I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 357

Chapter 356: He Is Finally Willing To Move For Subscription

The three immortals turned the topic completely to the young people of the Jiuyu genius war.

"How does it look?" Ping Xianren asked again.

Immortal Yiliang said with a smile: "This year is different from the past, and many good seedlings have emerged.

Among them, Zhiwei is most valued by True Monarch Tieshan. He passed the 4th level of Tongtian Mountain a year ago. "

Speaking of Zhiwei, the smile on Immortal Yiliang's face was a bit more.

Then he continued: "The remaining Mu Ning, Yan Jiufeng, Kuang Lang, Mo Hong, and Xue Tong also passed the second level."

"The speed of these young people's progress can be regarded as the best in a million years. Maybe there will be one or two strong robbers."

There is also a gap between Tribulation Immortals, One Tribulation Immortal and Nine Tribulations Immortal are definitely different!

Jiu Jianxian also nodded: "It's really good."

Immortal Yiliang shook his head again: "It's the performance of Jiang Ci that makes me puzzled.

He was able to pass the first level in the first year, and it stands to reason that he should have passed the second level long ago.

In the past ten years, there has been no movement. Others are striving to obtain the opportunity to pass on the altar.

I don't know what he thinks, so I don't worry at all. "

Ping Xianren laughed when he heard this, "You can ask Zhong Li about this, he knows Jiang Ci better."

"Oh?" Immortal Yiliang looked at Immortal Jiujian.

Jiu Jianxian opened his clothes, took another sip of wine, and said, "To be honest, I can't see through it now."

"Ten years ago, I once instructed him to buy Wanjianqu and improve his kendo skills, but I didn't expect it to be like this after this kid bought it."

Immortal Yiliang's face changed: "This kid doesn't know how to turn a corner, so he's focused on kendo skills, right?"

"Should not... huh?" Jiu Jianxian hesitated.

"I'm just worried about this. It seems that when I wait a while, I want to remind him.

In order to avoid wasting time, the 30 years of Daoyuan Ancient Realm is the best time to lay the foundation. "The Immortal Yiliang said.

When he swept his spiritual consciousness in Jiuxiao City, he saw Jiang Ci sitting cross-legged on the roof.


After the avatar of Jiang Ci reached the Yuan Ying stage, the efficiency of refining the fruits of ten thousand years of spiritual things has been greatly improved.

In just 20 days, 200 million points of aura energy were refined,

Look at the changes in the experience value panel:

The Art of Dao Rong [The Way of Sword, The Way of Leaving Fire (200 million/200 million)] (amplitude*2)

"Amplitude*2. Sure enough, after the Taoism of the Tao of Sword and the Tao of Leaving Fire is completed,

My spiritual power amplitude can be directly multiplied by 2 on the original basis! "

"I just don't know, how many times the amplitude of the three ways of heaven and earth can be doubled?"

Jiang Ci looked forward for a while.

"With the use of the Taoist technique, my current amplitude can be increased to 4000 times.

Happily went to break through the Tianshan Mountains to test their strength. "

Immediately, Jiang Ci's heart moved, and his spiritual consciousness entered the map of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers through the communication beads.

Appears on the vast continent where 44 Tongtian Mountains are located.

He came to Master Shou Shan and saluted: "Meet Master Shou Shan."

Master Shoushan opened his eyes: "It's Jiang Ci. I remember you haven't been here for ten years. Those young people who were in the same class as you have made a lot of progress. You have to work hard."

"I have been thinking about Dao Fa before and don't want to be distracted." Jiang Ci smiled.

"Well, yes, Qinglian Tongtian Mountain happens to be no one, so hurry up and go to the mountain." Master Shoushan nodded.

Jiang Ci saluted again before flying to Qinglian Tongtian Mountain.

"Ten years of cultivating, this little guy is calm, and I don't know what breakthrough this time? Is it because he has understood the meaning of the sword?" Master Shou Shan couldn't help thinking of this.

Then he shook his head: "For thousands of years, only Lu Yan has been able to cultivate in the ancient realm of Daoyuan for only ten years, and he has understood the meaning of the sword."

Here, Jiang Ci quickly came to the foot of Qinglian Tongtian Mountain and glanced at the stone stele again.

Then, along the stone steps, quickly boarded the platform of level 2.

The space changes, and the spiritual body falls into the illusion.

It was the endless mountain range, and the guard in battle armor stood in the air with a sword.

"It's you? I haven't seen you for ten years. Do you have the confidence to pass my second level this time?" The gatekeeper said in a low voice.

"Don't you know if you try?" Jiang Ci smiled lightly.

With a squeak, he drew the sword directly out of its sheath, and the sword light was cold.

"Or is the way of the sword perfect? Then you can't beat me." The gatekeeper shook his head, the sword appeared in his hands, and the sword intent rose.

"Oh? Really?" Jiang Ci chuckled again.

Suddenly a dark red sword shadow appeared on the Slaughter Shadow Sword, which was hidden under the shadow of the sword of the sword.

"What? The art of Dao Rong? Impossible! The Dao Rong art of the Dao of Heaven and Earth level is difficult to master in general Jie Xian!" The gatekeeper's expression changed.

"Come to fight!" Jiang Ci lightly drank.

The sword light whistled, and the long sword followed his figure, turning into a thousand feet long.

The sword shadow merged with the way of the sword and the way of leaving the fire is vast and powerful, spreading to the entire space.

As soon as the gatekeeper saw this momentum, his expression was extremely solemn.

The sword intent soared into the sky, turned into various moves, and violently collided with the sword of Jiang Ci.

The majestic impact swept across the entire space and destroyed the world.

4000 times spiritual power amplitude, to 2800 times spiritual power amplitude!

The gap in absolute strength.

call out!

With less than ten swords, Jiang Ci found the flaw of the gatekeeper, pierced the opponent's forehead with one sword.

Level 2, passed!


The space has changed drastically. Just now, under the battle between the two, the space that had been slumped by the landslide was restored to its original state.

The gatekeepers are also resurrected.

"This time you won with strength again. With your fighting skills, you will lose in the next level!" the gatekeeper said solemnly.

"Look at it!" Jiang Ci smiled and disappeared.

Then follow the stone steps to the platform of level 3.


At the same time, in the palace of Jiujianxian, three immortals are still drinking and reminiscing about the past.

Suddenly, Immortal Yiliang frowned slightly and received a message.

"Jiang Ci has just passed Level 2 of Tongtian Mountain? Is this kid finally willing to move?"

"Oh? Go, go and take a look." Jiu Jianxian also came interested.

Ping Xianren smiled, she naturally gave priority to Jiu Jianxian's opinions.

Immediately, the three of them thought, and their spiritual consciousness entered the map of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers.

Their figures are hidden in the starry sky of the continent where Tongtian Mountain is located, and their eyes are cast on Qinglian Tongtian Mountain.

"Level 3!"


Jiang Ci's figure fell into the illusion of level 3.

Because the gatekeeper was just killed by Jiang Ci in the second level, he just snorted: "You can't make it through this level only by the art of Taoism and fusion!"

Jiang Ci looked serious and did not say anything.

The guardian's Dao law strength in level 3 is equivalent to the triple level of ordinary Dao, and when replaced with spiritual power amplitude, it is 3700 times.

And after he used the technique of Tao Rong, the amplitude of spiritual power was 4000 times.

From this point of view, he has the advantage.

But the lion fights the rabbit with all his strength, he will not underestimate any opponent.

Therefore, he took the initiative to greet him with a sword.

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