I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 337

Chapter 336: The Disappeared Tongtian Tower Subscription Required

Account balance: 10000.12 Supreme Lingjing

The 10,000 Supreme Lingjing is one of Jiang Ci's awards for winning the top ten in the finals of the Jiuyu Genius Competition.

Zixiaozong was wealthy, and after the Nine Regions Genius War ended, he transferred the money to his Dao League Crystal Bank account.

As for the 0.12 Supreme Spirit Crystal, he had stored it in the Dao League Crystal Line before.

"60 points is 6000 top-grade spiritual crystals, equivalent to 6 billion low-grade spiritual crystals..."

Jiang Ci whispered in his heart.

Should I buy or buy.

Fill in the address, complete the deduction, and wait to receive the courier.

Not only refining the clone, Jiang Ci understands that his equipment also needs to be updated now.

The long sword of high grade spirit weapon level has long been unable to keep up with his strength.

During the Battle of the Nine Realms Geniuses, all he manifested in the Tongtian Mountains and Hetu were the best spirit weapons.

So, by the way, he changed his equipment in the Zixiaozong Treasure Pavilion.

10 points to buy a superb spiritual weapon long sword, the shape is still very similar to the Slaughter Shadow Sword.

20 points to buy a superb armor suit.

After these two kinds of flowers went out, there was another 3000 best spirit crystals gone.

The 10,000 top-grade spirit crystals awarded by the Nine Regions Genius Warfare, he spent 9,000 when he first got it...

9 billion inferior spirit crystals!

Equivalent to nine Shanhaixing Trade.

Jiang Doudou will work hard for nearly 200 years...

"It's all replaced by strength, no loss or loss!" Jiang Ci comforted himself like this.

While waiting for the express, he received thousands of applications for visits and invitations.

They were all sent from the top immortal sects and ancient forces in the blue star area and nearby star areas.

Jiang Ci only selected a few important ones, such as Cangyun Sect Sect Master Wu Kui, Sixiang Sect Sect Master Yi Shan, and Ess, the commander of the Dao League Heavenly Court Blue Star Law Enforcement Office.

Everyone gathered for a day in Doudou Manor, and then left separately.

The status of Jiang Ci today is different from that of ten years ago.

In real comparison, he is not inferior to the leaders of these great forces whose cultivation base is in the late Yuanshen stage.

Moreover, he has more room to rise.

At this gathering, Cangyun Sect Sect Master Wu Kui also fulfilled the promise he announced when the Qingyun Dao trial ended.

At that time, Jiang Ci won the second place in the trial.

Wu Kui promised to choose one of the life galaxies under the actual control of Cangyunzong and give it to Jiang Ci.

Jiang Ci did not decline, holding the astrolabe, making a selection.

In the end, he calmly chose a living galaxy called the Silver Disk Galaxy.

This is a medium life galaxy with more than 40,000 life planets.

Wu Kui didn't say anything. He applied to the Dao League Heavenly Court on the spot to transfer the sovereignty of the Silver Disk Galaxy to Jiang Ci.

And Jiang Ci changed the name of the silver disk galaxy to the Milky Way galaxy.

Because it is originally the Milky Way galaxy.

Among them, the broken star belt surrounding the solar system is in the Milky Way galaxy.

Why did the Ge Dao people leave the interstellar coordinates of the blue star in the memory of inheritance?

It is because the earth is in the blue star area.

This did not arouse Wu Kui's suspicion.

After all, the broken star will last forever, at best it is just a slightly mysterious cosmic object.

Except for some adventurous star hunters who will pay attention,

The top immortal sects like Cangyun Sect, which dominates more than 80,000 living galaxies, rarely pay attention to these small things.

Therefore, Jiang Ci upgraded from the Lord of the Earth to Lord of the Galaxy.

The actual jurisdiction of the Milky Way galaxy was given to Jiang Doudou.

In the future, this will be the base camp of Shanhaixing Trade.

Deal with these personal matters.

In just three days, a courier arrived.

Of course, he is not an ordinary courier, but a cultivator in the late Yuan Ying, dressed in formal and serious.

"Brother Jiang Ci, this is your thing!"

It can be judged by words that the other party seems to be a disciple of Zixiao Sect.

However, Jiang Ci did not delve into it. After signing the receipt, the other party quickly left.

Next, Jiang Ci returned to Earth alone and began to refine the clone.

At the same time, he didn't put aside his deduction of Dao Fa.

The sword field and the storm field are both the focus of the next breakthrough.


A blink of an eye, a year will pass.

The earth, Kunlun Mountains, Yaochi secret realm.

Jiang Ci passed through the stone gate of the lake on the top of the Tongtian Mountain and emerged from the second cave of the Yaochi secret realm.

"Tongtianlou doesn't know where the hiding is!" Jiang Ci shook his head.

In fact, 20 years ago, when the earth was facing the crisis of Qingxuanmen.

He, Xuantian and Li Baibai, once entered the second cave of the Yaochi secret realm, looking for a way to deal with the head of the Qingxuan Sect.

Then, he discovered the disappearance of Tongtianlou.

The three have also been searching for a while.

But in the end nothing was found and could not be found.

Moreover, Jiang Ci had another discovery. With his strength in the Yuan Ying stage at that time, he could not see through the second cave of the Yaochi secret realm.

His range of activities was limited to the green Yaochi lake, and he couldn't get out when he reached the edge of the lake.

There is a formation enchantment he can't detect.


Now, his actual combat power had already reached the primordial spirit stage, but he still couldn't see through it.

This year, Jiang Ci came here many times.

They are all to re-enter the Tongtian Tower, and I want to find Nishang to ask what is the relationship between the Tongtian Mountains and Rivers and the Tongtian Tower.

Not only the name, but also Lingyun Dao and Qingyun Dao, they are so alike!

"It seems that we can only wait for the cultivation base to reach the Yuanshen stage."

According to Nishang, he has to wait for him to reach the primordial spirit stage before he will be greatly benefited.

In a short period of time, it must be no show.

He is about to set off to Daoyuan Ancient Realm, and I don't know when I will return.

Afterwards, Jiang Ci returned to Xuantian City, a hidden dark room.

His three servants, Hu Yan, Qu Ze, and Qiu Hong, were still guarding here.

"Master Jiang Ci!" The three saluted respectfully.

"After I leave, the earth will be handed over to the three of you. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved, you can send it to me, or send it to my elder brother." Jiang Ci said solemnly.

"My lord, don't worry!"

Jiang Ci nodded.

In the past ten years of the Nine Realms Genius War, the number of cultivators in the Golden Core Stage on Earth has been much more than before.

However, there is still no metaphysical stage.

Even if there is a Nascent Soul Stage, with the strength of the three of Hu Yan, it can easily cope.

After all, Hu Yan's talent is not bad, Jin Danqi can comprehend the realm of Tao.

Now, Hu Yandu is already in the primordial age and is stronger.

After explaining this, Jiang Cis spiritual sense swept around the vibrant earth before entering the teleportation array with a little sadness.

As the space changed, his figure appeared in the Great Hall of the First Moon.

He did not leave the dilapidated palace immediately.

Instead, he entered an inconspicuous side hall, where he laid the formation enchantment.

Inside the formation barrier, there is a handsome young man who looks exactly like him...

"The deity."


The two spoke at the same time and laughed at the same time.

Of course, this is a self-directed and self-acted dialogue,

The two people have the same thinking, and there is only one consciousness subject.

"This feeling is quite amazing."

One consciousness can control two bodies.

At the same time, the two bodies can do different things.

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