I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 352

Chapter 351: High Yield Subscription Required

"Ah...Go! Go!"

"Too much!"


In the gray fog world far away, there was a panic shout and strange roar.


The shouting disappeared quickly, but the earthquake trembled more and more violently, as if there were beasts rushing.

Jiang Ci's expression changed, and he heard it. Those shouts were just the geniuses who reminded him to look at the stele at the gate of the city.

It took less than ten minutes to die?

The strength of those few people is not bad, they are all 360 geniuses before the Jiuyu genius battle.

Otherwise, I have no confidence to say hello to him.

"Run!" Jiang Ci turned around and fled without hesitation.

The next moment, I saw the gray mist violently churning, and the strange-shaped spirit of Yuan Ying-period Taoist rhyme, rushing across the mountains and plains.

There are hundreds of thousands!


Jiang Ci not only used the blast domain, but also used the way of leaving the fire.

The wind assisted the fire, and the speed erupted to the highest.

There were afterimages behind him, and in an instant, he returned to the city gate.

And those spirits of Daoyun who chased them wildly, as if they had great fear of Jiuxiao City, stopped 10 kilometers away.

It just growled fiercely, exuding bloodthirsty craziness.

Jiang Ci turned around and looked at the hundreds of thousands of Taoist spirits who roared, his face full of shock.

Almost, almost caught up!

Hundreds of thousands of Yuan Ying stage, if he falls into it, he will become scum in an instant, right?

Jiang Ci finally understood why the immortal Yiliang would finally say: survive!

At that time, everyone didn't find any fatal danger in Jiuxiao City, and thought that as long as they didn't disturb those strong, it was enough.

It turned out that the danger did not come from those powerhouses who were immersed in cultivation, but the spirits of Daoyun outside the city!

Below the city gate, several other geniuses who just happened to be out of the city to hunt the spirit of Tao Yun, their faces turned pale and scared when they saw this scene.

"Jiang Ci, these are the spirits of Tao Yun?" Someone couldn't help asking.

"Yes." Jiang Ci nodded, his expression solemn.

"Go back, go back, and practice honestly."

Before they stepped out of the city gate, a few people gave up the hunting journey that was full of expectations.

Although the risks and benefits are equal.

But before they see the benefits, they see the risks.

Jiang Ci did not leave immediately, because he saw the benefits.

He was carefully observing the hundreds of thousands of Daoyun spirits that looked like ferociousness.

In just a moment, all the spirits of Taoist rhyme returned to the gray world, hidden in the gray mist.

"The risks are big, but the benefits are just as big!" Jiang Ci thought in his heart.

The hunting of a soul of Daoyun in the Yuan Ying period does not count as its own hunting experience.

Refining those non-attribute Taoism actually has 1 million experience points! !

There is a shortage of experience points now.

"It is certain that the spirit of Daoyun dare not approach the 10 kilometers area of Jiuxiao City, and the one I killed just now is very similar to the spirit of Daoyun who is alone."

"I just don't know if this sort of order is accidental or happens frequently?"

"Under the premise of ensuring a safe distance, let's explore again!"

Jiang Ci made a decision.

If there is really no chance to miss it, then give up, life is most important!

In a flash, he came to a position 20 kilometers away from Jiuxiao City.

This distance can ensure that he returns to a safe area in the shortest time.

Then hide his figure, wait quietly, and be patient.

About two hours later, there was a slight movement in the foggy world ahead.

Although the scope of spiritual sense detection was reduced, he soon detected a black Daoyun spirit with eight legs.


The spirit of Daoyun also found Jiang Ci and rushed over fiercely.

The speed of the Yuan Ying period is coming soon.

But in Jiang Ci's eyes, it was not enough to see, the sword light flashed.

Swish two swords, easily kill again.

[You killed the spirit of Daoyun in the middle stage of Yuan Ying, experience value +3400]

Subsequently, Jiang Ci directly absorbed the non-attribute Taoism transformed by the spirit of Tao Yun.

[You have understood the no-attribute Taoism, experience value + 1 million]

Turn around and leave.




Accompanied by strange roars one after another, the ground trembled violently.

A large number of Daoyun spirit beasts struck again.

But this time, because Jiang Ci had prepared in advance, relying on extreme speed, he steadily returned to a safe area within 10 kilometers of Jiuxiao City.

The hundreds of thousands of Taoist spirits stopped 10 kilometers away, roaring constantly.

"There is a play!"

Jiang Ci was overjoyed, which proved that the spirit of Daoyun really feared Jiuxiao City and did not dare to approach it.

And he found that the wisdom of Tao Yun's spirit is very low, only a simple bloodthirsty impulse.

Hunting is much simpler than the normal metaphysical stage.

The real danger mainly comes from the huge number of Daoyun spirits.

Therefore, when all the spirits of Daoyun dissipated, Jiang Ci again guarded 20 kilometers away.

Wait for the fish to slip through the net!

Then hunt and escape...

With the passage of time, more and more geniuses have heard of the existence of the spirit of Tao Yun.

Although many people have seen the horrific number of Tao Yuns spirits, there will never be a shortage of people who dare to take risks.

Especially, when some geniuses refine the non-attribute Taoism and find that their awareness of Taoism has improved, their hunting momentum will be even greater.

High risks have brought huge benefits.

Soon, the geniuses set off a wave of hunting the spirit of Tao Yun, and there were even those who dared to go deep into the world of gray mist.

As a result, nearly 10% of 3,600 people died in just half a month.

More than 300 people were buried outside the city of Jiuxiao.

The level of scouring the sand and hunting the spirit of Tao Yun eliminated many people with poor disposition, will, fighting experience, and carelessness.

Fate is death.

In the process, Jiang Ci only reminded Muning,

Then I kept my rhythm steadily and picked up the fish that slipped through the net every day.

Of course, he knows the priority,

The purpose of gaining experience points is to improve strength.

Therefore, the plan he set for himself was: to hunt for ten days a month,

The rest of the time, all on the roof of the stone house, refer to the Taoist patterns left by Lu Yan, and deduced the kendo.

One month later, another sensational news of Jiuxiao City spread quickly.

Jiujianxian, who has been silent for fifty thousand years, is going to start teaching the law!

The many primordial spirits, co-daos, and even the powerhouses of the Tribulation Period who were cultivating in Jiuxiao City suddenly boiled.

Those who were qualified to attend the class went to the mansion of Jiujianxian one after another.

Who is Jiujianxian?

A group of geniuses, except for a few people with extraordinary backgrounds, no one else has ever heard of the existence of Jiujianxian.

But soon, everyone found information about Jiujianxian on the Eye of the Sky network.

After understanding the past experience of Jiujianxian, the geniuses who used swords as weapons all showed their fascination.

Sword Fairy should be so!

Can't wait to worship Jiu Jianxian now.

Unfortunately, they are not qualified to attend classes under the Jiujian Fairy Gate.

For the newcomers of this nine-domain genius battle, only Zhiwei has passed the second level of Tongtian Mountain.

And if you want to go to the Jiexian Powerhouse to attend a class, you must at least pass the third level of Tongtian Mountain!

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