.

But Jiang Ci was surprised.

In the inheritance memory of Master Ge Dao Ren, he also knows the Heavenly Court of the Dao League.

There are 36 halls in the Heavenly Court of the Dao League, and the Years Hall is one of them!

Those who can enter it, the lowest is the Hedao period!

"You are wrong. I am not in the Harmony Period. Like Ersi and Mu Chuan, I am in the late Yuanshen stage."

Mo Gan smiled lightly, as if he could see through what Jiang Ci was thinking.

"Don't dare to compare with Lord Mo Gan, although the adult is in the late Yuanshen, the strength is no different from the He Dao period." Mu Chuan quickly respectfully said.

Ers also saluted in the same way, showing respect.

""Okay, let's talk business. Mo Gan shook his head, and then said to Li Baibai: "Are you Li Baibai?" "

Li Baibai was still in shock at this time.

Upon hearing this, she nodded blankly.

"Would you like to worship me as a teacher?" Mo Gan said.

Li Baibai was stunned. When did she become so popular?

"Master Mo Gan, could it be that Li Baibai's Taoism..." Mu Chuan was taken aback.

"However, it is related to time." Mo Gan nodded.

"No wonder, no wonder, neither Sect Master nor I can see the origin of her Taoism." Mu Chuan suddenly realized.

He persuaded Li Baibai: "In this case, Li Baibai, it is most appropriate for you to worship Lord Mogan as your teacher."

"Remind, you have to think clearly. Once you enter the Palace of Years, you are not allowed to leave unless you are successful in cultivation.

The Dao Fa you are practicing is difficult, ranging from a hundred years to as long as a thousand years, and you may not be able to practice successfully. "Mo Gan said again.

Li Baibai did not hesitate this time, she was also a decisive person, and immediately agreed.

"Good, good!" Mo Gan nodded in relief.

Jiang Ci and Xuantian glanced at each other, and both were pleasantly surprised for Li Baibai.

The future path of the three people has come to an end.

Needless to say, Jiang Ci, once he reaches the top 3,600 in the finals, he can become the core disciple of the Zixiao Sect.

In the entire universe human race, apart from Dao Sect, Buddhism Sect, and Sword Sect, Zixiao Sect is the most powerful.

Xuantian has now become a disciple of the Cangyun Sect, and has the opportunity to worship the powerhouse of He Dao.

Although Cangyun Sect is not comparable to Zixiao Sect, it is also the top immortal sect that governs a star area.

And Li Baibai can worship the strong of the Heavenly Palace Years Palace of the Dao League as his teacher, and he will definitely not be worse in the future.

They seem to have embarked on a new starting point again, starting a new journey.

Although the three of them didn't say it clearly, they all had the same belief in their hearts.

Everyone is pursuing a higher level, but also to protect the earth.

In the past, Xuantian and Li Baibai, two people guarded everything on the earth in the hands of monsters.

Later, until now, it became Jiang Ci to guard the earth.

Xuantian and Li Baibai fell down instead.

Given their two temperaments, they naturally didn't want to put such a heavy burden on Jiang Ci alone.

They want to prove that they are not bad!

Finally, it's time for parting.

Mo Gan wanted to return to the Heavenly Court of the Dao League, so Li Baibai also left with him.

She left this time and I don't know how long it will take to return.

Although there is an interstellar teleportation array, Mo Gan also said just now that unless he succeeds in his cultivation, he cannot leave the Palace of Time.

Jiang Doudou was the saddest thing about Li Baibai's departure.

Because Jiang Doudou has worshipped Li Baibai since he was a child and used this as an example.

"You also practice hard, don't trouble your brother." Li Baibai squeezed Jiang Doudou's face affectionately.

She chatted with Jiang Doudou, then turned her gaze to Jiang Ci and Xuantian, and said with a smile: "Big brother, third brother, don't relax, don't be careful, you will be overtaken by me!"

"Well, one hundred years later, see who is better!" Xuantian was also very proud.

Jiang Ci smiled but didn't say anything. He had never been afraid of anyone faster than his cultivation speed.

Li Baibai waved away heroically.

Xuantian also followed Mu Chuan to Cangyun Sect.

Doudou Manor was quiet again.

"Big Brother and Sister Bai Bai have worked so hard, and I can't relax!"

Jiang Ci restrained his mind and returned to the practice room with a firm gaze.

He first recalled the battle with Muning.

"Using the true meaning of the sword as a medium to promote the integration of wind and fire, the power of that sword surpasses the simple domain stacking before!"

"Unfortunately, there is still too much difference from Muning's way of life!"

"If I had the gale or the way to escape from the fire, or the sword field, I would definitely not lose so badly!"

Kendo is also a special way, not inferior to the way of life, and is better at fighting.

Even at the domain stage, it will greatly improve his strength!

Thinking this way, Jiang Ci opened the experience value panel:


Modification: Yuan Ying (1.06 million/1.06 million later)


Storm Field (5 million / 5 million)

Lihuo field (5 million / 5 million)

The true meaning of the sword (1 million / 1 million)

Amplitude: 100

Deduction: 10,000 experience points/time

Techniques: Zixiao Sword Classic, Peacock View Ideas

Experience value: 3.7668 million


"3.7 billion points, after deduction, finally there is no need to pick and search!" Jiang Ci laughed.

One deduction requires 10,000 experience points.

With 100 million experience points, it can only be deduced 10,000 times.

Haifeng and Lihuo are rare methods, and Kendo is a special method.

Whether you want to promote the way of the wind, the way of leaving the fire, or the realm of the sword.

The difficulty is very high.

For the entire ten years before, he had not succeeded in deduction.

In addition to the high difficulty of deduction, there is also too little deduction.

"The round robin is the 2-100th of 360 contest areas participating, with a total of 35,640 people."

"One-on-one, 35,639 battles per person."

"Thirty-six games a day will last for nearly three years."

"With this calculation, I still have a chance to let Dao Fa go further!"

"Start deduction!"

"How can I break through one!"

If any one of these three methods breaks through, his strength will be even more improved.

The words of Mu Chuan and Ers still echoed in his mind.

Can you just make it to the top 500 in the finals?

Jiang Ci does not believe in this evil!

"Use the Zixiao Sword Classic and the true meaning of the sword to deduct it once!"

"Use the blast domain to deduct it once!"

"Use Lihuo Realm to deduct it once!"

He repeated silently in his heart, non-stop.

Experience points are being consumed rapidly.

The feeling of success in my heart is getting stronger and stronger.

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