I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 418

Chapter 417: Rival For Subscription

"Although he failed in level 8, he still surpassed that talented Zhiwei. Interesting, interesting..."

Master Moriyama shook his head repeatedly.

Zhiwei's talent has been proven during the Battle of the Nine Realms Genius, and was favored by the senior officials of the Zixiao Sect.

Jiang Ci could only be considered excellent at the time. Compared with Zhiwei, it was still far behind, and it was not paid attention to by the senior management.

Because in the course of time, there are too many outstanding geniuses like Jiang Ci.

If it is not a fairy, it is not worthy of attention.

But later, Jiang Ci's performance became more and more against the sky, becoming stronger step by step.

Now, it has surpassed Zhiwei!

People with more and more stamina like this are more worth looking forward to.

Master Shoushan quickly spread the news that Jiang Ci had passed Level 7 of the Tongtian Mountain.

Especially to the disciples of Yuanying stage in the third and fourth heavens.


Zixiaozong's four-layer world, a strange planet with aura, but like a world of ice and snow.

This is the cave house of Kuang Lang, a disciple of the Four Heavens.

"Why? Why!" Kuang Lang stood in the snow, a little crazy.

He couldn't figure it out. A hundred years ago, the two were almost the same.

During the battle of Jiuyu Genius, he also won Jiang Ci.

But Jiang Ci quickly left him behind, unable to catch up with him!

Now, Jiang Ci is already at level 7, and he has only passed level 5 of Tongtian Mountain!

"I want to be famous in the universe, I want to stand on top of the universe!"

"Calmness, calmness, can't fight for victory or defeat, can't be influenced by him."

The breath of the violent waves gradually subsided.

Those who can enter the Four Heavens are certainly not fools.

Although he is inherently arrogant, he also knows how to forbear and keep a low profile and know the importance of his mood.


Another purple planet in the Fourth Heaven, here is Zhiwei's Dongfu.

The indifferent young man with a strand of white hair on his forehead is usually calm, but today he has a blank expression on his face.

He is a man with a firm heart. The hatred in his heart and his childhood growth experience made him extremely eager for strength and striving to be the first.

So from embarking on the road of cultivation, no matter where he is, he has always been the number one.

just now,

He was surpassed,

He is no longer number one.


A young man with a cold face appeared on this purple planet out of thin air and came to Zhiwei.

This is a true monarch of Dao Xian, Zhiwei's master.

"Don't wake up yet!" The cold young man gave a sigh.

"Master?" Zhiwei was stunned for a moment, and then respectfully saluted: "Meet Master!"

"How does it feel to be surpassed?" the cold young man asked.

Zhiwei was silent.

"Do you still insist?" the cold young man asked again.

Zhiwei's eyes became firm again, and he shook his head: "I decided to major in space Taoism, and when the path is clear, I will use time Taoism."

"That's right!" A smile appeared on the cold young man's face.

"Your genius in space is not much different from those geniuses born every tens of thousands of years.

If you specialize in spatial Taoism, you have a high chance of becoming a Daoist immortal. "

"So you should be thankful that Jiang Ci is an opponent, and his rise has awakened you and allowed you to correct your mistakes in time."

Zhiwei's eyes moved slightly, Jiang Ci?

I really want to thank Jiang Ci. If he is not sober and insists on the time and space as fellow practitioners, then his strength improvement speed will become slower and slower.

When he crossed the catastrophe and became immortal, maybe Jiang Ci had already become a great immortal.

"I will not admit defeat!"


In addition to Zhiwei, Kuanglang, and Yan Jiufeng, the Yuanying stage disciples of the Fourth Heaven have three other old disciples.

Their strength foundation is not comparable to new disciples.

So after hearing Jiang Ci's passage through Level 7 of the Tongtian Mountain, there was not much reaction.

In contrast, the 30 Yuanying-period disciples of Sanzhongtian were shocked.

A newcomer, only one hundred years after entering the Zixiao Sect, he passed the seventh level of Tongtian Mountain.

How long have these old disciples entered the Purple Cloud Sect?

The few are hundreds of years, and the more are thousands of years.

But now only 5 people have passed level 7.


Originally, many people did not regard these new disciples as opponents, but now everyone is paying attention.


Fifth Heaven, a fairy cave house surrounded by clouds and mist.

The immortal Wu Ye's eyes were cold, and his icy killing intent filled the entire cave world.

"If this talent is allowed to develop, I really won't have any chance."

"The Purple Cloud Sword Classic, the hope of becoming a Daoist..."

"I must get it!"

"have to!"


Triple Heaven, Doudou Continent, Dongfu of Jiang Ci.

Unlike other people's various reactions, Mu Ning and Yan Jiufeng found the news as soon as they got the news.

The top ten in this nine-domain genius battle, the two of them and Jiang Ci belong to a small group.

Mo Hong, Fenglou, Li Xianxian, and Lin Ling'er are another small group.

Like Zhiwei, Kuanglang, and Blood Boy, they are all lone travelers.

Therefore, Mu Ning and Yan Jiufeng did not treat Jiang Ci as outsiders either.

"Jiang Ci, leave a way for people to survive!" Muning yelled, he never hid anything.

"That's right, level 7! I'm afraid I will have to practice for a hundred or two hundred years before I can hope to pass this level." Yan Jiufeng had some intentions of singing and singing.

"No way, who makes us a genius."



Jiang Ci just chuckled, not speaking.

The three of them talked and laughed for a while, and Yan Jiufeng suddenly sighed: "I'm miserable this time. When the Genting Competition begins,

My identity as a disciple of the four heavens is about to become one of the three heavens. "

"Just right, come and be my company." Muning answered immediately.


It seems that her depression is fake, and her temper is still hot.

"Now everyone is working hard to cultivate, and I want to practice too, this time at least stay in the third heaven.

Don't be eliminated to the second heaven at that time, it would be ashamed. "Yan Jiufeng said again.

"I'm leaving too." Muning also ended the transmission.

The Lingquan beside Doudou Palace became quiet again.

Jiang Ci shook his head slightly, it was not easy for these two guys to stay in the third heaven.

"Four Heavens!"

"I can't relax either. If you want to enter the Quadruple Heaven, you must first resolve several opponents in the Triple Heaven!"

Through the information provided to him by Master Jiu Jianxian, he has a deeper understanding of these opponents.

Among the disciples of the Yuanying stage of the Triple Heaven, the 5 old disciples who passed level 7 are Lone Star, Bei Dongping, Ming Chen, Wu Heng, and Bai Ying.

Each of these five people has extremely rich combat experience.

Especially Lone Star, this person cultivated Dao Dao, and his combat effectiveness was extremely strong.

The other four also have their own means, which are difficult to deal with.

"Compared with them, what I lack is combat experience."

"So it is still a combination of theory and practice, and the improvement of kendo requires a lot of fighting."

This is a planned thing. After passing the seventh level of Tongtian Mountain, he will start to take up the training task.

Yuan Ying-period disciples can take up ten cultivation tasks every 100 years.

He has only done one mission in the Douwen continent.

Such an opportunity can not be wasted, not only can improve the strength, but also get a lot of points.

Points are wealth!

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