I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 323

Chapter 322: What Is A Real Genius Subscription Required

People who pay attention to Jiang Ci gradually increased.

Of course, among the more than 10 million geniuses who have tried, some people have thought,

Persevere in the trial space at each level for 30 days, and use these time to practice.

But none of them was successfully implemented in the end.

One is that without Jiang Ci's strength, it is impossible to easily kill 99 trial subjects, and then only keep one.

The second is that under the gaze of so many powerful people, they can't do such a thing!

Time passed, when the third year was over and the Qingyundao trial was in the fourth year.

The number of people who are still practicing is no more than 10,000.

The first place in the trial is still Zhiwei, this suffocating genius, almost finished the eighth Qingyun Dao.

Leaving other people far behind.

For example, second place is still working **** the sixth Qingyun Dao.

However, these are not the focus of everyone's attention.

Everyone is looking at one person: Jiang Ci...

Why hasn't he been eliminated? !

Why is he still alive? !

Not only are they alive, but they have all reached the first step of the fifth Qingyun Dao, and the ranking has just moved into the top ten thousand!

In the past three years, everyone looked at Jiang Cis rankings, like a snail, steadily climbing up step by step.

Many people are numb.

By this time, everyone is still unclear. Jiang Ci is going to hold each level of trial space for 30 days!

Wei Sheng, a strong man in the blue star area, although still a little helpless, his face got better and better.

Even some small expectations, this little guy might be able to surprise him.

Because he could see that Jiang Ci's Taoism strength was improving a little bit.

Even if the five poisonous old ghosts would ridicule him from time to time, he thought he hadn't heard it.

Because as Jiang Cis ranking increases, there will only be fewer and fewer words that the five poisonous old ghosts can satirize.


Map of mountains and rivers through the sky, over the Zixiao continent.

Immortals Yiliang and Chuhe, relying on powerful immortal knowledge, can supervise everyone's trials at the same time.

"That little guy, step by step, steady and steady, I appreciate this attitude!" Immortal Yiliang laughed.

"Don't you think that his Dao Fa has improved a bit faster? The Dao of Lihuo that he only understood three years ago is now above the first level." The Immortal Chu He said in a deep voice.

"What's that? Two words, genius!" Immortal Yiliang chuckled lightly.

"Genius? Zhiwei is a genius. After three years, without stopping, he immediately reached the ninth Qingyun Road.

I remember that the finals of the Nine Regions Genius War has been trial for millions of years, and no one has come this far. "The Immortal Chuhe said.

"You, it's just a bit old-fashioned, and the genius is not carved out with a mold.

Look, I think the little guy Jiang Ci can give us a surprise. "

Immortal Yiliang cast his gaze into the fantasy space, and he could see that Jiang Ci was practicing cross-legged.

Immortal Chuhe didn't argue, he just liked Zhiwei.

Not only him, in fact, almost everyone is optimistic about Zhiwei.

Of course, no one thought about comparing Jiang Ci with Zhiweifang.

Because it is not a genius at all.

Zhiwei is almost breaking into the ninth Qingyun Road now.

Jiang Ci has just entered the fifth...

"Look, Zhiwei has begun to break the ninth Qingyun Road!" Immortal Chu He's eyes lit up.

Immortal Yiliang also looked over quickly.

At the same time, the strong people below also turned their attention from Jiang Ci to Zhiwei.

After all, this is related to the record of the nine-domain genius battle for millions of years, and it is more worthy of attention.

"Regardless of Zhiwei's final results, he has set a new record!"

"Yes, for nearly a million years, in the finals of the Nine Realms Genius War, the best result is only the ninth step of the eighth Qingyun Dao."

When everyone is talking,

I saw in the fantasy space, the indifferent young man with a strand of white hair in front of his forehead, holding a long sword, stepped onto the ninth Qingyun Road.

In the first-level trial space, there are still 100 dragon pythons with perfect Yuan Ying.

But the realm of Taoism is higher, and the rhyme of the Tao of Heaven and Earth flows in space.

Soon, Zhiwei fought those dragon pythons.

But just for a moment, I was injured.

"This is his first injury!" Immortal Chu He's eyes flashed.

Immortal Yiliang was silent.

Then, Zhiwei broke out, and the void above the boundless Daze in the trial space shattered.

His figure shuttled through the countless debris space, attacking the dragon pythons.

The body is weird and unpredictable.

In the end, Zhiwei killed half of the dragon pythons, and was torn into pieces by the remaining dragon pythons.

Was eliminated.

However, only half of the dragon python gave him 5 billion points.

No one can shake his first position!

"The terrible young man, his Taoism strength has already surpassed many Jiexian." Immortal Yiliang sighed.

"Yes, once he is in harmony, he even only needs to cultivate into the soul, the strength can be comparable to the two of us!" Chuhe Immortal also said.

Zhiwei's current cultivation base is Yuan Ying Consummation, and there is no way to fully use the power of Taoism itself.

If it comes to the Yuanshen Period and the Hedao Period, it will be able to exert more power of Taoism.

As for the robbery?

These two immortals knew very well that once Zhiwei became immortal through the catastrophe, he could far surpass them.

Below, a huge sapphire platform.


Zhiwei's figure reappeared on the platform.

Still expressionless, he looked for an empty corner and sat cross-legged.

Do not approach others, nor do others approach him.

In the distance, those strong in harmony, looking at this rare young genius in millions of years, felt very complicated.

Take a hit.

Each of them has practiced for thousands of years, and Dao Fa is not as good as a junior!

At the same time, those more than 10 million talents who were eliminated,

Seeing Zhiwei's figure appeared, I knew that Zhiwei was also eliminated.

Although you cant see Zhiweis trial scenario, through the ranking changes,

They knew that Zhiwei had broken into the 9th Qingyun Road before he died.

Everyone is silent, the gap is too big!


At this time, Jiang Ci was on the fifth Qingyun Dao, the first-order trial space.

The trial object here is also 100 dragon pythons.

Up to now, he has figured out the situation of the subject.

The trial objects of the 9th-order trial space are different,

The trial objects in the first-order trial space are all monster dragon pythons.

The second stage are all strange life flame giants.

The third level is the Yaozu Golden Winged Peng Carving.


But the trial targets of the Nine Qingyun Dao, the arrangement of each level is the same, but the strength will be improved step by step.

After reaching the fifth Qingyun Dao, the strength of each trial object is at least equivalent to the top 10,000 talents in the finals!

However, with Jiang Ci's current strength, facing such 100 dragon pythons, it can still be easily solved.

He had killed 99 of them long ago, and one of them remained unkilled.

When Zhiwei was eliminated at the first stage of the ninth Qingyun Road, Jiang Ci didn't know about it.

He is still working hard to improve...

It wasn't until Jiang Ci passed this level of trial and checked his ranking that he discovered this situation.

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