I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 415

Chapter 414: Genting Competition Subscription Required

The Five Elements Fighting Emperor is a Taoist-level powerhouse, even if it is placed in the entire vast universe, it is still standing at the pinnacle.

"You got the inheritance of the Five Elements Fighting Emperor?" the middle-aged Taoist asked eagerly.

This time Jiang Ci nodded calmly.

There is no need to conceal this kind of thing, the better he performs, the higher the treatment he will receive in Zixiao Sect.

Sure enough, the middle-aged Taoist laughed: "Very well, I will report this matter to a few true monarchs. You have overfulfilled the task."

"Thank you God!" Jiang Ci respectfully thanked him.

At this time, the middle-aged Taoist hesitated again, and asked: "Is there any extra Daowen blood crystals in your hand?

Zongmen can purchase at the price of 10,000 points each. "

"No, I'm also alive and well, only to get a few Dao-patterned blood crystals, otherwise I won't be able to cultivate a three-patterned fighting spirit." Jiang Ci expressed regret.

"That's a pity." The middle-aged Taoist sighed.

He knew that Jiang Ci was lying, but Zixiao Sect would not interfere with the personal opportunities of the disciples, let alone buy or sell.

"Shangxian, our sect should sell Daowen blood crystals, right? I didn't find them in the Treasure Pavilion." Jiang Ci also asked.

"Of course there is, but only those who are strong in immortality can buy it, so you can't find it." The middle-aged Taoist smiled.

Jiang Ci's mind was stunned, no wonder.

He had previously searched for blood crystals in the aisle pattern in the Zixiaozong's Treasure Pavilion, but showed that there was no such product.

Only those who are strong in immortality can buy it, so the price is definitely more than 10,000 points.

Typically buy low and sell high.

However, Jiang Ci could also understand that Daowen Blood Crystal did not play a big role in these young disciples.

Zixiaozong definitely has immortal masters who practice Dao pattern art, and they need more Dao pattern blood crystals.

Even if it is a 10,000 points, the 14,568 Daowen blood crystals in his hand, if sold, will have nearly 150 million points.

Definitely a huge sum of money! !

However, he has no idea of selling.

"This is the most valuable thing if you hold it in your own hands."

After the middle-aged Taoist left, Jiang Ci re-entered the Zixiaozong Treasure Pavilion and purchased the lower-grade immortal Chixiao Sword.

Among the low-grade fairy swords, the most expensive one!

Then the points balance returned to below 100,000, leaving only 27,912 points.

Jiang Ci didn't feel distressed. The most cost-effective business was when money was replaced by strength.

This time the express delivery was very fast. In just one hour, a disciple from the Hedao Period came to Jiang Ci's house.

"Brother Jiang Ci, this is what you bought in the Treasure Pavilion." The Hedao Period disciple said with envy.

He is just a disciple of the He Dao period, and he is not good at fighting, otherwise he would not do this kind of express delivery work.

Compared with Jiang Ci, even if he was in the He Dao period, he was very poor.

Where can I afford to buy fairy tools!

This is the gap between ordinary disciples and genius disciples.

"Thank you." Jiang Ci smiled.

Whether it is an ordinary person or an immortal, after receiving the express, the most expectation is the unpacking process.

After sending away the courier during the Hedao Period, Jiang Ci couldn't wait to open the sword box of the best spirit weapon level.

Inside, there was a long sword with a red body and a frost-like blade, exuding a touch of immortality.

Recognize the Lord!

"Chi Xiao has seen the master." A young boy's voice sounded in Jiang Ci's mind.

"Qi Ling?" Jiang Ci was a little surprised.

After the magic weapon reaches the level of the immortal weapon, there is a certain chance to produce the spirit.

Unexpectedly, this inferior immortal weapon-level Chixiao sword actually had a spirit.

"Come out and let me see." Jiang Ci was very interested.

"Okay, Master."

A fiery red streamer emerged from the Chi Xiao Sword, and a girl in a red dress with a braid in horns appeared in front of Jiang Ci.

"Are you a newly born consciousness?" Jiang Ci asked.

"Yes, Chi Xiao has the ability to grow. There is only one master in his life. The stronger the master, the stronger Chi Xiao." Chi Xiao replied.

Jiang Ci is very satisfied. It seems that the 100,000 points are not lost.

With the Chixiao Sword of the lower grade immortal weapon level, his actual combat power has risen to a higher level.

If you encounter a cultivator who is good at refining the body, it will not be so laborious to kill.

"Now that the balance of experience points is still enough, for the time being, while deducing Dao Fa, while refining the golden palm."

Because kendo is breaking through the edge, Jiang Ci's next main deduction is kendo.

Of course, the three ways of heaven and earth, Gale, Lihuo, and King Kong, have not been let go.

With the colorful palms as a reference, the deduction efficiency will not slow down much.

Practice quietly.

Three months later, Jiang Ci woke up from a short meditation session.

He took out the communication beads in doubt, and a message came from a stranger.

The spiritual sense was swept away, and it was discovered that it was from the Zixiao Sect.

This is rare, and Zixiaozong generally does not take the initiative to send messages to his disciples.

View information.

"Zixiao Yunding Contest?"

After reading it, Jiang Ci's eyes were bright.

It turned out that the four core disciples of the Zixiao Sect's four heavenly worlds would compete in a competition every once in a while.

Because the game is held in a starry sky in the Tongtian Mountains and River Map, it is called the Genting Contest.

Zixiaozong's competition is fierce. The disciples of the four heavenly worlds do not mean that they can stay there forever after entering a certain heavenly world.

Every once in a while, the Genting Competition is to let disciples compete with each other.

Only the strong are qualified to stay in or even enter the higher world, while the weak are eliminated to the lower world.

The Zixiao Sect does not support idlers. There may be some people who were talented and received high treatment when they first entered the Zixiao Sect.

But if you don't work hard to cultivate, you will be eliminated one after another in this kind of competition, and you will eventually fall into a heaven!

Before entering the Zixiao Sect, Jiang Ci and most geniuses knew one thing:

The most indispensable thing in this universe is genius!

What is lacking is resources, so an effective competition mechanism must be established.

Jiang Ci remembered the conversation with Grandma Yan when he first came to Zixiaozong.

This teacher's wife once introduced him to the first four worlds of the Purple Cloud Sect.

And he himself later learned more information.

"The first four heavenly worlds of Zixiao Sect are all the cultivation residences of core disciples."

"Yizhongtian has the most disciples, and there are countless Yuanying, Yuanshen, and Hedao periods."

"The number of disciples of Erzhongtian is much smaller. There are 10,000 Hedao stage, 1,000 Yuanshen stage, and 300 Yuanying stage."

"The number of disciples of the Sanzhongtian is even smaller, with 1,000 Harmony Stages, 100 Yuanshen Stages, and 30 Yuanying Stages."

"Fourth Heaven has the fewest disciples, 100 Hedao stage, 10 Yuanshen stage, and 3 Yuanying stage."

Jiang Ci understands that these are the core disciples configuration under normal circumstances.

If it was a year with nine-domain genius battles, the number of disciples in Yuanying stage would be more per day.

For example, in the triple heaven, there was originally only 30 yuan infant stage,

More than 80 years ago, after he and Muning and other 7 Yuanying stage disciples joined, they became 37.

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