I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 365

Chapter 364: It's Him For Subscription

More than 2,700 geniuses were startled when they first appeared on the transmission platform of Zixiaozong.

The headquarters of Zixiaozong is naturally not comparable to the top immortal sects at the district level.

However, what everyone did not expect was that this place was also a continent in the starry sky, vast and invisible.

The scale is not inferior to Dao League Heavenly Court.

The only difference is that there are countless fairy mountains, fairy islands, and palaces in the sky above the mainland where the Dao League Heavenly Court is located.

And here in Zixiaozong, there are only nine huge floating islands, layered on top, surrounded by colorful clouds, just like a fairyland.

At this time, the transmission platform they were on, although the area seemed to be tens of thousands of square kilometers,

But compared with these nine floating islands, they are nothing short of a big picture.

When everyone was still shocked.

True Monarch Tieshan said solemnly: "Yiliang and Chuhe, you take them to their respective worlds of heaven."

Then disappeared out of thin air on this transmission platform.

Immortal Yiliang and Immortal Chuhe looked at the young people who were looking around. They both glanced at each other and both chuckled.

Then, Immortal Yiliang said:

"The continent below is slightly smaller than the starry sky continent of the Dao League Heavenly Court. The largest diameter is more than nine billion light-years. It is the cultivation residence of the outer disciples of the Zixiao Sect."

"These nine huge floating islands are the nine heavenly worlds. The four heavenly heavens in front are the cultivation residences of core disciples. Each of them hides a big world!"

More than nine billion light years? Isn't it too small? !

All the geniuses were dumbfounded.

"Now, the disciple of First Heaven is following Immortal Chuhe, and the disciple of Second Heaven is following me." Immortal Yiliang smiled again.

More than 2,700 geniuses were quickly separated according to their respective worlds.

The first heaven has the most, and the second heaven is the second.

Only the top ten of the third and fourth heavens.

Everyone has to be sent to the first four huge floating islands in the sky through the transfer platform in batches.

The Chuhe immortal left with the largest number of geniuses.

Then, Immortal Yiliang also left with Zhiwei, Yan Jiufeng, and Kuanglang from the four heavens.

As for the hundreds of geniuses in the second and third heavens, they have to wait for the immortal Yiliang to return.

Because the world of Chong Tian is so big, the two immortals have to send these geniuses to their respective caves one by one.

Before leaving, Yan Jiufeng waved to Muning and Jiang Ci: "Muning, Jiang Ci, don't forget to keep in touch."

Although she has a lively nature, she has a good relationship, but only Mu Ning and Jiang Ci.

Of course, Jiang Ci is incidental.

Muning tilted her head, raised her hand and waved the flute.

Jiang Ci just smiled and nodded. He knew that he was going to Muning.

"I don't know what the situation is in the world of Triple Heaven." Muning asked curiously next to Jiang Ci.

He is also a disciple of Sanzhongtian.

"The fairy said just now, it's a big world." Jiang Ci smiled.

In the memory of Ge Daoren's inheritance, there is also a simple description of the nine great worlds of Zixiaozong, but it is not exhaustive.

Jiang Ci is not clear about the specific situation inside.

Mu Ning kept making guesses, and Jiang Ci also occasionally added a sentence on the side.

"No matter what kind of environment is inside, I will plant a willow tree in front of the door and dig a pond..." Mu Ning thought carefully.

Jiang Ci smiled and was about to speak, but suddenly he noticed something and turned around suddenly, and then he was full of spirits.


A familiar voice that seemed to penetrate into the soul reached Jiang Ci's ears.

I saw Jiang Doudou Chuoyue's figure appearing at the other end of the teleportation platform. She was always cold in front of outsiders, smiling like a flower at this time.

Jiang Ci was immediately silly there.

The world seemed to be quiet, and only each other was left in their eyes.

They really separated for a long time this time. Jiang Ci is 30 years, but Jiang Doudou is 108 years.

The appearance of Jiang Doudou also made other geniuses on the transmission platform lively.

Because the two immortals Yiliang and Chuhe left temporarily, they could also relax.

"Jiang Ci, you actually have a younger sister!" Muning yelled.

"Why is your sister also a disciple of Zixiaozong?" Mo Hong asked.

"No reason, your sister has such a strong talent!"

Several other geniuses with fairly good relationships joked.

Jiang Ci smiled triumphantly, and came to Jiang Doudou.

"Surprise?" Jiang Doudou asked.

"Surprise, happy!" Jiang Ci nodded and smiled.

But before he could say anything, two more figures appeared on the transmission platform.

The aura of an immortal powerhouse suddenly dispersed and directly enveloped the hundreds of geniuses in the second and third heavens.

The powerful coercion made everyone pale and furiously resisted.

It feels like, if you dont resist, you can only wait for death!

Jiang Ci also quickly released spiritual power and Taoism to protect him and Jiang Doudou.

At the same time he was wondering, what is this?

While the immortals Yiliang and Chuhe are not there, give them power?

Is the immortal powerhouse so boring?

It can be observed that the two figures are tall and short.

The tall one is a middle-aged man with a stiff face, wearing a purple robe.

The short man, with a weird face, held a compass in his hand.

When hundreds of geniuses struggled to resist, even at a loss,

The short fairy who was holding the compass glanced at the compass, then raised his head and pointed his hand: "It's him!"

He pointed to Jiang Ci and Jiang Doudou!

Jiang Ci's face changed drastically.

The immortal with a stiff face wearing a purple robes, like a teleport, came directly in front of the two of them.

"Without permission, learn my Zixiao Daocheng without permission, die!" With a tone of judgment, he stood high and grabbed Jiang's words.

Jiang Ci wanted to move, but under the shackles of the immortal masters, he could not move at all, even his expression.

But at this moment, an imperceptible cold light flashed across Jiang Doudou, who actually broke free from the shackles and stopped in front of Jiang Ci.

"Don't hurt my brother!"

Jiang Ci's eyes were full of anxiety and despair, and he wanted to make Jiang Doudou escape.

Apart from despair, his heart is bitter.

This time I was really cheated to death...


Suddenly, a burst of shouts rang out.

On the transmission platform, another middle-aged woman appeared.

The woman's face is ordinary, but there are stars and rivers in her eyes, which are intriguing.

"Huh!" The immortal with a stiff face just snorted coldly and continued to grab Xiang Jiang's words.

The female fairy wanted to stop, but the speed was obviously slower.

At this critical moment, the image of Immortal Yiliang appeared on the transmission platform,

After giving away Zhiwei, Yan Jiufeng, and Kuang Lang from the Fourth Heaven, he just hurried back.

"audacious in the extreme!"

Immortal Yiliang became angry when he saw this scene, and pressed his palm.

The two immortals, one tall and one short, didn't dare to hold big, and immediately raised their hands to resist.

Taking this opportunity, the female fairy came directly to Jiang Ci to protect Jiang Ci and Jiang Doudou.

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