I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 380

Chapter 379: You Are An Extraterritorial Demons Seeking Subscription

The Black Cloud Lord's Mansion is located in the center of the Black Cloud Lord, covering a very large area, like a city within a city.

At this time, a row of warriors and ordinary people of varying strength were kneeling in a gloomy prison in the Lord's Mansion.

They have different expressions, angry, desperate, at a loss, and helpless, and many people are swearing.

A team of Anbe warriors above level seven are indifferently searching for their souls.

Soon, the prison fell into deathly silence, and everyone died because of the soul search.

The one in charge of this prison is a one-armed ninth-level warrior, he said coldly: "No? The next batch!"

There are thousands of people in each batch, and with their soul-searching speed, they can search tens of thousands of souls in one hour.

When night fell, this one-armed ninth-level warrior came to the residence of lord Cheng Liang and reported the soul search situation for the day.

Lord Cheng Liang is the second-patterned fighter, the top powerhouse of the black cloud collar.

After listening to the work report, he had a slightly feminine face and frowned slightly: "How many clans and forces are related to the Yun family?"

"95 families, 134 forces, totaling 8.81 million people, and now there are 4.6 million people left without soul searching." The one-armed ninth-level warrior did a good job.

"The remnant of the Yun family has been hiding under my nose for ten years. Someone must have helped her in it. Go on, don't keep one." Cheng Liang said slowly.

The lives of so many people are like weeds in his eyes,

As long as you can find the Yun Family's Dao Wen secret method, even if you kill another one or two billion, it is worth it.

"Is there a clue for the unknown Erwen Doushi?" Cheng Liang asked again.


"This must be done in the dark. The Yun family's remnants are most likely saved by this person. Once you find out about him, you will immediately notify me." Cheng Liang exhorted.


At this time, another voice came from outside the door: "Lord Lord, the daughter of the Qiao family has been delivered as requested."

An eager smile appeared on Cheng Liang's feminine face. He said to the one-armed ninth-level warrior: "You go down first."


Suddenly, a breeze blew, and a young man with black armor appeared in front of them.

It is Jiang Ci.

"Wha..." The words of the one-armed ninth-level martial artist have not yet been shouted.


The sword light flashed, comparable to the ninth-level martial artist in the late Jindan period, and was cut into two sections by a sword.

"So courageous! It looks like it's you!" Cheng Liang fisted out.

He is a second-pattern fighting master, and his body is comparable to a middle-grade spirit weapon.

Cheng Liang was confident that even a second-pattern fighter of the same level would not dare to take his punch.


Jiang Ci smiled, and directly stretched out his hand to grab it, like a chicken, grabbing the opponent's neck.


At the same time, a sword penetrated the opponent's Dantian, abolishing his cultivation.

Is the body comparable to a middle-grade spirit weapon?

The sword in his hand is the best spirit weapon!

Then, he didn't stay, his figure flickered and disappeared.

Boom, two loud noises.

The two one-stripe fighters who were in charge of the guard arrived,

Seeing the corpse on the ground, their expressions changed greatly: "Lord Lord is gone!"


In the next moment, two more figures appeared.

One of them is a man in silver armor, very similar to Cheng Liang's long,

The other is a young man in a white robe.

"Meet the general!" The two one-stripe fighters quickly saluted the silver armored man.

"It's the breath of the Second Pattern Fighter!" said the white robe youth.

"Chasing!" The silver armored man shouted, his face full of anger.

The two rose into the sky.

The two one-stripe fighters were left in shock.

"The general is actually still in the black cloud collar. Didn't he say that he would go to the Fire Mark Temple to practice?"

"It should have not set off yet. If the expectation is good, the young man in white robe is the priest of the Temple of Fire Pattern. He is here to pick up the general."


The silver-armored man and the white-robed youth exuded a powerful aura, constantly searching over the entire black cloud collar.

However, after searching, nothing was gained.

"Brother Yang, I'm really sorry, I didn't expect this to happen. It seems that I can't go to the Fire Pattern Temple for the time being to practice." The silver armored man's face was ugly.

"You went to the Fire Pattern Temple to practice. Master Indah helped you apply. I can wait for a while. It is most important to find your eldest brother now," said the white robe youth.

"And this assailant is too rampant, you waste time for this, even if the temple knows about it, you won't say anything." He added.

"Thank you." The silver armored man sullen his face.

Now his eldest brother was captured by an unknown Dao pattern practitioner. He didn't know his life or death. He was in a bad mood.

The cultivation opportunity at the Huowen Temple was won by his master Induo.

As a last resort, he naturally doesnt want to give up.

The words of the priest in the white robe of the temple made him relieved.

When the two searched just now, they did not hide their powerful aura.

Many Dao pattern cultivators in the Black Cloud Collar were startled by the breath of the two of them.

"That's... the lord's brother Cheng Kai? Hasn't he gone to the Fire Mark Temple to practice?"

"The other person, who seems to be the white-robed priest of the temple?"

In a mansion, Xiao Yan was shocked and suspicious.

The white-robed priest was a powerful person at the level of the three-lined fighting spirit, extremely powerful.

What happened to make these two powerhouses so angry?

For some reason, Jiang Ci suddenly appeared in his mind.


At this time, the clouds and mist covering the Douwen Continent were outside the enchantment of the sky-reaching formation.

A flying boat stopped quietly in the starry sky.

"My cultivation base, you actually abolished my cultivation base!" Cheng Liang was furious.

Then, he saw the surrounding environment clearly, it was actually in the starry sky!

He looked at Jiang Ci in amazement: "Outside the barrier...you are an extraterritorial demons!"

Jiang Ci smiled, didn't talk nonsense with him, put his hand on Cheng Liang's head.

Search the soul!

After a while, the smile on Jiang Ci's face disappeared.

"Sure enough, the strength of the Lord's Mansion is not as simple as it seems."

When he was in the Lords Mansion just now, when he shot Cheng Liang,

With keen intuition, he perceives a dangerous smell.

That's why he hurriedly left and flew directly outside the Douwen continent barrier.

From Cheng Liang's memory, it turns out that the Lord's Mansion still has a general of the three-stranded fighting spirit level!

And this general is Cheng Liang's younger brother.

"However, the three-patterned fighting spirit is just equivalent to a cultivator in the Primordial Spirit stage. I am not afraid of a real fight. Where does the danger come from?"

Jiang Ci frowned in thought, and shook his head again. In short, this action was a success.

Then take off Cheng Liang's storage magic weapon.

Although the way of refining Qi in Douwen Continent is backward, there are still magic weapons for storage.

As a lord, it is not surprising that Cheng Liang has a magic weapon for storage.

After Jiang Ci simply refined the storage magic weapon, he took out a blood-red spar the size of a nail.

After seeing this, his body suddenly felt a strong desire.

"Good luck, he really has extra Dao Wen blood crystals on his body!"

"According to Cheng Liang's memory, his brother Cheng Kai should also have a blood crystal with Dao pattern..."

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