I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 363

Chapter 362: Three Different Training Directions For Subscription

When several people are busy.


Another figure appeared, and everyone looked over.

I saw an indifferent young man with a strand of white hair on his forehead, who was Zhiwei.

He also received the news that Muning had passed level 4.

However, Zhiwei's eyes fell on Jiang Ci, and he rarely took the initiative to ask questions:

"Jiang Ci, are you sure to pass level 5?"

"Perhaps." Jiang Ci nodded gently.

Zhiwei was silent again.

At this time, Master Shoushan's voice sounded: "Qinglian Tongtian Mountain is empty. If you want to go to the mountain, go quickly."

Hearing the words, Jiang Ci flew out and went straight to Qinglian Tongtian Mountain.

"I want to see how many things this guy has hidden for 20 years!" Mu Ning murmured.

Although Zhiwei's face was expressionless, his eyes changed obviously.

Other geniuses also looked at Jiang Ci and made guesses.

After all, Jiang Ci hasn't made it through Tianshan for 20 years.


The fourth level of Qinglian Pass Tianshan, in the illusion.

After seeing Jiang Ci, the gatekeeper wearing a battle armor and carrying a long sword unexpectedly smiled:

"You haven't been here for a long time. Last time you were a miserable defeat. If you don't make a big breakthrough this time, you won't be able to pass this level."

"Let's talk about it first!" Jiang Ci smiled lightly.

It looks calm on the surface, but the fighting spirit is rising inside. It's time for a big fight!


The Shadow Slaughter Sword came out of its sheath, and the sword light screamed, like a green lotus blooming, and the sword aura that covered the sky and the sun shot out.

This time the sword aura was not only mixed with the dark red Lihuo sword shadow, but also the swiftness and strength of the wind.

Suddenly, the sky was filled with sword energy, sweeping the entire space.


"The Three Ways of Heaven and Earth's Taoist Art!" The gatekeeper was also shocked.

Under normal circumstances, only those Jiexian and Daoxian powerhouses who have stagnated in Dao Fa cultivation will think about taking the second and third paths.

It is very rare for a cultivator who has started to walk multiple paths before becoming immortal and can complete the integration of the two heaven and earth paths.

And like Jiang Ci, the three roads have reached the level of the Tao of Heaven and Earth, and they can integrate and perform the art of Taoism, which is rare in a million years!

As we all know, the more Dao Fa you practice, the harder it is to practice later!

However, the gatekeeper would not relax his attack because of shock, he snorted coldly, and swept away with sword intent.

"Want to pass my level with this technique? Don't think about it!"

Boom boom boom!

The sword light was surging and burst out with dazzling blazing light.

The powerful momentum of the two fighting against each other caused terrifying cracks in this space, as if it was about to collapse.

However, the gatekeeper is still at a disadvantage in absolute strength.

At this level, his Dao Fa strength is only equivalent to 4600 times the spiritual power amplitude.

In contrast, the spiritual power amplitude of Jiang Ci can reach 6000 times.

In addition, after mastering the second set of swordsmanship in Wan Jian Qu, his current fighting skills have long been different from the past.

Therefore, the gatekeeper only blocked the first wave of Jiang Ci's offensive, and was cut under the sword in the second round.

Level 4, pass!


When the news spread, everyone's shock was not as strong as expected.

Because Jiang Ci had already passed Level 3 20 years ago,

If you can't even pass level 4 this time, it's too much.

Now everyone is looking at whether Jiang Ci can pass the fifth level.

If you can get through it, it's really against the sky.

Because the first Zhiwei of the Nine Regions Genius Battle is now also the fifth level.

"Xuzhou Tongtian Mountain is also vacant. If you want to break through, go quickly." Master Shoushan's voice sounded.

Everyone's eyes focused on Zhiwei, Zhiwei expressionless, moving lightly before flashing out.

He won't let people shake his number one position!

"Now it's okay, the limelight has been robbed by these two people!" Muning grabbed the bamboo flute and tapped her straw hat.

Half an hour later, Master Shou Shan suddenly laughed: "Jiang Ci has passed the fifth level!"


The geniuses suddenly became lively, and everyone was really shocked this time.

The fifth level of Tongtian Mountain, that Jiang Ci's talent and strength is their second worthy of this year.

Why not first?

Because Zhiwei passed Level 5 ten years ago, Zhiwei is the number one.

Just as everyone was talking about this matter, Master Moriyama's majestic face was filled with smiles: "Zhiwei passed the sixth level!"

On the platform in front of Tongtian Mountain, weirdly silent, the geniuses all fell into silence.

Level 6!

At this time, in everyone's mind, only deep pressure remains.

Jiang Ci and Zhiwei are no longer at the same level with them!

The other top ten geniuses each had their eyes blinking and were greatly stimulated.

Especially the other two disciples of the fourth heaven of Zixiaozong, Yan Jiufeng and Kuanglang.

Yan Jiufeng was a little better. She was lively by nature, but she smiled bitterly for a while and her mood quickly returned to normal.

Kuang Lang was originally an arrogant person, and he felt uncomfortable at such a big difference from his competitors.

However, there was no major emotional reaction to this wild wave, and it was calm.

He has accepted this reality, but he will not give up. There is still a long way to practice in the future, and sooner or later he will catch up!

Not give up!

Next, the geniuses' adventures ended one after another.

Everyone basically passed the first level,

The top 360, as long as they are still alive, also passed the second level.

Then, only a few geniuses in the top ten passed the third level.

the remaining:

Level 4, Mu Ning.

Level 5, Jiang Ci.

Level 6, Zhiwei.


Inside the palace of True Lord Tieshan,

The three immortals also got the result of everyone rushing to the mountain for the first time.

"Congratulations, true monarch!" Immortal Yiliang and Immortal Chuhe congratulated.

True Monarch Tieshan, who has always been majestic, also let out a hearty laugh.

What can be expected is that Zhiwei, Jiang Ci, and Mu Ning, as long as the three of them don't have any accidents, will all become strong in the robbery.

If you are lucky, maybe you can become a great immortal!

If it is Jiexian, it will naturally belong to him.

If he became a Taoist immortal, he would be a true monarch-level powerhouse, at the same level as him, and definitely no longer a superior or superior.

But at that time, everyone's relationship will definitely be closer than other Dao Immortal True Monarchs.

However, he still had some doubts in his heart.

"Zhiwei takes two paths of time and space, one of which is on the road.

Coupled with the integration of time and space, it makes sense to pass level 6. "

"Muning is also at the Dao level, specializing in a life path, which is farther than Zhiwei Dadao."

"What is the basis of this Jiang Ci? He didn't actually set foot on the avenue, but walked three ways of heaven and earth at the same time, which is really rare."

After thinking about it, he shook his head again, isn't genius like that?

Beyond ordinary people's expectations.

Three people, three different training directions, so far, Zhiwei is ahead.

But in the eyes of True Monarch Tieshan, Jiang Ci is also a genius worth looking forward to.

Because Zhiwei has already revealed a talent that is rare in millions of years,

In contrast, the sudden outbreak of Jiang Ci was a complete surprise.

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