I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 375

Chapter 374: Fair Trade Subscription Required

Several puffs.

One eighth-level martial artist, four seventh-level martial artists, all fell to the ground.

"What?!" Yun Xiang opened her eyes wide, in disbelief.

Why are they all dead?

At this time, she saw a black-haired young man standing under a towering giant tree not far away.

"It's him? The person next to Xiao Lin before! Silently killed an eighth-level martial artist and four seventh-level martial artists. Is this level of strength a warrior?"

Yunxiang suppressed the shock in her heart, tried to calm herself down, and walked to Jiang Ci.

"Thank you, senior, for your help!" She saluted respectfully.

"Don't be too busy to thank you, I have conditions for saving you." Jiang Ci smiled.

"Senior please say."

"Daowen secret method."

It was just four words that made Yun Xiang fall silent.

She is asking herself, is it worth it?

The Yun family was annihilated because of the secret technique of Dao Wen obtained by chance.

Now, in order to survive, is it worthwhile to hand over the Secret Technique of Dao Wen?

Yunxiang is a decisive person, and soon figured it out.

The home is gone, so long as you can survive, what if you hand it over!

"Use the spiritual sense to input the Daowen secret method." Jiang Ci handed her a blank jade slip.

When Yunxiang saw Yujian, she confirmed her guess that this black-haired young man must be a fighter.

After a while, she returned the jade slip to Jiang Ci.

"You swear another oath to confirm that there is no omission in this jade slip, there is no omission. For me, you should follow along." Jiang Ci smiled.


Yunxiang did as instructed.

Jiang Ci nodded in satisfaction, and then there was an extra thing in his hand, a transparent mask.

Seeing this scene, Yun Xiang was shocked, a magic weapon of space!

"I'm not taking your things for nothing, this is a magic weapon of disguise that I used in my early years.

As long as you are not an Erwen Doushi, you can't see through the disguise of the mask, which should definitely help you. "

What Jiang Ci took out was the mask of the pretender that the Wen family honoured him when he went to Mu Rongxing.

The one with one pattern is the golden core perfection, and the one with the two pattern is the primordial infant stage.

"Senior great kindness, juniors are unforgettable!" Yunxiang was extremely surprised and quickly thanked.

"Fair deal." Jiang Ci smiled.

The inferior spirit weapon is not worth mentioning to him now.

In contrast, the Daowen secret method was what he wanted.

Moreover, Douwen Continent's craftsmanship is very backward, even lower-grade spirit weapons are extremely precious to them.

"You can do it yourself, I will help you solve the last man in black."

After speaking, Jiang Ci disappeared

Yunxiang grasped the pretender mask, and bowed to the place where Jiang Ci stood just now.

Then he entered the depths of Shiwan Dashan without looking back.

In a hidden cave, she simply refined the mask of the pretender to understand the function of this magic weapon.

"What a powerful magic weapon! With this, I don't have to be afraid of being chased by the Lord's Mansion.

As long as you are not the Erwen Doushi, you can't discover my true identity! "Yunxiang was very excited.

Although the lord's mansion has two-pattern fighting masters, a strong man of this level will not personally search everywhere.

So, she is safe now.

As long as you change your status, you can continue to lurch in the black cloud collar, looking for opportunities for revenge!


On the other side, Jiang Ci returned to Xiao Lin's team, and he just left for three minutes.

The speed of killing and giving treasure is very fast.

Instead, let Yunxiang input the Tao Wen secret method into the jade slip, which consumed the most time.

"Brother Jiang, it took you so long to pee!" Xiao Lin said.

"You fellow, you can't speak, don't talk indiscriminately!" Lian Hu patted him on the head.

Jiang Ci smiled: "It's okay."

His spiritual sense can cover a radius of one thousand kilometers, and he just discovered the situation on Yunxiangs side, he didnt plan to do anything.

After all, there are many people in danger in such a large area.

It is impossible to see someone in danger, so they must go to rescue.

He only decided to take action after hearing the Daowen secret method.

Then, under the pretext of peeing, left for a while.

Next, Xiao Lin continued to curiously ask Jiang Ci's experience of traveling around the world.

But Jiang Ci made up some things indiscriminately, and these four teenagers also listened with gusto.

The four of Xiao Lin's team stayed in this forest for another day, hunted more than ten third-level savage beasts, and embarked on the way back.

As for the girl Yunxiang, Jiang Ci's spiritual sense found that after she had completely refined the mask of the pretender, she changed her face and left first.

During this period, Jiang Ci never made another move.

Therefore, in the eyes of Xiao Lin, Jiang Ci is really an ordinary adventurer.

On the way back, Jiang Ci continued to chat with them casually, and obtained a lot of useful information.

However, after they had been walking for three hours, there was a big movement ahead.

Rumbled, the earth trembled slightly, as if there was a galloping horse.

The four Xiao Lin and Lianhu immediately became vigilant.

Soon, from the direction of the black cloud collar, a team of more than a hundred people in black appeared.

They rode the tamed powerful savage beasts and rushed toward the 100,000 mountains.

Passed by Jiang Ci and others without stopping.

"It's the people from the Anbu of the Lord's Mansion, how come so many are dispatched at once, and the headed one seems to be a ninth-level warrior. Could something big happen?" Lian Hu lowered his voice and said in surprise.

"Anbu!" Xiao Lin and the other two young martial artists also exclaimed.

Jiang Ci's heart moved, it seems that Douwen Continent also has something similar to Mingjian.

Otherwise, the Lord's Mansion would not be able to get news of the deaths of those people so quickly.

When the team of men in black walked away, the voices of the teenagers dared to be louder.

"It is said that the Anbu of the Lord's Mansion does no evil, and the more than ten thousand tribes under the Black Cloud Collar, once they offend them,

In the light of the family that ruled the tribe, the clan was annihilated, and in the worst, the entire tribe would be slaughtered. "One of the teenagers said.

"There are rumors that ten years ago, the Yun family of the Qingyan tribe seemed to have been destroyed like this." Another teenager nodded in agreement.

"Shhh... don't talk nonsense!" Lian Hu glared at them.

Xiao Lin remained silent at this moment, he thought of Yunxiang.

However, he knew that Yunxiang was not from the Yun family of the Qingyan tribe.

After all, Heiyun Academy is in Heiyun collar. If Yunxiang's identity had a problem, he would have been found out by the Anbu people.

At this time, Lian Hu looked at Jiang's poem calmly. He always felt that this black-haired young man was weird.

But his actions, how could he hide Jiang Ci.

Jiang Ci didn't care, it was impossible for this alert young man to discover his strength.

Afterwards, they continued to go in the direction of Heiyunling.

After seeing the people in the Anbu of the Lord's Mansion, the teenagers speeded up and wanted to leave the place as soon as possible.

After doing this for another half day, the group of men in black riding on the brutal beasts returned from behind.

"Stop!" a loud shout sounded.

The group of people in black quickly stopped them.

The four teenagers immediately became nervous,

Jiang Ci remained silent, unable to see whether it was nervousness or anything.

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