I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 329

Chapter 328: Huge Reward Plus 814

"In this Qingyun Dao trial, in addition to the breakthrough and improvement of the path of fire,

Another gain is the experience value reward for passing each level trial. "

"The first step of Qingyun Dao, the rewarded experience value is 2 million."

"After that, the reward for each level will be increased by 100,000."

"The last thing I passed was the first-order trial of the eighth Azure Cloud Road, which rewarded 8.3 million experience points!"

"A total of 329.62 million experience points were obtained by adding up all the trials!"

Jiang Ci calculated in his heart that the balance of experience value now exceeds 1 billion.

It must be more than enough to deduce the way of the wind.

But it is definitely not enough to push the next level of the sword field!

He also needs more experience points.

"A new source of experience points, coming soon!"

Jiang Ci smiled slightly, although the specific ranking of the finals has not yet been determined,

But he has now confirmed that he has entered the top 3,600 in the finals.

Have a chance to enlighten the ancient world of Daoyuan!

There is the source of all ways, and it is said that the way of heaven and earth can be seen with the naked eye.

In his eyes, it's all experience points!


The ring battle is not like fighting outside, limiting the space.

In a limited space, the two sides have only to fight and have no other choice.

Therefore, the two rounds of the arena with 12,960 people went on very quickly.

In the end, only 3240 winners remained.

In addition, the top 360 geniuses of Qingyundao trial.

At this point, the top 3,600 of the geniuses of the nine domains in the finals have all been determined.

The huge figure of Immortal Yiliang stands high in the starry sky.

He looked down at the crowd and said leisurely: "The 3240 people who won, congratulations, have also entered my Zixiao Sect!"

"And the 9720 people who failed, it's a pity that you can only get here."

"But I hope you don't give up. The way to enter the Purple Cloud Sect is more than one of the nine domain geniuses.

Working hard, you can also become a disciple of my Purple Cloud Sect through other means! "

"Of course, even if you dont enter my Purple Cloud Sect, it doesnt mean you wont be a strong one in the future.

Cultivation is endless, there are thousands of Taoisms, there is always a path suitable for you! "

The voice of Immortal Yiliang echoed over this continent.

Hearing these words, the 9720 failed geniuses who were still depressed, their eyes brightened again.

"Haha, being able to get to this level does not mean that we are worse than those in front of us!"

"We are still young and the road has just begun. The Nascent Soul Stage is only a stage of cultivation.

There are Yuanshen, Hedao, and even the realm of immortals behind, we still have a chance to catch up with them! "

"I'm going back to retreat for a thousand years, and I won't get out of it if I don't agree!"


Seeing everyone regaining their confidence, Immortal Yiliang smiled and nodded, waved his sleeves, and sent these people away from Tongtianshanhetu.

His attitude towards these 9,720 people is completely different from the attitude he treated the 10 million people just now.

Because the people who were eliminated in this round were not bad in talent, but lacked a little bit of strength and luck.

The last 3,600 geniuses are left on the sapphire platform, and many people have smiles on their faces.

Especially the 3240 people who just won, smile more on their faces, after all, victory is always happy.

Immortal Yiliang looked at everyone and said with a smile: "Next, it will be you."

"Someone must have heard of it, my Zixiaozong Ninth Heaven exists"

Many of the 3,600 geniuses have their eyes bright and look forward to it.

The core of the Dao League has three sects and six sects, among which the name of Zixiao Sect is no less than that of Dao Sect, Buddhism Sect, and Sword Sect.

The Nine Heavens of the Purple Cloud Sect has spread among many powerful families and forces in the Nine Regions.

Those geniuses with extraordinary backgrounds know very well, even the worst one,

As long as you can get in, your chances of setting foot on the path in the future will also greatly increase.

However, there are still many people who don't understand the existence of the Nine Heavens of Zixiaozong.

Therefore, Immortal Yiliang smiled and explained:

"My Zixiaozong's ninth heaven, the front four heavens, are the cultivation grounds for millions of disciples."

"One to four heavens, of course the best is the four heavens."

"As we all know, no matter how much resources there are, it is also limited. It is impossible for everyone to enter the four heavens with the best conditions."

"So, next, you have to pass the arena to determine the final ranking of the finals."

"Which one can enter, must be allocated according to ranking!"

Speaking of this, Immortal Yiliang was taken aback for a moment, with a surprised expression that even the geniuses below saw it.

When everyone was wondering, he smiled and said: "There is good news, True Monarch Tieshan just told me,

According to previous regulations, there is only one quota for the four heavens.

But this year's Nine Domains Genius Battle, you can add two more! "

These words made many geniuses who have the strength to compete for the top ten suddenly excited.

Excited and flushed!

Three quartet places!

Jiang Ci's breathing couldn't help but rush.


Even if Zhiwei occupies one spot, there are still two spots to compete for!

Those who are strong in harmony are even more surprised.

The regulations over the years have actually changed this time.

"It should be a high-level member of the Zixiao Sect. Seeing that this year's genius strength is far beyond the previous one, this has added two additional four-tier places."

"The Nine Regions Genius War this time is really extraordinary. There are only three geniuses who practice special ways of heaven and earth.

There are a few other young people, like Yan Jiufeng, Mo Hong, etc., if they were put in the past, they would have the strength to compete for the first place. "

Starry sky.

Immortal Yiliang looked at the excited expressions of the geniuses and nodded in satisfaction.

There is a problem if you are not excited. The Nine Heavens in Zixiao and the Fourth Heaven represent the highest status of disciples.

He continued:

"Let me talk about the distribution rules of one to four heavens and the specific rewards of the finals."

"Before the Nine Regions Genius War started, we announced some rewards.

As long as you can enter the top 3,600 in the finals, while becoming a disciple of the Zixiaozong,

You can also get a minimum of 100 million lower-grade spirit crystals and a chance to enlighten the ancient world of Daoyuan. "

"Everyone has one opportunity to enlighten the Daoyuan Ancient Realm."

"As for which heaven you can enter and how many spiritual crystal rewards you can get, it will be determined according to the ranking."

"No. 361-3600, enter the first heaven and get 100 best spirit crystals."

"The 11th-360th place, entered the Second Heaven and won 1,000 Supreme Spirit Crystals."

"No. 4-10, enter the Triple Heaven and get 10,000 Supreme Spirit Crystals."

"The top 3, enter the fourth heaven, get 100,000 best spirit crystals."

"I want to emphasize that the ranking here is not a trial ranking, but a ranking for the next challenge."

As soon as the words of Immortal Yiliang fell, the geniuses became excited again.

The Purple Cloud Sect is too big!

One hundred high-grade spirit crystals is equal to 100 million low-grade spirit crystals.

The highest top 3 will be able to get 100,000 Supreme Spirit Crystals, that is, 100 billion Lower Grade Spirit Crystals.

It's time to catch up with a top immortal sect!

Moreover, these are allocated according to the ranking of the ring battle. The low ranking in the trial just now has a chance to rush to the front!

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