I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 341

Chapter 340: Jiuxiao For Subscription

There was a loud voice in the sky, and it faded away.

I saw three immortals wearing battle armor flying over them,

The faintly exuding momentum is stronger than the two immortals Yiliang and Chuhe!

When Jiang Ci and others heard their conversation, they were speechless.

The longevity of the Awakening Period is generally ten thousand years.

Only by crossing the catastrophe to become immortal, the lifespan will increase.

With each catastrophe, life increases forever.

Jie Xian passed the seventh calamity, and his life was only 80,000 years at most!

According to the words of the immortal just now, I have lived for more than 80,000 years, which means that he is at least the Eight Tribulations Immortal!

Very strong!

"Jiang Ci, it seems that even the top ten geniuses of the Nine Regions geniuses do not necessarily guarantee to step into the realm of immortals." Mu Ning said solemnly.

"The road to cultivation is accompanied by too many dangers. If you are not careful, you may die." Jiang Ci nodded gently.

Just like his master Ge Dao Ren.

This genius who can be valued by Zixiaozong with the cultivation base of the co-dao period fell before becoming immortal.

At this time, the other geniuses were also thinking about the words of the three passing immortals just now.

I thought of Immortal Yiliangs final request: survive!

The hearts of everyone suddenly became heavy.

When everyone fell silent, the gray-robed old man introduced with a smile:

"This is Jiuxiao City and the only city in the ancient world of Taoyuan."

"The Daoyuan Ancient Realm is jointly managed by three sects and six sects. The Nine Territories Human Race, except for you little guys,

Other cultivators who have contributed can more or less obtain some qualifications in the ancient realm of Daoyuan. "

"The human races who come to practice here will temporarily live in Jiuxiao City during the cultivation period."

"The next 30 years will be the same for you. Choose a place to live."

"However, we must remember that there are many strong people here, and most of them are immersed in cultivation.

You must not disturb them, otherwise they deserve to be killed! "

All geniuses immediately silenced.

Observing from both sides of the street, you can find that this huge city exuding a long-lasting atmosphere has very simple internal facilities.

The buildings on both sides of the street are gray stone houses over three meters high.

Only in the depths of Jiuxiao City can you see a few taller buildings.

At this moment, you can see many powerful cultivators sitting on the roof of the stone house, raising their heads, and comprehending the way of heaven and earth visible to the naked eye on the sky.

Because those strong people are in the process of cultivation, they naturally exude strong coercion.

The geniuses were shocked, and understood what the gray-robed old man said, and disturbed these strong men, even if they were killed, they deserved it.

It does.

The qualifications to cultivate in Daoyuan Ancient Realm are extremely precious.

And time is limited, no one wants to waste even a second.

The geniuses followed the gray-robed old man cautiously.

Not long after, I came to the depths of Jiuxiao City, in front of a palace with a rough architectural style.

The palace is a thousand meters high, about one thousand kilometers long and wide.

It is also the largest building in the entire giant city.

On the huge plaque of the palace, there are three ancient characters that are completely different from the common language of the Dao League.

However, the meaning expressed by the ancient words was clearly conveyed to everyone's minds.

Nine Heavens Palace!

Jiang Ci made an expression of astonishment as everyone's, but inside was a stormy sea.

Because these three ancient characters are so similar to those in the secret realm of the Earth Jade Lake!

There are similar ancient characters on the two stone tablets of Tongtian Mountain and Tongtian Tower in the secret realm of Yaochi.

Jiang Ci had already printed these ancient characters in his mind.

It can be seen from the font structure that they belong to the same era!

"Jiuxiao Palace is the cave house of Master Jiuxiao Daojun. After entering, don't speak loudly." The gray-robed old man said.

Master Jiuxiao Daojun?

All the geniuses were shocked.

Jiuxiao City, Jiuxiao Palace, Jiuxiao Daojun.

And Jiuxiao City is the only city in the ancient world of Taoyuan.

The status of Dao Monarch Nine Heavens is self-evident.

Jiang Ci also had a serious look.

The realm of immortals, Jiexian, Taoxian, Taoist ancestor.

The immortal of the Taoist immortal stage can be called a king, a true king!

Like the True Monarch Tieshan that they had met in the Nine Realms Genius Battle before, he was the immortal of the Dao Xian Period.

And those who can carry the word Daojun are the immortals of Dao ancestor period!

Jiuxiao Daojun!

Must be a powerful cultivator standing at the pinnacle of the human race!

However, what did the gray-robed old man bring them to the cave mansion of the powerful?

A genius couldn't help asking: "My Messenger, what is our purpose here?"

"Haha, of course it is good. Since someone asked, it doesn't hurt to tell you in advance." The gray-robed old man laughed.

With a radiant expression in his eyes, he said to everyone: "You come to the Daoyuan Ancient Realm to cultivate, the training resources you can get,

It is not only the spiritual energy of the heaven and the earth with a concentration far exceeding that of the original universe, and the way of the heaven and earth visible to the naked eye,

More importantly, there is inheritance that the original universe did not have! "

"Inheritance?" Everyone was surprised.

"Follow me."

The gray-robed old man did not answer directly, and led everyone into the Nine Heavens Palace, and then proceeded along a stone path.

Here, they saw many cultivators.

When these cultivators saw the gray-robed old man, they all bowed respectfully without saying anything.

When they left, they looked enviously at Jiang Ci and other geniuses.

Soon, everyone came to a side hall.

I saw dozens of quaint stone pillars in the hall, which looked ordinary.

"My Envoy, this is the inheritance?" someone asked.

"This is a place to choose to inherit." The gray-robed old man smiled and shook his head.

Then he explained: "There is one reason why our human race can stand on top of the universe, because we value inheritance.

For countless years, 44 peak powers have left an inheritance altar in Jiuxiao City to pass on their Taoism. "

"The Peak Power!" Someone exclaimed, and then remembered that he could not speak loudly here, and quickly covered his mouth.

Everyone is excited, what level is the peak power?

Such as Zhiwei, Yan Jiufeng, Mu Ning, etc., some geniuses from extraordinary backgrounds certainly understand what this means.

The so-called pinnacle human beings are at least Taoist-level existences!

Jiang Ci's breathing was also quickened, and the importance of Taoism became more obvious in the later stages of the cultivation road.

Tao Fa practice is like walking along the road.

The way of heaven and earth is just a trail.

Along the trail, you have the opportunity to set foot on the avenue!

Like the true monarch of the Taoist Immortal Period, he is the cultivator who has finished walking the Dao!

And Daojun is the pinnacle powerhouse on the great road!

The inheritance of Taoism left by such powerful people is the guiding light for enlightenment and cultivation!

"Although I have an experience value panel, the advanced level of Taoism still needs to be deduced and consumes countless experience points."

"If there are these inheritance guidelines, the success rate of deduction may be greatly improved!"

Jiang Ci quickly thought of these, excited!

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