I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 379

Chapter 378: The Land Of God's Fall Seeking Subscription

The normal Dao pattern secret method can only practice one kind of five element Dao method into Dao pattern.

The Secret Technique of Dao Marks obtained by the ancestors of the Yun family can practice a variety of Five Element Dao Techniques into Dao Marks.

Jiang Ci understood something.

This may be the reason why the Yunjia Daowen secret method can be recognized by the experience value panel.

Because it can not only practice the Five Elements Taoism, other Taoism can also be practiced into Taoism.

This is enough to prove the power of the secret method.

Xiao Yan continued: "After the Yun family ancestor's secret came out, the lord's mansion took action to destroy the Yun family, but in the end he did not get the Yun family ancestor's Dao pattern secret method."

"It's just that no one thought that the Yun family actually escaped from a tribe at the time, hiding in the Black Cloud Academy, living under the eyelids of the Lord's Mansion."

"As far as I know, a few days ago, in order to capture that Yun family member, the Anbu of the Lords Mansion,

One eighth-level martial artist and five seventh-level martial artists died in Shiwan Dashan, but Yun Xiang was missing. "

"Therefore, the recent movements of the Lord's Mansion are so big."

Having said that, Xiao Yan looked at Jiang Ci meaningfully.

Because Jiang Ci was in the Shiwan Dashan Mountain at the time, with the strength of Jiang Ci, it was easy to do this.

Next to him, Xiao Lin looked sad, he was very worried about Yunxiang.

But he also knew that with his current strength, he couldn't do much at all!

Jiang Ci was very indifferent, suspicious of this old guy.

Whatever if I doubt it.

Next, Jiang Ci did not continue on this topic,

What he was concerned about was the land of the gods that Xiao Yan mentioned earlier, and the Yun Family's Tao Wen secret method came from there.

Then he asked the doubt.

"Brother Jiang, you also said that you are an adventurer, and you don't even know the land of God's Fall? That is the forbidden land of the entire Douwen continent!" Xiao Lin was a little surprised.

"Little children, don't talk nonsense!" Xiao Yan quickly patted Xiao Lin's head.

Jiang Ci smiled and shook his head: "Of course I have heard of it, but what I know is not exhaustive."

When searching for the soul earlier, he also got some information about the land of the gods in the memory of the seventh-level warrior, but it was very brief.

I only know that the Land of the Fallen God is located in the north of the Douwen Continent, separated from the Black Cloud Collar by millions of territories,

If you have not become a Taoist practitioner, it will be difficult to reach it in a lifetime.

This is also related to the undeveloped art of the Douwen continent, and spirit weapons such as flying boats are rarely seen.

And there is no formation inheritance here, so there is no teleportation formation.

In this regard, when he first took over the mission, he was reminded that it was forbidden to use formations in Douwen Continent.

Therefore, it is very difficult to cross such a long distance just by flying through the air.

Here, after Xiao Yan had taught his grandson, he smiled at Jiang Ci and said, "Adults are devoted to cultivation. I dont know that these are normal.

Because the specific information of the Land of Fallen God is a secret matter in Douwen Continent.

Many people only know that there is a forbidden area, but actually dont know the actual situation inside.

Someone from my Xiao family's ancestor had practiced there, so I happened to know some of them, and the old man dared to show off in front of adults. "

Xiao Yan's tone has always been respectful. In his opinion, with the strength of Jiang Ci, he must know the situation in the Land of God's Fall.

Because many Erwen Dou masters, after reaching a bottleneck in their cultivation, they would choose to practice in the Land of Gods Fall.

Now Jiang Ci is asking him this question, perhaps just to learn more from him.

"It's okay, just keep talking." Jiang Ci nodded.

So, Xiao Yan sorted out his thoughts and said, "Sir, you should have heard of the Demon Race outside the Territory, right?"

Jiang Ci is quiet, the demons outside the domain? I am!

Xiao Yan smiled and said: "Therefore, it has been said that it is difficult for the demons from outside the territory to come to our continent, because there is a boundary between heaven and earth laid down by the gods in the endless void."

"Countless years ago, the extraterritorial demons paid a great price to come to the Douwen continent and want to occupy our world."

"At that time, the gods gathered and fought a destructive battle with the demons outside the territory."

"It is said that 10% of the land in Douwen Continent was crushed."

"In the end, we paid a terrible price to win the victory and drove the outer demons out. Since then, the outer demons have not dared to invade again."

"And the battlefield left by that battle is now the land of God's Fall."

Xiao Yan sighed.

Next to him, the young Xiao Lin was longing for the war of the gods, the legend of the ancient mythical age.

Jiang Ci pretended to be surprised. It seems that the strong in Douwen Continent chose to cover up history.

The battle of the gods?

It is estimated that it was a sweeping activity of the Douwen continent when the Purple Cloud Sect cleaned up the world of the Triple Heaven.

As for remarks about defeating the demons outside the territory, they are a bit exaggerated.

A true monarch from the Purple Cloud Sect can suppress this continent.

"Then what is special about the Land of God's Fall?" Jiang Ci asked again.

"There is full of evil spirits that can affect people's minds. If a person who is not determined and enters the land of God's Fall, he will lose his mind and become a lunatic." Xiao Yan said solemnly.

Jiang Ci can understand this point.

After the death of a strong immortal Taoist, the rhyme of the Tao remains, and the various negative emotions such as resentment and anger before death can indeed form a powerful evil spirit.

"Since the adult is a second-pattern fighting master, you should know that fusing Dao-pattern blood crystals requires not only a strong physique, but also a very strong will." Xiao Yan asked.

Jiang Ci nodded. This is mentioned in the Yunjia Taoist Secret Art.

"Although the Land of the Fallen God is extremely dangerous, it is also an excellent place to hone the will.

Some powerful Dao Mark cultivators, in order to fuse more Dao Mark blood crystals, will go to the Land of Gods Fall to hone their will. "

"Not only these powerhouses, but also countless ordinary cultivators who risked their lives to enter the land of the fall of gods for countless years,

Because if you are lucky, you can get magic weapons and exercises left by the gods there. "

"Like the ancestor of the Yun family, he is such a lucky person. Unfortunately, he didn't hold onto his luck, and it became a disaster." Xiao Yan finally sighed.

Jiang Ci was silent, and the four words of the weak and the strong are indispensable everywhere.

Next, Xiao Yan chatted with Jiang Ci about some other details, and asked Jiang Ci's purpose of coming to Heiyunling.

Jiang Ci said of course that he was traveling around and seeing different scenery.

These words made Xiao Lin extremely envious.

After the grandfather and grandson left, Jiang Ci felt that he had gained a lot.

Because the mission introduction did not mention the existence of the Land of Fallen God.

He guessed that the gods should be the existence of powerhouses in the Tribulation Period.

Since it is the fall of many immortal robbers, there should be good things.

"The Yun Family's Tao Wen secret method came from there, and if you need to hone your will in the future, you can consider going around."

But at the moment, it is most important to find a way to obtain Dao Mark Blood Crystal.

After another half month, Jiang Ci quietly left this secluded courtyard.

At the same time, erase all traces left by yourself.

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